I recently put together a list of My Favorite Crafty Things – including helpful videos. Click on a topic below to see more!

  1. LOL you just created my wish list for me to give to my husband..(good for the next five years at least ;) . My favorite stamp which is first on my list is the background stamp of the music sheet. So many possibilities… Happy birthday, We wish you a merry Christmas, Silent Night, it is limitless. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Robyn

    I always love seeing your “favorite things” list every year! So many great choices! My most recent favorite stamp is Wplus9 Fresh Florals — the stamp building is super fun!

  3. StephH

    My favorite stamp is an old, old Thanks stamp from Embossing Arts – It says simply “Thank you” and right below in a small font is says “very,very much”. I have a lot of thank you stamps but this is by far the one I reach for most often for thank you notes.

  4. Jayne

    Wow what a lot of good stamps choices!!! I’m loving feather stamps right now.

  5. vidya

    Love your background stamp sets! I gotta resist buying some! :)

  6. Barbara M.

    I always look forward to when you do this–makes my decisions a lot easier!

  7. Nadine

    Can you comment on Briliance inks and StazOn and where they fit into the ink family?

    • brilliance is a type of pigment ink. i like it, too! just don’t use often. staz-on is an ink like archival ink that you can stamp on anything. i don’t use it for paper but do for fabric, transparency, etc.

  8. Thanks, Jennifer. All good information.

  9. Linda P

    Love those Memento Luxe inks as well as the new Mama Elephant. Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for all of the helpful information and videos you share always showing us new ways to use our supplies.

  10. Ria Nelen

    I’m always looking forward to your videos and I like the ones about the different crafty things. What I like most are the back ground stamps. so very nice to cover a hole card in so many different ways.

  11. Carol Woods

    Loved your videos Jennifer as always. I have some neices that are just starting out with scrapbooking and making home made cards and I will be sharing your videos with them.

  12. Betty Meyskens

    I’m sad – I just watched your dies video and went over to SSS to order some of your favorite dies and hopefully to be my favorite dies and they are already out of stock :( :(

  13. Marti

    I enjoy your “favorites” because after over 30 yrs stamping, I’m still learning; you may be an engineer by training but are an excellent teacher and a talented artist.

  14. Thank you Jennifer! I have a new appreciation for die. Never realized they could also be used for embossing. I have a cuttlebug, so I do hope they can be used in it.

  15. thanks so much for the chance to win a die. I use them for my scrap pages

    and cards- all the time- LOVE the bow!!

  16. Laura

    Thank you. Oh my gosh, I get ridiculously excited about stamps. So inspired.

  17. shelley c

    Great series on your favorite things. So many goodies – never can have too many! Love your videos, I’ve learned so much – thanks for sharing your talent! Stamps and dies are my latest favorites. Love the intricate cuts they offer. If only I could win the powerball!!!!

  18. Judy

    Loving your favorite things!! I will be retiring soon and will have tons of time on my hands to do my crafts – FINALLY!

  19. This series is always a favorite of mine each year, although I get a serious case of craft supply envy when I see all the cool stuff you have. . . Lol! Seriously, thanks for sharing with all of us, I always learn so much from you and you have improved my skills so much.

  20. Melody B

    My favorite adhesive is Tombo glue. I put a couple of lines on the back of everything. It stays!.

  21. Pam Larson

    What a great series, thanks

  22. bj

    great ideas and thanks for getting the discount!

  23. Charlotte

    My favourite adhesives are my ATG and 3M Scotch Quick Dry.


  24. Cheryl Lanzer

    I think my favourite would be AGT gun I love love this

  25. Joyce Soo Hoo

    My favorite thing I like to use is dies. I love it gives it such a professional look.
    I love your videos. I always learn something.

  26. Andrea Venini Bartasco

    Jennifer! You just know how to make very complete vídeos on everything about scrapbooking. My favorite tools are the bone folder , which I always use , and the Ranger scissors and of course a lot more but these are the ones that I use the most . Thanks for rhe chance and hope to be very lucky . Andrea

  27. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

    Appreciate it!

    Happy holidays

  28. Kristen V

    Thank you for all the information!

  29. Marge Bernard

    Thank you Jennifer for all the good information. I am ordering the envelopes you use to store your stamps..got them all in a bin and they sure don’t look neat like yours. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. I am mailing out my cards tomorrow. 100 of them. I got carried away. Now to concentrate on making jewelry for my girls and friends. whew!

  30. diana

    Thank you for all the information, ideas and inspiration in these videos! ;-)

  31. It’s actually a trendy in addition to beneficial little bit of info. I am just pleased for you to discussed this convenient info about. Remember to keep us informed in this way. Many thanks spreading.

  32. Marichelle

    Thank you so much for creating this series of My Favorite Crafty Things. Grateful that you share with us what you have found worked for you.

  33. Chrissie

    Thank you so much for all the information, I only found you this morning and have learned so much already. Brilliant videos and full of so many ideas. Tomorrow I’m going to sort out all my ink pads and make an inventory of what I have. Many thanks again.

  34. How do you store your loose small stamps that aren’t in a set?

  35. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate
    your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

  36. wow, perfect.. I want all of those things too… lol

  37. maria langston

    thanks for the videos specially for showing us how do they work you are so sweet

  38. Rosemary

    As somebody who is new to stamping I was happy to find ” My Favorite Crafty things” so I find the best products out there without having going through all the trial and error of all the craft products out there. Thanks.

  39. Kathy M

    Keep up the great videos – very explanatory and helpful when looking for new things to buy.

  40. Teri W

    Great information for those of us new to the craft

  41. Patricia B

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love that you share all this information! Love ya’

  42. Teresa MacKenzie

    I just love your “My Favorite…” series, I have watched them more than once, well I have watched all of your videos more than once and have learned so many techniques and ways to get more mileage out of supplies I already have. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge.

  43. Sandy

    This series was the bestest! I’ve learned a lot. Thanks a lot.

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