I currently do not travel to teach classes in stores. Instead, I am staying close to my family and teaching video classes online at our Online Card Classes.

  1. Pam

    What’s happening in Buffalo? I’m in Syracuse, it’s not that far away. It would be absolute heaven to be able to take a class that you teach. Just to see you work would be so totally delightful. I would be so happy!!!

  2. Hoping you will still teach occasionally at Stamp Your Art Out. Have loved both classes of yours I got to take there.

  3. So wish I didn’t live totally opposite on the other side of the country–these class samples look AMAZING!

  4. robin tqmnurse

    Love ur new site. Wish I could access from computer but cell phone is better than nothing

  5. Diane M

    Signed up for the Buffalo classes already.Taking a class from you is on my bucket list of crafting!
    –Pam just call the store and they’ll register you.

  6. Sarah M

    SO looking forward to seeing you again. Let me know what I can do help. :)

  7. I had click on online classes and only saw the ones that are at a specific location. Do you have online classes too?

    Thanks for everything you do! I love the new look of your site!

    Seattle, WA

  8. Patti B

    Congrats on the awesome new website you are absolutely one of my favourite stamping artists! I hope to meet you in Buffalo. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  9. Martha

    I am thrilled with this new website, I hit it almost everyday to check out the new things you create.

  10. Carol ann Ater

    Can we talk you in to teaching these boston and Buffalo classes here at home in Cincy? I know tons of gals that would take all 3 classes……..

  11. Kathleen Watterson

    Have you ever thought about coming over to Australia? The Northern Rivers of New South Wales is stunning. Would love to have you here! :)

  12. See you in Buffalo!!!!!

  13. Pia

    I am so excited to take a class on the 16th! Less than a week away!!

  14. Suzanne W. Skeels

    My sister, Alison, lives about 20 minutes from the Buffalo store, I’ll drive 61/2 hours to stay with her so we can come to your classes. Already signed-up with Sharon. Love your work and it will be an honor to meet you. Thank you for coming.

  15. Angel

    What wonderful techniques everyone lucky enough to be living in those areas will have the opportunity to learn from you. Cheers to all.

  16. Jenifer Ann

    Maybe one day you’ll be around the St Louis area…..I can dream…

  17. Ummmm… have you ever considered coming to ALASKA to teach??? You’re too far away for me to take these classes… WAAAAHHHHHH! I can dream… or just keep following your blog in hopes that someday some of your creativeness will rub off on me!

  18. Thank you!!

    I took both your classes today at Absolutely Everything and had a great time. Both classes were fabulous, but I especially love the morning session and all the fantastic techniques!!

    It was a pleasure to meet you and I do hope you’ll be back again some time to teach! I’d be there again and now it would be well worth my time !!!

    Happy Crafting!!
    Lisa Haines

  19. edna

    I enjoyed your class at Absolutely Everything. It was so much fun — lots of techniques, fun and energy. I hope you visit us again. —eddie

  20. Ruth H

    I’m signed up for your Creatively Simple class in Buffalo and can’t wait. My son is getting his Masters friday and I was going to be in the area so checked out the Buffalo Stamps and Stuff website and boy was I surprised!! Serendipity made me a happy crafter.

  21. Sandy M

    I thoroughly enjoyed your classes this weekend in Buffalo, NY!!! SO much fun! It was so great to meet you in person, you have inspired me for so long through your blog, articles, etc!! And now, after learning so much yesterday & today, I need to go to BED! ;-D

  22. Sharon

    Hi Jennifer,
    It was GREAT taking all of your classes in Buffalo this weekend. I have admired your work for many years and it was a priviledge to meet you and learn from you in person! You are a sweetheart! Thank you again for sharing your inspiration with all of us! you are the BEST!!!

  23. dot ferrero

    PLEASE come back to Angela’s Happy Stamper in Reston, VA. I so enjoyed your class there.

  24. Barb Bass

    Hi All – I was only able to get in on the last class that Jennifer and Shari taught in Dayton at Simply Scrapbooks. Love the work of both of these ladies. Class is always a treat. I have been searching the websites of both of these artist and found another technique I love!

    Jen – Can’t wait to get the refresher instructions for the Sunday techniques class. Thanks and do come again soon.

