Honestly, I stink at digital projects.  I just don’t know all the tricks and such, and I haven’t found the desire to dive into it and learn.  Why?  Probably because it is intimidating.  Wow.  There are such fabulous digi gals out there.  I am just in awe by them!

But, once and awhile I get the itch and do something super easy that is digital.  I saw these adorable baby announcements from one of my favorite digital artists, Cherie Mask.  I took one look at that cute monkey and knew what I needed to use it for.

For Colin’s 2nd birthday last month, we let Kay and Audrey do all of the planning.  We gave them $40 to buy all the decorations, party favors for other kids, etc.  And I tell ya, they went to town.  They decided to do a monkey theme.  They had green jungle decorations, bananas on the tables, monkey stuffed animals everywhere, handmade signs, etc.  Kay even printed monkey coloring pages to put into the favor bags for the kids.  So very creative and they did it perfectly.  I tell ya, those girls are the best big sisters ever. 

And since everything was monkey, I knew I needed to turn Cherie’s monkey announcements into thank you notes.  I just printed it on my new Epson Photomate (more on that in a second) and had Colin write a message on it.  I added a party hat to the monkey, some glitter, a gem… and a picture from his birthday on the back.  Easy peasy. 🙂


And that is about as digital as I am capable of doing.  Hee.

Now, back to that Epson Photomate.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a big time enabler – just ask Jana. 🙂  When I find something I love I like to share with people.  Just gimme two minutes of your time and I will have you heading to the nearest Apple store to get an iPhone.  🙂  (But I will also tell ya when not to waste your money, so it all balances out, right?)  Well, the Photomate is something I am crazy in love with right now. I tell ya, this little dude is well worth the money.  Fast, good prints… LOVE IT.  Big thanks to Maria Grace for the encouragement to get it.  With a sweet gift card from Hero and the great deal and free shipping right now on Amazon, I just had to have it.  This little printer will be put to good use this weekend at my stamp retreat! 🙂

Well, this cold has gotten the best of me… I am heading to bed early.  🙂

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9 thoughts on “Digital?”

  1. Cute cute card!

    And yes, all of the money I spend is totally your fault. Let me see …. Iphone, wide format printer, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Souffle pens, Chalk ink… shall I go on? All your fault! heehee Fortunately, I do not now have to go out and buy a Photomate — already have one! They are fun.

  2. What cute thank you notes! Love that little monkey and Colin’s little handwriting is just the perfect touch! Love it, Jennifer! 🙂

  3. Love, love, love the thank you notes with his handwriting! And I bet he had fun doing that too. 🙂 He looks very pleased with the cupcake…too cute! How awesome that you let the girls play party planner.

  4. These have to be the most adorable, ingenius thank you’s I have ever seen. FABULOUS! I bet he had a ball “signing” them! LOL 🙂

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