WCMD Week: Day 3 of Giveaways

Welcome back to my World Card Making Day Week!  This is Day 3 and I have lots randomness for you today before announcing today's giveaway. :)

First, we have a winner from Day 1's prize of Melissa Frances rub-ons.  The lucky person is Avital!  And I thought I should mention, Avital, who lives in Ireland, has a great website with "Creativity Prompts" and a book about unleashing your creativity.  It is worth checking out HERE.

And you still have time to enter Monday's giveaway HERE.  I can't believe the cool places you are all from.  It just amazes me how so many people from so many amazing places and walks of life all connect through our hobby.  God is good.

Next, I have some few non-cardmaking enabling things…

1. Scentsy
I love the smell of candles in my house, but always fear the worst with having them around.  And plug-ins just don't cut it for me.  Jen Harrison told me about Scentsy and I ordered some from a person in Utah that I have never met.  I LOVE these products.  The smell it puts throughout the house is incredible.  It works like a candle but without a flame – it instead uses a light.  Really worth checking out.  I love many of their smells.  If you are interested in ordering, go to THIS link and it will hook you up with the kind Brianna that has helped me so much.  I have the warmer shown below along with a few different bricks. (And, Jana, if you are reading this: don't order one.  Just don't do it.  I guess now you know why I asked about your favorite scents. Hee. :)

DSW-SSGR_large-1 BRICKS_large 

2. Target Dollar Spot Whoopie Cushions
Yes, you heard me right.  Need a good laugh with the family?  Get a few of the whoppie cushions in the Target Dollar section.  They have cute Halloween ones… even mini ones. The girls got several of them for Uncle Mike this weekend – and we laughed so much.  So hard.  Needed that!  Poor Jana had to put up with our family laughing like mad.  :)

3. Target Owl Pajamas
Kay spotted these adorable pajamas in the kids section at Target.  After she got home, she told me about them.  So, we had to head back the next day to get three sets: one for Kay, one for Audrey and one for me. (Yes, Kay and I wear the same size.  She is actually a bit taller than me!)  They are super adorable.  I love having fun with them – being three pals.


Next… how about some fun links…

1. Want to play in a fun challenge?  Where you could win 29 cards made by some talented cardmakers?  Check out THIS.  Melanie over at 2peas has a contest going on where you have to guess which artists made which cards.  And if you get the most right, you win all the cards!  Fun.

2. Wanna see some ultra-cute pillows you can make at home?  I love THESE Halloween ones made by Rhonna Farrer.  Cute!  And how about a fun doormat?  Check out THIS!

3. You really must go check out Nichol Magouirk's blog.  She has added some amazing projects lately. So inspiring!

Now… a few Q&A's…

Q: You send a lot of giveaways.  Who pays for the shipping – do you?
A: I do a lot of giveaways for a few reasons.  One: This industry has been generous to me, so I like to pay it forward.  Second: I am always trying to cut back on supplies.  Third and most importantly: It simply feels good.  Yes, I do pay for the shipping.  But, really, if I just skip a few Starbucks treats and drive by Target more often instead of going in, it isn't a big deal. :)   And, a few kind people have donated to help pay for shipping of prizes for the card drives.  (Connie Williams and Donna Reese from Stamp Your Art Out, Jana and others.)  I simply like to pay it forward.

Q: Any tips for someone who wants to turn this hobby into a career?
A: This is a tough one.  I really don't have a good answer to this.  I think a lot of it has to be about meeting the right people at the right time.  I was blessed to meet Robin Johnson many years ago, only a few months after starting to scrapbook.  And she introduced me to Jeff Lam, who owned Autumn Leaves.  So, I have Robin to thank for opening doors for me.  I think I would still be a boring ole' engineer if it wouldn't have been for her.  But the best advice I can give is to get your work published as much as possible – magazines, online galleries, contests, etc.  Soon, someone will notice you and your hobby could very well become a career.  (And, yes, it is very possible!)

Next, let's do a quick share…

Found THIS great Christian stamp from Verve Stamps.  They have some great stamps at great prices. 

093008 Pray
Verve Stamp
Making Memories patterned papers
Hero Arts notecard
Stampin' Up scallop punch
Martha Stewart butterfly punch
White Liquid Pearls
Random ribbon "borrowed" from Jana

OK… time for the giveaway for today! 

