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There are a lot of challenge blogs out there – lots of really inspiring ones. One of my favorites is A Blog Named Hero. These awesome girls have created this site in honor of their love for Hero Arts. And now they are celebrating their first year anniversary and I was happy to create a birthday card for them.

For the card, I used the Hero Arts diamond stamps to form a fun border with Shadow Inks

And when I created this card, I challenged myself to step away from the color pool. I have been using pool on every card lately – it was hard to leave it out!

Some of the diamonds are popped up for dimension…

Oh, and you see the chevron diamonds? I made that pattern myself. I used an outline diamond and stamped it repeatedly offset, then cut out the original diamond. A whole new look…

Here is the diamond stamp set I used. So many things you can do with it! I want to form a star with the diamonds next…

Be sure to go over and check out A Blog Named Hero. Lots of good stuff! And giveaways………

Below are the supplies used for this card. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH

Hero ARts So Kind Stamp Set (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts It’s Your Day Stamp Set (SSS|EH)



Hero Arts Soft Granite Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Pale Tomato Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Soft Cantaloupe Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Green Hills Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)



Neenah White Cardstock 250 Sheets (SSS|EH)


Neenah White Cardstock 25 Sheets (SSS|EH)


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  1. We’re so happy to have you on the blog with your beautiful card!!! Xoxoxo

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have this set and I’m going to try the chevron thing. :)

  3. Awesome creativity!

  4. Shereen

    I so admire people who can think outside the box, an awesome/inventive way to use that stamp!

  5. Jennyfer

    This is a really cool technique! I should try that Jen. TFS!

  6. Sue D

    Cool design!

  7. Brenda

    I love how you used the stamp to create a new look – so creative! Thanks for sharing it and I really like the color combination.

  8. Nancy W

    You are so brilliant! Quite a color departure for you. Thanks for making my daily drop-in to your blog so worthwhile.

  9. Oops! Commented on the wrong post! Thanks for the description of how you did this!

  10. Amazing diamond chevron pattern!

  11. diana

    Great card and technique! Thanks for these ideas, it’s great to be able to get more unexpected use out of my stamp stash. ;-)

  12. barbara lassiter

    I really like how you can take a stamp and look at it in a different way and create something beyond the obvious! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to do the same! Really cute card BTW!

  13. Mendi Yoshikawa

    Awesome card! I never realized how verstile a diamond stamp is! :)

  14. Melissa Bi.

    Brilliant technique!!!!

  15. adele

    I’m always amazed at the creative ways you think of to use a product! I love the geometric designs and the way you used the diamonds for a border!

  16. Love your card,Very pretty…

  17. Val

    The chevron diamonds are awesome! I don’t know how you figure out how to do these things!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  18. What a beautiful diamond pattern you made. I like everything about this card.

  19. Dixie

    What a clever design!

  20. Barb Ghigliotty

    Thank you so much for sharing your technique with us…your card is awesome!

    Just a quick note: I was watching Britta’s video from the Retreat, and was AMAZED at how well Lila Grace is walking! I’m sure she has you on your toes, but what a Cutie-Pie she is!!!

  21. super cool! thanks for sharing!

  22. Maryann

    What a cool idedea to make your own borders like this, it looks awesome Jenniffer.

  23. Andrea6760

    What a great card! Im absolutely in love with the diamond chevrons! So cute and you are so clever to create them! I also wanted to Thank you for helping A Blog named Hero celebrate their first Anniversary and for your generosity in giving the So Kind sets for their giveaway! I really hope I get selected so I can try to make those really cool chevron diamonds. :)

  24. love what you did with these simple stamps!

  25. Weenie Thomas

    I always wondered how this set could be used. Thanks for the inspiration.The idea to create a star is great!

  26. Laura Jane

    Incredable dimension created on this one with the placement of the diamonds!
    CLEVER girl!

  27. Dana D.

    Your amazing Jennifer. Soooooo creative!!

  28. Lynda

    This is a great stamp set to demo. I didn’t imagine that such a plain-looking set could result in such a cool design!

  29. How lovely, you know I just couldn’t see the potential of that set until now! Jo x

  30. Amrita

    Love the chevron diamonds!!! Thanks for sharing how you stamped them!

  31. Kelley

    Saw your card at A Blog Named Hero. I thought I knew how you did the chevron diamonds. I was wrong. :) Oh well, I at least thought about it. I’m going to try them your way.

  32. Tami B

    I can see lots of possibilities with this set. Cute card.

  33. Pai

    you always find such creative ways to stretch your stamps!

  34. Miriam Prantner

    Those diamonds are fantastic. You are a genius!

  35. Janet Wilson

    Wonderful card – love your creativity :)

  36. Gina Nathan

    I would never have thought to overlap the stamps in that way. What a fab idea!!!

  37. Gilu

    Cute card:)

  38. Now I know how to use this mysterious stamp set. Great tip with chevron diamonds! Thank you!!!
    Your card is very beautiful.

  39. Thanks so much Jennifer for celebrating with us and all your generosity and kindness!!!

  40. Pat

    I think you see stamps differently than most of us…that’s why you can be so creative with them! Love this idea! :)

  41. I adore this set – it has been on my wishlist forever now – I agree, its so versatile – love your card!

  42. JLBOhio

    Love the chevron diamond!

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