Video: Mini Ink Blending Tool + Giveaway

Hi! I have received a lot of questions about the new Mini Ink Blending Tool. Here is a video showing how this product works…

[Supplies are linked in the thumbnails at the end of this post.]

When Tim Holtz first showed me the new Mini Ink Blending Tool, I did a combination of a squeal and a happy dance. (Ask him – it is true.) And now that I finally am getting the time to use the mini tools, my squeal has gotten louder and my happy dance has gotten even more fabulous.

Yes – I have switched over all my original Ink Blending Tools to Mini Ink Blending tools. Here is proof:

(And by the way… there is absolutely NO reason to have an inking tool for each color like I do. This is my job and I have issues. LOL. Instead, get one tool for each color family, like red, green, etc. Or get a couple tools – there are two in a pack – and lots of replacement foams. You can velcro a foam to the bottom of each ink pad. Easy! For more info on my storage here, click HERE.)

OK… so on to the cards. The first one? Super bright. Very Skittles-like. So I balanced it with a second, not-so-bright second card.

For both cards I applied Distress Inks with the Mini Ink Blending Tool over the Tim Holtz Latticework stencil on watercolor paper. The mini tool makes it easier to apply color in small areas. For the bright card, I applied a rainbow of Distress Inks. After removing the stencil, I misted it with water from far above (2 feet!) five times. This tiny bit of mist helps to blend and intensify the colors, while giving a slight texture-like look.

I used the new Mama Elephant Speech Tri die to cut a word bubble border and a Mama Elephant Everyday Greetings stamp for the greeting. And check out the black sparkle embossing powder I used from Ranger. Isn’t that touch of shine fabulous? I will be using this in a future video too. I also used the Mama Elephant Confetti die to create inked hearts around the greeting.

Now it is time for my not-as-bright version of this card. I used the same overall design with some small changes.

This time I added small circles of Distress Ink color over the stencil. So easy. I also used the new Memory Box Urban Lowercase alphabet dies for the “hello” message… and covered it with black sparkle embossing powder.

I hope this video gives you a better idea of how to use the Mini Ink Blending Tool and why I think it is so stinkin’ fabulous. It has sold out of most stores, but is currently available at Simon Says Stamp and Ellen Hutson for two for about $7.


  • Tim Holtz Demo – Here is a video of Tim using the mini tool. No one demos as well as he does. (Start around the 1:00 mark.)
  • Ink Storage – This video shows how I store my Distress Inks and Ink Blending Tools. (I recently replaced my original Ink Blending Tools with the Minis.)
  • Distress Ink as Watercolor – Wowsers this card card by Donna is gorgeous and uses Distress Inks.
  • Distress Ink, Ink Blending Tools and Water – This video shows a fun technique you can do with these great products.


Want to win a pair of Mini Ink Blending Tools? For your chance, leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 4/1/14. Good luck!


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson click on EH







































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  1. I would love to win a set of these mini blending tools especially since I can’t find them in any local stores yet! Fingers crossed!

  2. Lydia Jones

    I would love to win these tools!!!!

  3. Betty B

    I think I am suffering from Craft Room Envy! These little guys sure would come in handy in my craft room. Thanks for the chance to win

  4. Angela

    LOVE the new mini ink blending tool…….I’ll need to get these for my cardmaking!! Thanks for showing us how to use them…..I watch your videos everyday!

  5. Anna Cate

    Love your videos! Thanks for the giveaway

  6. Melissa S.

    These are awesome! I can’t wait to get these…think I will have to make the switch, too. Love how you have them organized with your ink pads…drooling. The cards are amazing, too!!

  7. Cathy

    OH, they are so awesome, will have to get some. Love your videos. You sure do inspire me.

  8. Joann G

    WOW! These are absolutely a MUST HAVE. Would love to win them

  9. Liza Perron

    Great video! I’m pretty new to crafting and only have one blending tool I am so happy they came out with new ones before I bought a whole bunch. Haha. Love all your videos and techniques. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I think my favorite is the brights…

  11. Katarina

    For me, always having trouble with the big blanding tool, getting colour everywhere lol – this sounds perfect.

  12. Vicki Taxier

    I have trouble leaving lines with the big blending tool so it would be nice to see if that would be a thing of the past with the new round blender.

