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Just wanted to pop in and thank everyone who donated, left a comment, etc. for Colin about the Walk for Diabetes. Colin was able to raise almost $2000! (Which is most of the $2700 our team made.) Here’s praying that this money helps find a CURE. Thank you everyone!

You all are the best. XO.


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  1. So happy for Colin and your whole team! Praying for a cure!

  2. Yay for him! Ditto on the CURE.

  3. Marie Schmitzer

    Great job both of you. How wonderful it is to have loving siblings who care so much about you and your health.. Know it means a lot to Mike.

    Love you all

    Aunt Marie

  4. Shirley L.

    Congratulations to Colin and your team for raising the money for the cure. What a great cause. It’s wonderful when children want to get involved. You have raised him to be such a model child with a wonderful giving heart. It was a pleasure to support him and your team!!

  5. Lori Fox

    You are very welcome. I wish I could have done more. So proud of your son.

  6. victoria

    Jennifer you are such a sweet soul!

    You are so good at the idea of paying it forward!!

  7. Kit

    Way to go!

  8. Joan

    Way to go, Colin. This is wonderful how you’ve helped others. Thank you.

  9. Marilyn Koch

    Congratulation Colin. Great job!

  10. Suzanne Watanabe

    YAY! Congratulations Colin! You’re an AWESOME and SWEET Boy….GREAT JOB! :)

  11. Mardi Weber

    Congratulations to all of your team, especially Colin! I love the picture of him with your brother. They look so satisfied, fulfilled, happy…I can’t think of the right word, but it has to be a good feeling! And you must be such a proud Mama.

  12. Randee S

    Congrats Colin on raising all that money for a great cause and to the whole team. God Bless.

  13. Theresa G.

    Fantastic work!!! Congrats to everyone!

  14. Christine


  15. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article.
    Thanks for supplying this info.

  16. Christine Sudmann

    Congratulations to Colin. It must be an wonderful experience for him and a great achievement.

  17. Muneca

    Yea Colin! You are an inspiration!

  18. Alexia M.

    Congrats, so glad to know there is people who cares for Diabetes patients. My mom has diabetes too and she just had her two toes removed recently….she lives far far away from us..I feel so helpless when I was told about it. I pray no more toe removing for her….

  19. Aline vd

    Omg lovely xxx

  20. Debora S

    Great job Colin I will pray for your favorite uncle and hopefully a cure will be found in our life time!

  21. Stacy Roberts

    Such a precious picture of Colin and your brother. I am so glad the walk was a success !!

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