Video: Ink Storage + Discount Code + Giveaway!

Hello! One of the questions I get most often is about ink storage. I finally have storage I am happy with… so it is time to share. And the good news? I have a discount code and giveaway for my favorite storage units!

Check out my video to see a closer look…

First, I am really over-the-moon happy with my storage units from OrganizeMore. They are high quality and responsibly priced compared to other ink storage units I have seen. (Keep reading… I have a discount code for OrganizeMore and a giveaway below. Please know they didn’t contact me – I found them after searching long and hard for the best storage option for me.)

The first unit I have is the 48 Ink Pad Organizer for my favorite colors of Hero Arts Shadow, My Favorite Things and (new) Mama Elephant Inks. This guy sits in a cabinet, but could also hang on the wall or sit on a shelf…

The second unit I have is the Mini Ink Pad Organizer. This holds 24 inks and I have it hanging on the inside of my cabinet door. (I used Command Picture Hanging Strips to hold it on the door – works like a charm – so strong!) My favorite Memento Luxe Inks live here, along with other frequently used inks such as Versamark, Memento Black, Archival Black, Unicorn White, etc.

Next is the one I am in love with the most – the 36 Distress Ink/Reinker Organizer. Eek! It makes me so happy! It is intended to stand upright or hang, but I have mine laying in a drawer. It is also intended to hold Distress Inks and reinkers, but I used those reinker spots to hold my Ink Blending Tools. (Yes, I am nuts to have a tool for each color – even Tim makes fun of me for it. But I use them A LOT and this helps me work better. But in the video, I make other suggestions on how to do this.)

The rest of my inks are in my Ikea Alex drawers. These units are incredible for crafters, are very inexpensive and hold a ton. I have a few built into my office and couldn’t live without them! They work for ink storage, too…

In the video, I also show a few plastic containers that are good for folks with less room and are more cost effective. I use these for my other-colors-I-like-but-don’t-use-as-often inks. These are from the same manufacturer of the stamp storage containers I love…

And finally, I use the Brother P-Touch Label Maker with the 1/4″ tape to label the sides of the inks. This is a durable label that won’t get icky and fall off. So fast and easy. (I will soon share a video showing how to set this label maker up so that it conserves label tape.) And let’s just say this – kids are really good at using this machine. ;)

A few things to note:

  • Yes – I do store some of my inks on their side. I have never had problems with doing this, and many companies say it doesn’t matter. Also, I rotate mine once in awhile just to be safe. Works for me and I have had them this way for some time now. If you want to be safe, go with one of the OrganizeMore storage units that store inks horizontally.
  • Note that these units do not hold ALL of the colors, but rather my most frequently used colors. This was key for me. Once I decided to use “prime real estate” in my craft room for just my favorite products and tuck the rest into a container elsewhere, I really became happy and more functional.
  • And yes – I do have a lot of inks. However, this is my job. Just like my hubby engineer needs lots of tools in his office to do his job, I need these inks. :)


So I looked long and hard to find the perfect storage units and have been so very happy with the ones from OrganizeMore. So I got the courage to contact them and ask them if they wanted to give my readers and discount code… and they said yes! Use the code is “MCGUIREINK” for a 13% discount on your entire order (before shipping charges). Offer ends 10/17/13.


And when I contacted OrganizeMore about the discount code, they offered a giveaway… a REALLY good giveaway! One lucky crafter will get the 48 Ink Pad Organizer like the one I use! Just leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 10/17/13 for your chance. Good luck!

Please visit OrganizeMore to see the other ink storage options they have. They have even bigger ones than I own!  They also have organizers for other products, such as punches and ribbons.

Hope one of these storage options works for you. Enjoy!


Handmade Card Storage


Today I am sharing my storage system for completed cards. I get asked a lot about this… “What do you do with all your cards?” Honestly? I send most of them to loved ones. Therefore, I like to keep them organized so I can quickly find what I need.

And guess what? It works really well! Yay!

The Fridge Binz Storage Container that I use for cards is the same one I use for my clear and cling stamp storage and my die storage. I love this container – it is very durable and looks great. The cards fit sideways in here and it holds a lot. However, many CD storage container will work for this.

I divide the cards up into different occasions using Ellen Hutson Craft-a-Board (cut and corner rounded) and my favorite label maker. I keep this container in a drawer for easy access. (In the next drawer I have my envelopes, return address stamps and postal stamps. I will share this in the future. If you wanted to, you could keep the envelopes on one half of this container. It is a tighter fit but works – that is what I do.)

I give my kids a lot of cards. Kay (who is away at college) gets the most, so she has her own category. :) I also often like to stick cards in Colin’s lunch and on Audrey’s bed when she gets home from school. Sometimes I don’t have a card ready, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE to use the Pebbles Love You More Journaling Cards. These are *perfect* for fun little notes to kids. Just perfect. And better yet? They have a boy’s version and a girl’s version – both have lots of notes inside. (By the way, you can see these journaling cards stored in the front of my container in the first photo above. Works perfect.)

I hope this give you some ideas on how to organize (and therefore use!) your handmade cards. By they way, if you have more cards than you know what to do with, please consider sending them to Operation Write Home. It is an amazing organization!