  13. Love this new smaller ink blending tool. I so want these. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. ruth m

    So glad for a chance to win this, thanks Jennifer! Btw, these are not as small as you think-I got a glance at one at my local craft store and I think they might be bigger (or taller) than the rectangled ones.

  15. Melanie

    I really like this type of coloring. Looks very easy with a vibrant finish. Thank you for showing this.

  16. Joanne Beck

    Love this and need to get some of the mini blending tools. TFS!!

  17. Wow! Such awesome cards! Would love to have the mini ink tools. Thanx for the chance to win!

  18. What a timely video! I have had these in my cart for a week or so now and thought they might be better, just because of the size and shape. No matter how hard I try, I have not mastered the original one yet! ( I still get some lines). Thank you for sharing and I adore your craft space. I am trying to organize mine, but have very limited space, but I will make it work.
    Thanks again and keep the inspiration coming.

  19. Sharon R.

    I hope to pick up a couple of mini ink blending tools from my local stamp store. Have to add a few at a time to fit my budget. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  20. Renee Tamayo

    TFS! Looks great!

  21. cathy croker

    Have been watching YouTube and just found this page. <3 your posts.

  22. Kim H

    Thank you so much for all you share with us. You are truely an amazing talent!

  23. woww great colors and thanks for the give away :)

  24. Angie Hall

    Love those cards. I’m trying to use stencils some now. I’ll try this technique for sure. Thanks

  25. Kym

    LOVE your storage. The cards are beautiful!

  26. Jessica Frost

    I’m so envious of your storage and organization! I’d love to replace my blending tools with the minis. They’re so cute!

  27. These new blending tools are wonderful!!! I often leave a squareish ink mark when
    I’m blending so this would be a great solution/addition to my tool inventory. Thanks for offering this chance to win some.

  28. Elle

    Would love to try the new little mini ink blending tools! You enabler you!!!! Lol

  29. Sandra L.

    Fantastic video and information on the new blending tool. They are on my wishlist and would love to give them a try.

  30. Kathie

    Jennifer, I appreciate all the techniques and suggestions you share with us. I have really expanded my card making to include so many fun things since I discovered your site. Oh, and I am a lot more organized too. Thank you!

  31. Gerry Fernandez

    I love your videos

  32. Love the new mini blending tool. You are not alone in your “issues”. I like keeping things separate and organized. It’s hard to stop at just one or two of something we love.

  33. Melissa Friedrich

    LOVE this ink blending with stencil technique … a little less scary than watercoloring but with similar results. Thanks for a wonderfully detailed video full of helpful hints!

  34. Melissa Friedrich

    LOVE this ink blending with stencil technique … a little less scary than watercoloring but with similar results. Thanks for a wonderfully detailed video full of helpful hints!

  35. Tania K

    Wow! Great tips in that video! I see why you switched to the mini ink blending tools! I’m convinced that I need to do the same! Lovely cards!

  36. Victoria in OHio

    Oh I would love to win a mini blending tool.. these are just the perfect size!!!

  37. Kathy Robinson

    Love the look of the new smaller tools. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.
    Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  38. Becky Schneider

    I would LOVE to win these–haven’t been able to find them locally, yet. I know the rounded edges are more my style….

  39. Mary

    I really like this new round blending tool. I haven’t been able to get it yet. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  40. JoAnne Micon

    very interesting…..I can see many different cards with this technique

  41. Jill

    I am new to stamping and card making, but your videos make me want to rush to the web sites and order all the supplies. My carts are full, now if payday would get here faster it would be even better.
    Thank you!

  42. Sheri H

    Love the colors of this card! Cant wait to try out the Mini Blending tool!!

  43. Awesome cards and giveaway!

  44. These look fantasic and I love your DI storage.

  45. Daria

    Thank you for your cool projects! You inspire!

  46. Rebecca

    Thanks for the giveaway – your videos are truly inspiring

  47. Now I found you, my new crafting guru. the skys the limit. Bible in one hand and Laptop with youtube sub to your channel, I will become what he has blessed me to become!!!! x
    Thanks Jenifer x

  48. Cindy Lou

    I didn’t think the blending tool could get any better, but I can see where this would be a great addition to my “tools.”

  49. Bridget Parker

    Oh how I would love to win the giveaway! Love everything Tim puts out!

  50. Samantha Reed

    Thanks for the blending tips. Cannot wait to add the minis to my small collection of two colors.

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