How-To Video: Gamsol and Alphabet Stamps

Good afternoon!

I have a video share for you.  It was originally to show the fun of Gamsol (a product you use with colored pencils to blend perfectly), but I ended up also showing a tip for mounting clear alphabet letters on a mount.  This is a card I created as a class project a few months ago, but ended up not using.

As far as Gamsol, this is by no means the perfect/correct way to do this technique.  Think of this as the lazy way to do it. πŸ™‚  I use it to make my coloring faster and fool-proof.  There are some great/correct tutorials online that are easy to find. And Gamsol works a ton better than any blending pens or pencils… or at least they do for me. πŸ™‚

And if you are a stamper/cardmaker, this is a product you gotta have. (Yes, I am an enabler. πŸ™‚

I have to apologize first. πŸ™‚  I had too much to say along with this video to do the text along the bottom, so I had to do a dorky voice over.  Sorry!

If you can’t get the video to play here, try clicking THIS.


Hero Arts stamps (owl and alphabet),gems and notecards
Memories Black Ink
Inky Antics Gamsol
Paper Pencils and funny eyes from Hobby Lobby

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3 thoughts on “How-To Video: Gamsol and Alphabet Stamps”

  1. Another gorgeous card, you’re work is so inspiring. Just wondered if you have ever tried using baby oil instead of the odourless mineral spirits? It works just as well if not better and there is not the risk of brain damage that comes with long term use of gamsol.

  2. I’m loving your videos! Quick sewing question. Do you change bobbin color each time you change thread color, or do you use clear thread for your bobbin?

  3. At first I couldn’t imagine why you were cutting around the owl and including part of the letters. Wow! I never would have thought to overlap them that way. Such a great look, but then, I haven’t seen a card of yours what wasn’t beautiful. And don’t apologize for the voice over. I’d rather hear you explain it than have to pay attention to written text.

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