A random winner will get these fun goodies from Heidi Swapp:


By Wednesday at 11:59pmEDT, leave a comment on this post sharing something with me that you love: a new stamp, favorite product, movie, book – anything. :)   I will post a winner on Thursday for those Heidi Swapp goodies.

OK… off to finish up a handout for my classes this weekend.  Bye!

Enabling and Q&As…


More random stuff here…

I have a class coming up.  September 25th at Stamp Your Art Out.  I think it may be full, but I hope to squeeze in a few people.  A holiday class – love those. :)

So, I shot a video of my scraproom.  Downloaded it and was about to edit when I realized something – watching it may cause you to get seasick. :)   Yes, I moved it around a lot and too fast – wasn't paying attention.  I will have to re-shoot it next week.  I am such a ditz. I did get photos that I can share soon.


I had a few questions in the last few posts, so I thought I would answer them quickly before heading off to Scrapfest…

Q: For the clear stamp store… I went to Office Depot today and bought the CD/DVD sleeves, but could not find the 3 x 5. Are they the same brand? Any info you could give would be great.
A: I am so very sorry, but I am not sure.  I didn't keep the package.  However, they were on the shelf right next to it.  HERE are some 4×6 ones.  Sorry. :(

OH… I forgot to mention… I have 4 extra packs of the cd holders that I used and showed HERE.  If you are interested and can't get them near you, I can ship them to you.  I was just going to return them anyway.  Just email me.  OH!  And I just looked… they sell them online now HERE.  Cool.

Q: I would like to scraplift your Christmas card with the three trees from Hero Arts, however I can't seem to find out where to buy them. Could you help me???
There are two sets of trees – small and big.  You can get the big set HERE and the small set HERE.  I like using them together – one big tree and two small.

67017mid   67013mid

Oh, and while looking for these sets, I saw that this site still has a discontinued set from Hero that was a favorite of mine.  Isn't it cute?


Q: How do you clean your clear stamps? Do you always have to use black ink, or could you use colored ink?
A: I use THIS stamp cleaner for all my stamps – Ultra Clean.  It is meant for clear stamps, but it works on rubber.  And it takes Staz-On off – which is huge.  Love this stuff.  However, clear stamps by nature will stain.  Just is gonna happen.  Even if it is stained, it won't transfer in future stamping.  Do any of you out there have Ultra Clean?  Do you love it?  I use it with THIS scrubber pad.  I am totally enabling you here, but this is one I can promise you will love. :)

60312mid 96835240 

While I am on the topic of enabling, I have a good one for you.  I have gotten a lot of questions about what printer I use. 

I have 3 printers.  One is my old Epson 2200.  I have had that baby for over 5 years and have loved it all along.  However, I needed to get a new one, so it is now just used for quick printing – not photos.  (I used to have a cheap $50 printer for this purpose.) 

I just purchased the Epson R1900 and am such a very happy girl.  Thanks to a new friend I met here (hi, maegan!), I found out they have $150 in rebates right now.  I ordered it with free shipping from my favorite Epson site, atlex.com.  (They have great prices on the inks, too.)  So, it ended up being $339, which is a huge steal.  If you really like to print photos at home and like using enlargements, this is the perfect printer for you.  I use the 13×19 luster paper.  Love it.


For quick 4×6 photos, I use my Epson Picturemate.  This bad boy rockeths.  When I do my video of my scraproom, I will show how I use this and have it set up.  It is fantastic.  And it prints wallet sizes, which I use a lot on pages. 


When I print a lot of photos, I get them done at Costco.  Incredible printing.  Love that place, too.

So, I basically use whatever is convient and fits my needs.  But I do this for a job.  If I had to go with one, I would try out that Epson 1900 since it does it all. :)

OK… time for bed.  Talk soon…

3 winners, 3 shares 3 Q&As, 3 links and 3 requests :)

Hi!  Not sure why I am thinking in 3's today, but here you have it… :)

3 winners:

You all rock.  Seriously.  What great ideas you all shared for teacher gifts!  I have several that I am going to do and will be sure to share them.  Thank you thank you thank you.  If you need ideas, be sure to read the comments HERE.

And we have a winner of the CTMH set.  I randomly picked Kim R!  But since you all took so much time to give input, I did pick two more people.  For Paula C and Debra, I will send 3 packs of new goodies from Autumn Leaves.  Just for kicks. :)   I emailed the three of you to get your addresses.


