Will You Be There?

Hi! Just a reminder that the next Online Card Class – Clean and Simple 3: One Layer Cards – starts tomorrow. I hope you are joining us! Lots of folks have signed up. Can’t wait to see the Student Gallery full of cards. Yay!

I just love the topic of One Layer Cards. This class offers lots of tips, tricks, techniques and videos for creative ways to make them.

Here is a quick peek of one of mine, and also some winners…

The other day I offered up three spots in class. The lucky winners are: Shona Chambers, Rhandi DeMars and Nandini. I emailed you!

It is never too late to sign up for class. (Content will always be there!) You can get more info HERE.

Take care!

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  1. Wow! I am so excited! This is a dream come true. Thanx a ton!

  2. Mary M.

    I keep forgetting class starts tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder….I’m so excited now! =)

  3. A huge congrats to the winners! I know they are really going to enjoy the experience! In fact, I’m so excited to get started…like the night before the first day of school :-)

  4. Woooo!
    I am soooo glad it starts today!

    Do anywone Knowles when it starts here in Sockholm, Sweden?

  5. adele

    Congrats to the winners! I’m already signed up and waiting (im)patiently for the first lesson to be up.

  6. Rhandi DeMars

    I am so excited to know that I won a spot in your class. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Can’t wait to get all the info.

  7. Gail

    Congrats to the winners!!!

  8. Congrats to the winners! Enjoy!

  9. Mary-Anne V.

    congrats to the winners…looks like an awesome class.

  10. Deborah S

    Loved today’s class can’t wait until day 2!

  11. EmmaJ

    I’m there! Love the first day.

  12. Jeannine Brenner

    Beautiful card! Congrats to the winners…see you in class!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEARN ALOT & ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! (It’s TOTALLY FUN!!! :) )

  14. Emilou

    Congrats to the excited three. Enjoy, enjoy. Blessings and smiles, Emilou

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