Pastels? Yes, Please


I seem to always use bright colors on my cards. Sunglass-worthy bright colors. So I thought I would give pastels a try…

I used a bunch of Hero Arts Soft Shadow Inks for these. These inks stamp beautifully. I adhered the flower directly to the card at the center but tucked small foam dots under the petals so they would stick up. I am really liking this flower since it is different from most you see…

I also created a card for the Hero Arts blog with the same look. (Head over there for more info.) This time I added stems, leaves and shading with markers. Quick and easy and one-layer…

Do you find yourself addicted to certain color palettes? I just can’t get away from the brights, so it was fun to do something a bit lighter.

Have a good week!

Below are the supplies used for this card. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH

Hero Arts Night Flower Stamp (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Etched Daisy Stamp (SSS|EH)




Hero Arts Bubble Gum Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Soft Cantaloupe Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Soft Apricot Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Green Hills Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Tide Pool Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)



Hero Arts Foliage Memento Markers (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Earth Memento Markers (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Blush Memento Markers (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Sunshine Memento Markers (SSS|EH)


Neenah White Cardstock 250 Sheets (SSS|EH)


Neenah White Cardstock 25 Sheets (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Foliage Mixed Accents (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Pool Mixed Accents (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Blush Mixed Accents (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Sunshine Mixed Accents (SSS|EH)


Tombow Stamp Runner Adhesive (SSS|EH)



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  1. Sue D

    Very pretty spring colors!

  2. Totally love those colors with the simple white. :)

  3. Lisa Bergen-Wilson

    Gorgeous! I love the flower petal detail! Always love the gems!! Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer!

  4. Cynthia B.

    I love bright colors too! I also like the way these cards turned out. Softer colors, and still great contrast to the white backgrounds. :)

  5. Beautiful cards and choice of colors! Although I love skittles, the pastels are so pretty too!

  6. Shereen

    This may sound like a weird comment, but even though it is light, I still think it’s bright. The colors are cheerful and that says bright to me.

  7. Pat

    Ha! “Sunglass-worthy bright”…

    I love bright colors, too…If I see a challenge that calls for pinks, I may join in simply for the challenge of it b/c pinks just not one of my favorite colors–unless it’s paired with darker colors like grays or blacks…But yeah–I LOVE bright colors, too…”sunglass-worthy” bright colors! :)

  8. Beautiful!!Loving the FUN colors and that flower stamp!! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! ;)

  9. JeanD

    That first card is particularly gorgeous, lovely colours, the matching pearls, cheery but not too bright, a fun stamp … I like the other too but that one “spoke” to me.

  10. Maryann

    Really beautiful and I too love the bright colors right now, but I think, it has a lot to do with this time of year, that we really want some colors on most things right now after a long cold and grey winter, so we feel we ned more colors on everything, but when we gets a lot more summer, many of us seems to get more into light pastel colors again and the more soft look.

  11. Looks like a Spring celebration! Lovely cards, Jennifer.

  12. Such a pretty card! I love the pastels and the flowers!

  13. tiina

    So pretty ♥

  14. JanL

    Such pretty cards. I’m drawn to brighter colors, too, but these are beautiful!

  15. Susan

    Love the card and thank you for the reminder that Mother’s Day is coming! This means some cute little girl has a birthday coming up!!!

  16. Lovely cards…perfect for Mom’s and every day friendships cards too! :)

  17. This turned out absolutely beautiful! I love both of the color palettes, bright and pastel, though I am often like you and am more fond of the bright colors. Great work trying something different! Sometimes that is harder to do than we think since we get so used to doing things one way that we don’t even think of another way. You are always an inspiration. :) Have a great day!

  18. Debbie B

    I am a pastel kinda gal so I love these cards. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Cathy Homan

    Great cards. I love the airiness of the flowers. Really reminds me of Spring. Thank you for sharing.

  20. These are beautiful!

  21. Oh I absolutely LOVE these cards! Gorgeous.

  22. Both cards are absolutely GORGEOUS! I LOVE my HA shadow inks!!!

  23. Rachel K

    So pretty! I’m usually attracted to brights, but I love this soft pastel look!

  24. amazing spring cards!

  25. So pretty! I love these colors…perfect for spring.

  26. barbara lassiter

    This is very pretty and I like the pastels but your use of color is always great, whether bright or pastel. Thanks for sharing!

  27. I think this is the perfect balance between brights and pastels! And still Jennifer McGuire-y!!!! Beautiful cards, I’m swooning over the second one! The flowers are gorgeous.

  28. Beautiful card,Love the spring colors…

  29. Shernell

    Jennifer, the cards are gorgeous, I am a bright pastel girl too, and I love my spring colors make you feel so happy. But where is the video? I was so looking forward to watching you make these cards. I am going to try and swing it on my own. Thanks for sharing.

  30. janet Wilson

    SO very lovely, gorgeous colours and love all the white space :)

  31. Tammy

    These cards are gorgeous. I love the top one where you fussy cut the flowers. Very pretty and sure to please any mom on Mother’s Day. TFS

  32. Boo

    Your cards are lovely. I really want that etched daisy.

  33. Kathy H

    Truly lovely.

  34. They are both so beautiful, but I especially like the long stemmed daisy flowers. That card is so clean and simple.

  35. blue

    I gravitate to the blue palettes and purple/pinks (blue undertones) for flowers too much! I’m trying to go other ways. I love the flower stamps, your cards are awesome. I still think they are bright and cheery cards. I think mine are too muted and need some brightness now! hmmm… thx. :) Happy Day!

  36. these are so pretty!

  37. Gabby

    Nice card and stamp. Like the pastels. My color choices are darks, brights, neutrals, and lastly pastels. I tend to think of pastels on a limited basis … like for baby or little girl cards. Obviously, they can be used, equal to other colors but … . I think a lot of crafters might think so. Hmmm.

  38. I find that paper is so cheap that I give myself permission to be as bold and experimental as I please. If it were my walls or my hair I wouldn’t be so free, but paper is in abundance in my crafting area. The pastels are beautiful.

  39. Julie

    Pastels or brights, all of your cards are awesome!!!

  40. Roz

    I like both cards, but I adore the second one! I’m more drawn to pastels, I like the softness.

  41. Gilu

    Luv LUV this card! I luv the combination of colors you’ve used:)

  42. Beth W

    I love these cards-they are so bright and happy!

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