Decorate Your Envelopes

Hi, there.

After spending all this time creating cards, shouldn’t we add a little love the envelope?

I used the new Simon Says Stamp Envelope Sentiments set on these. Simple. Quick. Subtle. (Don’t want to irk the mailman.)

By the way, I use the Hero Arts Envelopes with every card – I just love that fancy flap.

Do you ever decorate your envelopes?


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  1. Helen

    Oh Good Golly, this is too cute! I just love that bow!

  2. Elena

    This set could not be anymore perfect! I sometimes decorate envelopes, mostly for my own girls or nieces. I don’t know that many boys would like it.

  3. Nita K.

    So pretty! I do attempt to add a little something to my envelopes at times.

  4. Sue D

    I just stamp a coordinating image on the flap or the front corner.

  5. I need to remember to do this.

  6. Lovely! I sometimes decorate mine. So worth it! :)

  7. That is such a cool stamp set – just love it! (and I love that word, “irk!” :)

  8. Maryann

    I think, I have always decorated my envelopes and parcels, especially if it was for celebrations of any kind, but it looks cool with these stamps too, they´re definitely going on my wishlist, as I use to use my pens and stickers to decorate with here, but this looks gorgeous and it´s also nice to try something different sometimes isn´t it? he he he

  9. I don’t send many paper letters it’s difficult to find an envelope in my stash. And I usually make them myself and decorate them with stamps, I like the look of it.

  10. Jennyfer

    Love it!!!!!

  11. Cute set! I decorate my envelopes most if the time. I think it adds a lot to the presentation of the card itself.

  12. beautiful :) thanks for sharing ♥

  13. I love it and like to decorate mine too! A quick Question: How will these inks do if they get wet? That’s always been a concern of mine sending through the mail~ God bless!

  14. How fun is the ribbon/bow stamp, love it!

  15. I love making matching envelopes, putting some little detail on them. Cute stamps!!

  16. Gorgeous envelope!! This is a stamp set I definitely want to get!!! *grin*

  17. Those are super cute! I need to order this stamp set. I’m not a big stamper, but love the idea of decorating the outside of an envelope. :-)

  18. Debra B.

    I ordered this stamp set. I love to add a little something to the envelopes. Fun mail is so rare to receive, I like to make it as special as possible.

  19. ….I also LOVE this set and broke down and just HAD to order it yesterday! Now I have the die on my wish list and will add that in time. Thanks for a great share and thanks to Kristina for creating such a fun set! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her designs and own almost every set….

  20. Love that stamp set! I sometimes decorate the envelope but I worry about what the postal service will or won’t like if it’s something I’m mailing. If it’s hand-delivered…definitely decorate it!

  21. Susan

    I love this! Definitely a must have set! I decorate my envelopes most of the time!

  22. What a perfect finishing touch, Jennifer! But, I’m usually on the run to get the card in the mail at the last minute…….will give it a try. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  23. isabelle Messier

    just a little touch of girly …love it!

  24. Dana D.

    No I haven’t in the past. But I can see now that it is a must. Super cute.

  25. Tona

    I have decorated my envelopes in the past but I don’t do it very often. I think that that would change with this stamp set. Love it!

  26. barbara lassiter

    These are so cute! I usually decorate my envelopes too and this set would make it much easier!

  27. Heidi

    Lovely envelopes.

  28. Therese

    I always decorate my envelopes and have been told by some of the recipients that they keep the envelope and my cards. I love to ink the edges and then add some stamping that coordinates with the card or the holiday.

    People always say it makes them happy to see a colored envelope in the mailbox. As far as I know, the mail system has never had a problem with the way I decorate the envelopes.

    This set is adorable and I can definitely see the versatility of the stamps.

  29. janet Wilson

    So pretty, And I agree – the envelope flaps are lovely :)
    I’m sure it brightens the Mailman’s day too, looking at decorated envelopes!

  30. Jean McGee

    I go by the “rule” you don’t send naked envelopes. So, Yes, I always decorate my envelopes – front and flap. I like the stamp set you used – it gave me some more ideas. Thanks. I always enjoy your videos.
    Jean McGee

  31. Linda

    LOVE THIS SET! Have to get it. I’ve always loved to decorate my envelopes, but this set would make it a lot easier.

  32. I sometimes stamp the bottom edge of my envelopes or add washi tape there. I also do that on the back at the top. Such a shame to use a plain envelope when you go to the effort of making a card.

  33. so cute! love love this idea! thanks for the inspiration, Jennifer! hope you have a lovely weekend! =)

  34. Yes!! Love decorating my envelops!! Thanks for sharing I’m excited about the new stamp set and die!! Have a fabulous weekend!! ;)

  35. Love it. Ordered this set today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. CC

    When I have the time, I love to make my envelope basically an extension of my card so they look like a matching set. Sometimes I use stamping, sometimes a little dry embossing and sometimes a little patterned paper. a punched element or two or some stickers. Lots of ways to make the envelope special. I have also just made cute address and return address labels for holiday cards using special fonts, etc. But, you’re right about the mail carriers… I’ve only had one card returned, though. I don’t think one of the mail carriers in Orlando, FL liked my Halloween font! LOL! It was printed clearly in black on white, and was easy to read, but it was marked “unable to deliver”. So, when it came back, I put the whole thing, envelope and all, in a larger brown envelope and printed the very same address on it and mailed it again and it got to my friend. So, at least she saw the cute envelope it was originally mailed in! LOL!

  37. Anna Jernigan

    It’s funny that you brought this up. I was just looking at Kristina’s envelope stamp set. I just love her stamps, especially when she uses her own handwriting. That is on my Wish List over at SSS. LOL BTW, I have attended all of the classes you and Kristina have offered, and am looking forward to Pattern Play. I have NEVER been disappointed, and go back and watch some days when I am not feeling well enough to make cards, kind of a refresher course, which helps. So much inspiration, so entertaining, and at a great price. I just started using pattern paper in my envelopes from a free template over at PTI. It just looks so classy. I buy all my envelopes, also, so it’s nice to “add” a personalized touch after the work put into the card that goes inside. AND, I use all your tips about that little touch of Glossy Accents on the card embellishments, so it stays intact through the mail. Seriously Jen, thanks for ALL your tips and for sharing your outrageously wonderful talent with us through your blog, your tutorials, and your videos!! Love them all.

  38. love love love! and i don’t…but it’s mostly because i never actually SEND the cards i make -__-

  39. They are SO beautiful and stylish!

  40. Edieb

    If I make a card, I line the envelope….

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