Now, here are some random card shares.  Three, to be exact.

1. Nothing novel here… just did this for a class this summer.  I stamped the owl on Bo Bunny paper and colored it in with a white pen and colored pencils.

090708 Owlween
Hero Arts stamps (owl, flourish background) and notecards
Hero Arts Black Gems (love these)
White Inkessentials Pen
Black Memories Ink
Art Print Brown Memories Ink
Paper Shaper punches
Colored pencils
Bo Bunny Paper

2. This one I did for the Cards For Heroes Card Drive.  Not a fab photo, but you get the idea. :)

090708 Seasons Greetings
Hero Arts stamps (snowflakes and greeting)
Hero Arts Felt Poinsettias
Hero Arts pearls
Black Memories Ink
Blue Chalk Ink
Scenic Route Paper (a new fave)
Stampin Up border punch

3. This one is just random.  Using up some scraps while at my last retreat.

090708 Flower Bow Card
Hero Arts stamps
Hero Arts pearls and notecards
Scenic Route ledger paper
Pink Chalk Ink
Soft Brown Chalk Ink
Black Memories Ink
Making Memories Kraft striped paper
Bo Bunny dot paper
May Arts ribbon

3 FAQ's:

Q: I am desperate to find the cd-holders for binders… the ones you used for clear stamp storage.  Can you tell me more details?
A: Sure.  Here is a scan of the package.  Mine are from Office Depot.  I bet there are other brands, though.  If you want to see the clear stamp storage, click HERE.

Stamp Storage

Q: Do you still have your brother-in-law's CDs still available for purchase? 
A: I should get another shipment this week and then will be able to sell them again.  Just email me. :)

Q: What kind of corner rounder do you use?
A: I use the Fiskars corner rounder squeeze punch.  I have two sizes, a tiny one and a normal one.  Love 'em.  Here is one…


3 links:

1.  Fantastic news. 2Peas just announced two new awesome Garden Girls: Kristina Werner and Robyn Werlich.  They are both stampers!  Woohoo.  Please click on their name to go over and congratulate them.

2.  Oh my.  The lovely Shari Carroll is at it again.  She has a new technique article over at Hero and it is incredible.  Check it out HERE.

3.  Check out THIS cute page from Jamie Waters.  I love how her sweetness rubs off on her pages.  And I so want Colin to marry that cute daughter of hers…

3 quick requests:

1.  I am hoping that everyone has received their prizes from the Card Drive for Kids.  Some of the overseas packages may take a little longer.  However, please let me know if you haven't gotten them by this week.  It is a fear of mine that they don't make it to you!  So, please, let me know if you are waiting on goodies from me.  Oh, and Marianne Gonzales, please email me your address again.  I deleted it by accident – it was the "ditz" in me. :)  

2.  I am going through the fantastic cards you all sent for the Card Drive for Kids.  I was wondering if it would be ok for me to post some of them here – thought it would be fun?  If for some reason you wouldn't want yours shared, please email me.  I am just thinking of sharing 3 or 4 here and there – just for kicks.

3.  If you haven't heard of it yet, please try to send in some cards (holiday preferred) for the Cards For Heroes Card Drive I shared this week.  You can find out about it HERE.  What a good thing to do…

Thanks, all!

A few things to share…


Just a few more random things.  I am random a lot, aren't I?  Ha… sorry!

First: a cool link.  Lisa Spangler has a great video on the Hero Blog today.  Go HERE to see it.  Love her projects.  Way to go, Lisa!

Second: a FAQ.  I have had a lot of people ask about what trimmer I use.  I mostly reach for THIS one from Fiskars.  It is just quick and easy to use and the Triple Track blade system is pretty straight.  It comes in several colors, but I like the red. :)   Important: make sure you get the orange Triple Track refill blades for it.  I also have their rotary one that I use for kitting (bulk cutting), but I prefer this one for regular use.

Third: A lot of people have asked how I create small photos.  I finally have figured out how to share this with you in a video.  It will be coming soon (and finally).  :)

Fourth: A card share.  Pretty straight forward.

Hero Arts stamps (greeting and other) and notecards and gems
Colorbox/Hero Arts Chalk Ink
McGill label punch
Creative Impressions ribbon
Prismacolored pencils and gamsol

That's it for now.  Have a good day.