By the way, you have seen me use the Fridge Binz Storage Container for many storage solutions. However, it appears the company has two slightly different containers with the same product name and number! The dimensions are the same on each, but one has a handle that sticks out the front and the other has a built-in handle. I have been using the one with the handle that sticks out the front (you can get it HERE and HERE), but think the built-in handle design (found HERE) is better as it has more usable space. Just something to keep in mind if you want to order. Here is a comparison of the two – just look closely at the front of the containers. (This shows my stamp storage solution using the Avery Elle Stamp Pockets.)

OK… off to bed. What a busy week! This back-to-school stuff is for the birds. Bring back summer! Who’s with me??

Video: Die Storage + Giveaway


After sharing my clear and cling stamp storage system (HERE), I have been getting lots of requests to share my wafer thin die storage system. This has been working so very well for me (and even works with embossing folders).

I really love these pockets! So handy. You can store more than one in a pocket if you want.

Here are links for the products featured:

I also have a couple other die storage ideas…

The first is to adhere thin magnetic sheets to the inside of cabinet doors. This one would be good if you only have a few dies or have some frequently used dies you want easy access to. (I plan to add this inside my cabinet doors for the few I use the most.) I first showed this awhile back and still like it a lot. You can find magnetic sheets for this HERE and HERE. (You could also use these sheets in a binder system.) Here is this idea shown in my old craft room…

Another option for you is the ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case. I have checked this system out and it works very well. Something worth considering, too!

Let me know if you have questions or storage ideas to share!


Interested in trying out some Die Pockets? Want to win 50 pockets? For your chance, leave a comment here by 9/4/13 at 11:59pmEST.


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH. Some links go to Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store. Enjoy!



Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets (SSS|EH)




Updated Double Fridge Binz Container (BBB|CS)




Vagabond Die Cutting Machine (SSS|EH)




ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case (SSS|EH)



Video: Clear and Cling Stamp Storage – Larger Sets

Hi! A few weeks ago, I shared a video HERE on my clear and cling stamp storage. Today, I have a sequel to this video with some tips on how to store bigger stamp sets. (I got a ton of questions!)

Now there are many other ways you can store bigger sets, but these are the options that worked best for me. Hope it helps!

Note: For the bigger piece of transparency to hold my stamps, I cut up my Avery Elle Stamp Pockets. This plastic is safe for stamps and therefore are perfect to touch your stamps and stay happy. Or, I save and use clear pieces that other stamp sets came on.

Here are links for the products featured. Again, for more information, head HERE, HERE or HERE.


I will be back soon with two helpful posts. One is on my wafer thin die stamp storage and one is on a comparison of the Hero Arts Shadow, Memento Luxe and My Favorite Things Inks. Stay tuned!

Video: Clear and Cling Stamp Storage + Giveaway!


The sweet Ali Edwards asked me if I would be interested in guest blogging for her. Honored, I created a video of my clear and cling stamp storage since I had been getting lots of questions.

Head HERE for all the details.

Here are links for the products featured. Again, for more information, head HERE or HERE.

See you soon!



Interested in trying out some Avery Elle Stamp Pockets? Want to win 50 pockets? For your chance, leave a comment here by 6/27/13 at 11:59pmEST.


Clear and Cling Stamp Storage – Update

Hello stampers.

Awhile back I shared a bit about how I am currently storing my clear and cling stamps. (You can see posts on it HERE, HERE and HERE.) This system has evolved over the years… and I am finally at a place that I am 100% happy with. I have also recently discovered a few new things that I thought you all might like.

Avery Elle just came out with new stamp storage pockets that I think are pretty awesome. They fit clear and cling stamps perfectly – measuring approximately 7.25″x5.5″ – the same as the Office Depot CD sleeves I have been using. (More on that below.) Here are both…

But I just discovered these stamp storage pockets… after I finished reorganizing my stamps. (Perfect timing, eh?) So… all of my stamps are currently in THESE sleeves from Office Depot. (I just carefully cut down the center to make single pockets that are the same size at the Avery Elle pockets.) These have worked wonderfully for me. Wonderfully.

Both of these pockets are good options. The Office Depot sleeves I use are quite a bit thicker than the Avery Elle pockets and have a bigger flap on the back, making them perfect for me since this is my job and I am in and out of my stamps a lot. (I may eventually switch the the new Avery Elle pockets… but that is quite a big task since all of mine are already in the other.) On the other hand, the Avery Elle pockets are smooth and designed to hold stamps. The cost is pretty close, with Avery Elle being a bit lower in price.

How about a closer look at the options? Here is an Avery Elle stamp storage pocket. You can see it is clear, thin and has a small flap on the back that would be tucked in. So clean…

The Office Depot sleeves are thicker and have a bigger flap that doesn’t need tucking in….

The verdict? Both are good. But if you are just starting organizing your stamps, I would start with the Avery Elle pockets. I think they are great for normal use.

Awhile back I also shared one of the greatest finds of all time – the container I store my stamps in. And yes – this would hold either of the sleeve options perfectly. These containers are actually “Fridge Binz,” meant to hold soda cans. No soda in my house, but man are they perfect for stamps…

These also fit dies (Sizzix, etc.) perfectly. So durable and sturdy – not a wimpy plastic thing…

My clear and cling stamps are stored in pull-out drawers in cabinets in my new studio. (I promise to share more of my room when I get everything in there. I hope it is someday soon!)

And, yes, I am crazy and must have every stamp set labeled. I love the Brother Labeler. (There are ways to change the setting so it doesn’t waste tape – just google it.) This labeler is my best friend…

So there we have it – my current stamp storage that makes me so very happy. Very happy. Hoping maybe this system works for you!