Distress Paint and Distress Stain Storage

Hello! Just a quick post for you today. But a fun one. :)

Lately, Colin and I finalized my Distress Paint and Distress Stain Storage. And eek! It makes me happy.

I again used my favorite storage piece – the Fridge Binz Storage Container. (I also use these storage units for my clear/cling stamp, die and handmade card storage.) I love this container – it is very durable and looks great.

I have all my Distress Paints on one side and my Distress Stains on the other. Perfect.

I have put small color labels on the top of all of the Stains and Paints, thanks to the free and awesome download from Ranger. To print your own, head over to the Ranger website and look under “circle punch labels“. I printed mine on label paper (which you can get HERE – love this for labels) and used a 3/4″ circle punch. This results in color labels that fit nicely on top of the caps. Yay!
(Note that I had some help from Colin with doing this punching. However, if you use the 3/4″ circle punch, the labels will fit perfectly. LOL.)
So glad this works so well! Hopefully it will give you some ideas for storing your paints and such. If you have any ideas that work for you, please share them in the comments below!
(Note: Please head HERE for more info on the Fridge Binz unit. There are two types available and it is worth checking out. By the way – it is possible to stack these.)


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH. Some links go to Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store. Enjoy!

3/4 Circle Punch (SSS|EH)

Distress Stains (SSS|EH)

Distress Paints (SSS|EH)

Updated Double Fridge Binz Container (BBB|CS)

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  1. Susan

    So glad I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday lol! Now I just need the 3/4 hole punch…ori need to find it!

  2. Elaine Allen

    Jen -

    Thank you for the great storage ideas!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Tona

    Oooh, love this!

  4. Roz Rhorer

    Colin’s non-perfect punched circles make this project perfect! You will look back on the little cirlces some day and remember Colin helping you. I wish I had as many bottles as you, all those colors are yummy. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Carol Perry

    Thanks Jennifer for all your organzing tips. I have converted my clear/sling stamps to the office depot pockets and have them hanging from my clip it up. Well most of them. I’ve acquired a lot more since then (hehe). When you showed us your storage units, behind doors, you said they were the Alex drawers from Ikea. Do these frige bins fit in all the drawers or just some. Looking at the Alex drawers on the Ikea website look as though they are different sized drawers. Just wondering if I should invest in some of these. These bins with all your stains and paints look great. Thanks and appreciate you sharing with us these great storage ideas.

  6. hopefully one day have a collection like yours!

  7. Janet

    Thanks! This is helpful. I was thinking of some for crafts and the Freezer!

  8. RandellynB

    Preeeetttyyyyy! Great storage and looks absolutely fun and delightful at the same time! Thanks for all the storage tips, I’ve been putting them in place too and absolutely love it..makes things soooo easy to find! I look forward to more organizing tips!

  9. janet Wilson

    Aww, how lovely to have such a sweet helper :) BTW, I have been getting organized using your storage ideas – Thank you!! Marvelous!!

  10. joy

    You have really used those fridge bins to your advantage, Jennifer! I love this idea and I just know Colin had a great time helping you with those labels. Thanks for all of the tips for storage and organization.

  11. I have found that I absolutely LOVE these bins and keep finding more and more ways to use them! You are such an inspiration in so many ways! Thanks Jennifer!!

  12. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I think I may have to do some shopping for storage!

  13. MarilynMarie

    Someone asked about the drawers you used to hold the binz. I really would like to know where you put them also. Please let us know in a future newsletter.

  14. Kelley_R

    Some day I will have a space organized with your tips! Until then, I’ll pretend. :)

  15. Allison

    I love this! Collin did a superb job punching! I’m so happy Ranger finally updated their color charts! YEAY! TFS!

  16. Betty Meyskens

    I love the bins – I have slowly been buying some to get my craft room organized. Love all the organizational tips! Tonight I am going to download the Rangers color charts and add them to my paints and stains. Thank you!!!

  17. Robin in Washington

    Isn’t it lovely? I’d love to be so organized!

  18. As I unpack, I think I’ll use more of these bins for my organization. I have my stamps in them already. They rock! Thanks!

  19. Wow you have so many and they look so good arranged in your neat boxes :)

  20. Deepa Lakshman

    This is such a wonderful idea. Right now my paints & stains are in baskets…difficult to take out & store. I like that these stack too. The price is the only thing I am wondering about. Thanks for all your ideas.

  21. Becky

    Thank you for sharing your system!

  22. Rebecca

    I will have to look in stores here cause Amazon.ca wants $42.00 for one of these containers at least it qualifies for free shipping

  23. Pati L

    Funny, I was just looking at these containers at BB&B last week thinking how nice, sturdy & big they were & wouldn’t they be great for stamping storage…till I looked at the price. Granted, I don’t hesitate long when I see that price on a stamp set I want but for now I’ll continue using my cheap rubber bins. These are definitely on my wish list tho, you make them look good and confirm that they are great for stamp/ink storage! Thanks for sharing this, and the link to Ranger’s labels! :)

  24. Tineke

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful tips. One question though: I thought you had to store the acrylic paints upside down?

  25. mary

    Hi, Jennifer. I hate to bother you with this but does Ranger still have the circle punch labels on their website? When I click on the Ranger links above, I get the dreaded “Sorry, the page could not be found” message. I’ve tried many searches on their website without success. If you have a moment, I could really use your assistance. Thank you. =^..^=

  26. KimC

    Hi Jennifer – any chance you can get the Ranger website to reload the circle punch labels link? It is no longer available. I just purchased the Distress Inks and was hoping to use your label punch idea for organization.
    Thanks so much.

  27. Jennifer: For your paints and stains, did you use the regular bin or the other one? Does it hold the whole collection of distress stains and paints in one bin? Sure looks handy! Thanks!


  28. Katherine

    I went to the Ranger website and the “Page could not be found” prompt came up for me also. Any ideas on another way to do the labels? I might try to type them myself and then cut them out. Great idea, though!


  29. The ranger site no longer has the circle labels for distress stains. Did anyone save the file?

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