Time to enable (and answer a few questions…)


Time to do some enabling.  Why?  Because I have tons of kitting to do tonight and I would rather procrastinate.  Anyone else that way?  Maybe some of you are checking out this blog as a way of procrastinating.  If that is the case, I am happy I could help. :)   Hee.

Let's let the enabling begin…

The Quicker-Picker-Upper Thingy:
I got this when I was at Carol's rockin' store, Stampers Corner.  What is this little tool?  Well, it is intended to pick up Quickutz die-cut pieces.  But I use it for lots of things.  Wet stamped images.  Little gems.  Brads.  I am not a big tool collector (I like to keep it simple), but this one is one I reach for often.  You can find it HERE.  It's real name is the QuickStik.


American Crafts New Goodies:

Oh my.  I love this company.  They are good people – I love to support companies with good people.  And how could you not love THIS ribbon?  Or THESE puffy letter stickers?  I used them on a card a few days ago…

65481mid 65526mid

New Hero Arts Goodies:

Oh, yes.  There are some fab new things.  Especially the new inks queues that are exclusive to Hero.  You can pre-order the new Hero stuff HERE.  They should ship soon!

Icon-14245679 Icon-26866829 Icon-45559906

OK… now for Q&A's.  I added a Q&A thing to the sidebar that I will slowly fill up.  In the meantime, here are some others.

Q: How do you keep the crushed velvet flocking powder from rubbing off so easily? Im trying to use some on a card and I accidently smeared it with my finger…boooo! Can you help?
When I apply flocking stuff, I use Diamond Glaze.  It is just a clear glue that holds BIG TIME.  It is awesome.  That way the stuff doesn't come off.  You may want to try a liquid glue like this – it may work better.

Q: Can you Any chanve my local store could talk you into coming out to teach?
A: Oh boy, this is a question I hate to answer.  I wish I could say yes, but I can't.  I never have travelled to teach at local stores.  I simply would hate to say yes to some and not to others.  Also, I am trying to travel for work as little as possible, so I really only go to big shows, CHAs and rep shows.  I LOVE to teach, so I get my fix by teaching locally… and by doing videos. :)

Q: Hello! This isn't about the blog, but I was just just wondering if you could do a card for a man. Somebody asked me to make one for them to give to an adult male. Hee. I have no idea what to do. Help me!
Ah… the "male cards."  Those can be tough. :)   I will try to do some in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, try these for inspiration: HERE and HERE.

OK… no more procrastinating.  Have a good night!

An admission and a share and a few Q&A’s…

I have something to admit.

I am a geek.

Yes.  A big geek.  I stood in line for 6 hours this morning to get the new iPhone.  And, yes, I already had the old one.  But it is my baby and gets A LOT of use, so I did it.  My brother and I actually had a good time waiting and waiting and waiting.  And when we left, the line was just as long as when we started.  So… there are a lot of geeks out there just like me! :)   Hee.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Picture 1

On to scrapbooking…

This is just a page I did a long time ago as a sample for CHA.  And since CHA is around the corner, I thought I would share it.  It just uses LOTS of Autumn Leaves buttons and LOTS of patience. :)   Their buttons rock since you get so many in so many great colors.  Those buttons fill my jars shown HERE.

Amazing Buttons
Autumn Leaves Buttons
More Autumn Leaves Buttons
Autumn Leaves Rub-ons
And More Autumn Leaves Buttons

ETA: Funny thing – Robyn and I both posted AL button layouts today!  HERE is hers.  It is so fabulous… you mush see it!

A few Q&A’s…

Q: Is it necessary to use a fixative if I stamp my image with a glue pad, like Tsukineko’s? (with Perfect Pearls)

A: Well, you don’t have to.  But if you want to be sure that it stays nice and clear and doesn’t rub off, I recommend doing it.  It is inexpensive and easy to find.  I use THIS.

Q: Where did you get that wonderful fine string?

A: Ah… I love this stuff.  It is just the inexpensive stuff from Hobby Lobby in the knitting section.  $1.99 for a million yards or something. :)   Lots of basic colors. Here is a photo of it (with a gem smiley face that Colin did a few months back).


That’s all for now.  Have to catch up on work after 6 wasted hours this morning!  Have a good Friday. :)