Birthday Girl

And just like that, she is one.

And yes, her wild hair matches her personality.

I created a video of Lila’s first year to surprise my family tonight. I wasn’t going to share it here but decided to since many of you have been so encouraging over the last year. (More on that another day.) But I warn you – it is long so I don’t blame you if you don’t watch it. lol.

Good night!

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  1. Happy birthday! What a gift from Our Heavenly Father, Jennifer! Blessings from Moscow, Russia!

  2. such sweet smile and beautiful big eyes!! Happy Birthday Lila!

  3. Christine

    divine little girl, you are truly blessed, wishing you and yours a lifetime of joy.

  4. becky

    Jennifer -
    I follow your blog religiously – so enjoy all of it! BUT, this video has stolen my heart bigtime! I am going to be a grandma for the 6th time in September and this is such a perfect reminder of a family’s love for a baby! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  5. Wanda M.

    Lila is so precious. Thank you for sharing her first year. Happy Birthday, Lila.

  6. Solgunn Finnesand

    The video is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. She is a beaty :)

  7. So sweet. Such a blessing for you and your family. xoxo

  8. tricia

    Sweet! So love watching Lila becoming!

  9. OMG she is so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Melanie

    Absolutely adorable!!! Nothing like experiencing the moments with an infant!

  11. So sweet! Wishing you all another amazing year! C x

  12. Carol Ann Ater

    I absolutely adored watching your precious Lila grow and develop over her first year. (I cried a little too, Jennifer). You know we will be expecting installment #2 next birthday. Love to all your happy family.
    P.S. My offer is still stands………

  13. Beautiful video Jennifer. She is an amazing blessing. Happy Birthday Lila!

  14. Vickie

    Absolutely precious! I have an almost 6-month-old grand-daughter and tears just flowed with joy seeing your little one! Happy birthday Lila!

  15. Margaret

    Just beautiful!

  16. Happy Birthday! When she leans in for kisses from Daddy and Colin, it’s so stinking sweet! What a great moment to catch on film!

  17. Angie Hall

    Thanks for sharing the sweet video of your precious Lila. It’s hard to believe she is already a year old. She and Colin are so much alike physically. Are their personalities similar too? Colin is a great big brother. I’m sure the girls are enjoying her too. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family, Jennifer.

  18. Well, I watched it all! :) She’s beautiful, smart and looks so much alike her brother!!! And boy, walking before one year, whew! Incredible! Happy birthday from another May girl (we’re only 3 days apart!) :)

  19. jaemom

    Happy Birthday, precious Lila!! May you grow up planted firmly in the immense love of your Creator, knowing that your worth comes from Him alone! You cannot do anything to make Him love you more, or do anything to make Him love you less. You are beautiful because He created you that way.

    Thank you for sharing the video. Super super sweet. Makes my heart tender! I miss those days, but cherish the ones I have in front of me as well. I loved seeing you enjoying your moments with your kids, too. God’s blessings to you!

  20. Carol Mc


    Great video. Love those eyes and that smile. Especially that first one where
    you rubbed her face with her own had and she opened one eye and smiled.
    Happy Birthday Lila!

    Children are such a blessing. Every day with them is a gift.

  21. Jennifer Haunold

    Such a beautiful video. Lila is so precious.

  22. Manon

    It was well worth watching, it even brought some tears to my eyes, thinking that I don’t have this live memories of my own kids. Great job and happy birthday to Lila !

  23. Sherry Bullard

    What a beautiful video, I may watch it again lol. I’m not much of a card maker so I kinda follow your blog for your techniques as I’m really a scrapbooker. but I have to be honest when I’m busy I only pop on to see if you have posted up dated pics of the kids haha. I love watching them grow and their cute little antics. I have one son who is now going to be 20 (OMG) and it just brings me back to when he was young and all of the really fun stages. This is a great video for your family and for Lila when she gets older, very well done!! :) happy 1st Birthday Lila

  24. Thank you for sharing this, she is adorable. I did watch the whole thing as I don’t have a granddaughter and there is something so special about watching a little one grow and in the Lord as well. Blessings to you and your family! You are truly Blessed!

  25. Colleen

    Thank you so much for sharing. The years go by so fast. Your video reminded me of some of the best moments in my life with my children. They are 26, 24, and 22. A long time since they were infants!

  26. Kathy M

    Your baby girl is just adorable and I loved watching the video you made of her life through now. It reminded me so much of my daughter and oh how the time flies! Enjoy, Enjoy these times as they go by so quickly.

  27. I just came across your adorable baby girl….what memories she awakened. I’m a grandmother now and this little video brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely family you have, Jen; enjoy these early years as they fly right by before you know it. The best to you and your husband, and children.

  28. So sweet.. Great job and happy birthday to baby.

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