  25. OOPS, I filled in the wrong link to my website, so here’s the right one. I’m sorry!

  26. Janine

    This class looks like a lot of fun! I would love to win a spot. Thanks for the chance!

  27. Pat Boggs

    Can you pay for a class after it’s over? I would like to take this series but of course it’s been almost a year. Do you have a process for that?

  28. Nicole

    Hi Jennifer!

    Your techniques and tutorials are some of my favorites. I have a quick question (I hope it’s not a dumb one!) for anyone who can answer. I just purchased some Distress ink pads from two different stores and noticed they have much different labels. They seem to be the same but the labels are different. I’m almost affraid to open a few of them! Is this normal??? Thanks in advance!


  29. Bobbie Lathrop

    Hi Jennifer,

    I have taken the new copic’s class online and WOW it was just awesome. I’m sort of new at the whole card making and I have learned so much from this class. It also allowed me to sweet talk my darling hubby and best friend to buy me the whole set of Copic’s. Love them. I also have learned a lot from your video’s on the cards you make and have found myself going back to them over and over again. I still have troubles in trying to figure out embellishments for cards and the layering of different papers, so your video’s really help me look in different directions. Thanks so very much for everything you do for the stamping world. Your the best in my book.

  30. Heidi Faucher

    I won a free class at the Krop for Kaitlin here in Memphis, TN. What do I need to do to register for a class. I think I want to take an independent one first! We lost our main two scrapbook stores here last year, so your site may the answer to my craving for learning new scrapping ideas and techniques! I plan to take the class this week before I get too deep into Christmas! All my shopping is done, just the cooking left! Just respod to my email and I’ll be ready! Thanks a zillion.

  31. sarabelle

    So happy to see that you are teaching an online class! I love your YouTube videos, so was very glad to register for your class when the opportunity arose! Hello from Buffalo, NY!

  32. Kathleen Caffey

    Loving the class.

  33. If you ever start traveling would love to have you over in Indy! Not too far for you!

  34. Betty Chappell

    I’m thinking about taking an online class. I know you can access the class whenever you would like but when are the classes usually in session ? I could miss three classes because of appointments and I wanted to make sure to get the full experience I love your video they are so informative. I always get very good ideas. I love my dies and would like to get more out of them. When I started stamping there were no blogs on the internet a few tv shows that I watched and some shops that gave classes, so you can imagine how I feel about all the information available to me now

  35. Love the foiling video & all your tutorials I’m a silver foil person, but like the pinky / mauve colors
    Jeanne from France

  36. Irene Garcia

    Hi Jennifer!

    I just found your videos on Youtube when I was trying to get ideas for my Erin Condren planner! Now I want to start making cards! :) Anyway, my question is: What class would you suggest I take first if I’ve never done any stamping, die cutting, or card making? I was thinking Clean and Simple 1, but I also just ordered the Big Shot and would like to know how to use that as well.

    Thanks so much!


  37. Hi there, is there an easy way to see all the classes I have taken at your site? I want to sign up for more but am afraid I might buy one twice. Is that even possible?

  38. Jean Williams

    Hi. I am in the clean up mode. I have lots of leftovers from card making. This weekend I am gathering them together and making cards from them. If I can not make anything from them then they have to go. T am trying to organize too as I go. We will see how much get done. Have a happy holiday.

  39. Annie Tobin

    Hi Jen have you had a chance to try the MINC by Heidi Swapp yet? Can’t wait to hear what you think!!

  40. Brenda

    So nicely and easily? done. Would love to try those watercolor markers as I went over to Simon Says and bought both of the sets of stamps….can’t wait to try them all out.
    Brenda B

  41. Linda Starks

    I am so glad I accidentally came across your videos. I have not made cards in awhile and you have inspired me. My ink pads still work after 10 years. I am 77 years old and need all the help I can get. I like the fact that you tell us we can use what we have and not necessarily the way you do it.

  42. Kathy Dowbenko

    I want to sign up for your background class coming up, but can’t find the link.
    please help.
    I knew I should have printed it, so I would remember when you posted it.
    thank you.

  43. Stephanie Johnson

    Thank you for the tutorial on the Perfect Pearls. I have seen them before but didn’t know exactly what they done.

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