Ribbon For Sale!


I am working on moving my office (still) and have uncovered a ton of ribbon. There is a lot of good ribbon and trim here… just more than I have space for in my new room.

If you are interested in buying a large box of yummy ribbons and trim, just leave a comment on this post. I will randomly pick and email folks as I create boxes to sell. (No obligations.) You will get a picture and more info than. Would love to get this stuff to a good home!


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  1. Gabriela Divine

    Yay! Pick me – pick me!

  2. Hannah Means

    No, no pick me!! :-)

  3. Patricia Pearson

    You can always use more ribbon. I am interested in giving the ribbon a great home.

  4. Maryann

    I would LOVE to buy some, as I´m absolutely addicted to lovely ribbon he he he, so it would get a wonderful home here with me, I´m sure, but it ofcause depends on HOW big a box you make, as I´m afraid the postage here would be terrible then?

  5. Gilu

    I would love to buy some ribbon! Thank you:)

  6. Laura Jane

    I would like to be added to the list please. Great idea of storing each ribbon on clothespins:)

  7. Melissa P

    I would be interested in giving those strips of joy a good home.

  8. adetia

    I’d definitely be interested! Pick meeee :)

  9. Marilyn C. Lojek

    I would love to offer your ribbons/trims a good home! Thanks for sharing your wealth.

  10. Beth Kimbler

    You can never have to much ribbon! Thanks for the chance to buy yours.

  11. Noelle

    Would love to! Thanks!

  12. Roberta Miller

    I just want to thank for shoing me a way to store all me ribbon esp the small srap pieces I just can’t throw away!!!

  13. Roberta Miller

    I just want to thank for showing me a way to store all me ribbon esp the small srap pieces I just can’t throw away!!!

  14. Lisa K

    Ribbon and trims! Yeah!!! I would use this in VBS when the children make encouragement cards. Thanks for the post.

  15. Pam

    Jennifer, please add my name to the list. Thanks!

  16. who doesn’t need more ribbon.. sign me up please.. love it

  17. Julia

    You betcha!

  18. I’d be interested ~ please add me to your list!

  19. Margie Porreco

    Would love to be chosen!

  20. SharonP

    Absolutely would love a chance to purchase some of your ribbon Jennifer!

  21. Aundria B.

    Can’t have enough yummy ribbon & would love the chance to purchase some from you!

  22. Debby

    I have a good home just waiting! Thanks for the chance to purchase.

  23. Ava

    Jennifer, your office move has some side benefits for us! A chance for you to clean out and a chance for us to find a home for these ribbons!

  24. Laura G.

    I would be pleased if you picked me! :)

  25. Maria

    I’m commenting not to be in the running for the ribbon, I absolutely love how you stored your excess/scraps on clothes pins! That’s an idea I’ll use for my overflow. I really have all that I need.

    Congrats to the lucky winner. Looks like they’re getting a pot of gold.

  26. Nana Jo

    Sounds like fun! Always loved grab bags!

  27. Sktrichardson

    Hey Jennifer! I would love, love, love to buy some new ribbon. In the process of getting a new craft room myself. Love your blog & videos. Thanks!

  28. I would love to buy some! :)

  29. Emma

    I love ribbion and any kind of trim, huge lover!! I would love to get my hands on some of your riddon/trim goodness

  30. Carol

    Blues, red, pinks….baby boys, favorite color, baby girls. Hard to go wrong.

  31. Lynn

    Pick me and thank you!

  32. Gail Larsen

    I am very interested. Thanks a lot.

    Gail Larsen

  33. seems like the way you have your ribbon wound on the clothes pins would be easy to store! I LOVE RIBBON !!!!!

  34. Monica Blitger

    Hi Jennifer
    Wondered to join the list of interested people….until I saw the number of people already signed up. Got the idea of you starting a ribbon store….it seems as if you could have many new customers from first day….LOL
    if any left overs let me know please….
    Hugs from Spain

  35. Marcia D.

    I would love a chance to buy some yummy ribbon. Thanks.

  36. Sandy Baldwin

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen you use ribbon!

  37. Charlene Ruud

    I would love to purchase some of your ribbon. Hope to hear from you, thanks for the chance.

  38. Hi! My ribbon rack is empty and I could definitely use more. Would love to purchase some o your ribbon! Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Shirley T

    cool way to store ribbon…..thanks for the chance to win some great new ribbons.

  40. Dena Cline

    The ribbon is very pretty…I would love a chance at some.

  41. Richard Cline

    love ribbon thanks for a chance to get some from you

  42. Kathy Cline

    loe to have a chance at some of your pretty ribbon

  43. Katie S.

    I’d like the chance! Thx

  44. She who dies with the most ribbon….and clothespins. Love those.

  45. dear jennifer

    i have a ribbons shelter :) and i`n pretty sure your ribbons would feel at home here!
    If you like you can read about my shelter right here:

    i would give your ribbons a good home with lots of nice friends and lots of great projects they can be part of!
    hope to hear from you!
    lots of love,

  46. michaela maraldi

    I like this chance and I would love to offer your ribbons/trims a new home, in Italy where I live.Thx

  47. Lynn N

    Would love to win some of these lovely ribbons ! Thank you !

  48. I’d love to add some to my collection :)

  49. Debbie

    Yummy!! Would love to have some!!Thanks

  50. Debbie B

    I would definitely be interested in purchasing some ribbon. Thank you for purging.

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