Happy Easter!

Just popping in to wish everyone a wonderful day with family and friends. I hope it is filled with lots of laughter, smiles, hugs and yummy food!

I am off to spend time with the family and thank our awesome Lord for three little words I think of every day of my life: He is risen.

I also wanted to wish my hubby the best of luck as he runs in the Boston Marathon tomorrow. Proud of him and wishing I could be there to cheer him on.



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  1. Holly Saveur

    Happy Easter …and hope your husband runs a great time!

  2. Laurie

    Praise God, He is risen indeed!

    Thank you for the lovely Easter wishes – ours had everything you mentioned! Hope yours did, too.

    Big cheer for your husband in the race.

  3. Nancy Bowen

    HE is risen indeed!!!

  4. Happy easter and good luck for your husband.

  5. jennifer c

    He is risen indeed! All the good wishes and blessings – back at ya!

  6. Dee in NH

    Good luck to your husband! Very cool that he is taking part in it!

  7. sharon l-s

    Wishing your husband a wonderful experience and a great run today (Monday) in the Boston Marathon.

  8. Mildred Mildew

    What a beautiful couple. Happy Easter! and best wishes to you both!

  9. Carol Mcc

    Happy Easter a day late. Wishing your husband great success in the Boston Marathon.

  10. how grateful I am for those 3 words! It soothes my troubled soul and brings hope and light to all the dark places. Happy Easter to you!

  11. HanksMom

    Congrats to your husband! My brother ran the race this year–after making it to 26.1 when the 2nd bomb went off. We were all happy he finished this year and Boston was safe! Thank you for your colorful inspiration. You don’t know how happy your posts can make people! Cheers!

  12. Tracy

    Indeed He is risen! Jennifer…Congratulations to your husband! My husband ran Boston in 2012 ( when it was 80 degrees!! crazy! ) He wore his Boston Life is Good T-shirt today in support of all the runners. So happy it went well today…hope your hubby ran the time he wanted.

  13. HE is! Not just risen, He’s in heaven, to meet us later on again!

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