VIDEO: Stencil Storage… and Giveaway!

Hi! Lately I have been sharing a lot of organizational tips (see links below) since I have been finally finishing my new craft room. (Yes – it is done! I hope to share it all in a few weeks.) Today I am sharing my stencil storage… after many requests due to the growing popularity of stencils.

(Supplies are listed in the thumbnails at the end of this post.)


As I show in the video, I keep my stencils in sleeves that are about 6.5″ x 6.5″. The sleeves (found HERE) actually come with an adhesive flap which I just cut off. By keeping my stencils in sleeves, I don’t get them tangled or icky. I found these sleeves fit most of my stencils. (This doesn’t include the Tim Holtz stencils which I keep on a ring anyway.)

I labeled my sleeves in the same way I label my stamps and dies – using my favorite label maker. (Head HERE for a video showing this label maker in action.)


I keep my stencil sleeves in categories (which I share in the video) with plastic dividers. The dividers are cut from inexpensive plastic folders I got on clearance at an office supply store. (They are similar to the ones I found HERE.) I just added category titles using clear label in my label maker and rounded the corners with my Corner Chomper.

Since stencils are thin, these sleeves are thin… making for a storage system that doesn’t take up much room! You could easily store your stencils in any container you may already have. But I found two that I really like. If you have seen my stamp storage (HERE), die storage (HERE) or ink storage (HERE), you know I love InterDesign Linus storage containers. Both of my options are from this great line.


My first (and favorite!) option is the Linus 6″ Pullz. I found it is the perfect size to hold my stencil sleeves, Tim Holtz stencils (see them in the back?), my two most often used embossing pastes and embossing paste tool. It takes up so little room and is easy to grab and get creating. (It measures approximately 11.5″ x 6″ x 3.5″)


My second option is the Linus 8″ Pullz. This is just a tiny bit bigger but holds quite a bit more because the stencils can fit along the width. As you can see in the photo, my stencil sleeves fit in the front with the Tim Holtz stencils on the side. Behind the stencil sleeves are 6 jars of paste and my paste tool. Again, it is sturdy and easy to grab and get creating. (It measures approximately 11.5″ x 8″ x 3.5″)

I hope this was helpful! Before we go, here are a few more links that might be helpful:

(By the way, I have NO connection with the company that makes these containers. I just really like them.)


Want to try these stencil sleeves? Leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 2/16/14 for your chance to win a pack of 100 sleeves! Good luck.


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH and for Amazon, click on AMZ




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  1. DJ

    Great ideas and tips as always. I don’t think I will ever have 100 stencils, but it sure would be fun trying! Thanks for a chance to win. I just fold back the sticky adhesive of the plastic sleeves the stencils come in so the top is always open for easy retrieval and keep them in their original packaging in a plastic bin. Putting them in categories will happen when I accumulate enough of them!

  2. June K

    Love the stencil storage idea as well as all your other storage organization.

  3. Lindsay

    Love this!

  4. ivy

    great storage idea!

  5. Debs

    I like this better then my present storage which is punching a hole in one corner and placing all the different stencils on a ring…hard to find what I need…so thank you.

  6. Deb Anderson

    I would love to try these stencil sleeves! Organizing is so much fun!

  7. Sheri C

    I’m absolutely over the moon with your organizational tools and ideas! I’m so excited for the drawing, hoping I can get my stencils looking as nice and stored as your. (Although nowhere near as many!). Thanks for this wonderful chance to try these babies out.

  8. Kathy M.

    I love the fridge bins and the sleeves for my stamps sets and other things. I would love to have some sleeves for the stencils we are all using now too!

  9. Ashley

    LOVE organizing….my weaknes!!!!!

  10. Jan Gonzales

    Terrific storage idea! I didn’t realize how many stencils I already had until the Stenciled class – plus the newer designs I’m adding to my collection. Getting them organized would be great.

  11. melanie

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Kathy Smith

    What a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. cool storage ideas, thanks!

  14. marie49

    I loved your storage ideas. Thanks

  15. doo6300

    Used your stamp storage idea with the Avery Elle pockets which has worked very well. This looks like another good storage idea. Thanks a lot!

  16. Marilyn Holman

    These stencil sleeves look perfect. Thanks for another great idea.

  17. Roberta

    Love your storage ideas, always! thanks for the chance.

  18. Susan Beerman

    Aother great storage idea, now I just need to get some stencils. Thanks Jennifer.

  19. Dolores Holloman

    Love your ideal of keeping the stencils and etc together. You always come up with some great ideals rather it is cardmaking, storage, and etc. Love your videos too. Thank you for a chance to win. Keep the ideals coming.

  20. Alison

    I would love to win! =)

  21. Barbara Martin

    Thanks for all your organizational tips Jennifer! I have been slowly working on my studio – and love the InterDesign containers! Hadn’t thought to put my stencils in one. These folders look great and will make it so much easier to find the stencil I am looking for!

  22. Denise Bryant

    Great storage idea! I am accumulating some nice stencils and this would be fantastic to have these nice sleeves for them! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Glorimar L

    Love your storage ideas, always! thanks for the chance.

  24. Jennifer

    Great idea! Thanks!

  25. Amber P.

    Great idea! I also love this line of storage containers!

  26. Pat

    So many great ideas. You can never be too organized. I look forward to seeing the photos of your studio. Thanks for the tips. I could use those sleeves:)

  27. Maureen

    You are brilliant to use plastic for dividers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. These are great! I need these for sure!!

  29. Great storage idea. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kathleen Mc xx

  30. Never a dull moment at Simon Says Stamp – love the new colors and can’t wait to see the full line on Friday!

  31. Ohhh Brilliant! I had mine in an album but i LOVE this idea and it can just sit on my desk. So happy to see my stencils in your stash too.

  32. Sherri Scott

    Great idea, but what about the larger stencils, like the Stencil Girl?

  33. MJ

    Does anyone have ideas for storing 12 x 12 stencils?

  34. Carolyn Willisford

    You have such great storage ideas! I hope to win these pockets to store my growing collection of stencils. Thanks for the chance!

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