New Fiskars Trimmer + BIG Giveaway!

There is one tool all crafters need more than anything else: A really good paper trimmer.

Today, I have a video sharing my favorites – including the new big momma Fiskars ProCision Trimmer….

Here are the products I feature…

The ProCision trimmer really is amazing. It is heavy duty, but does not sacrifice precision and fine cutting…

That blade? That blade cuts like butter. Even through many layers.

I have the Procision Trimmer sitting on my side desk and use it on every card. But I still have my ol’ favorite SureCut Trimmer right in the thick of things on my workspace. It is smaller and good for quick cuts while I am in crafting action…

I still love that wire guide. It is perfect for cutting out strips of already-stamped greetings. I know people have said the wire has frayed on them, but I have several of these trimmers and use them daily and it has never happened to me. (Fiskars has great customer service, btw!)

I know many people like guillotine-style trimmers. However, with kids around (and the fact that I am clumsy), I don’t feel comfortable with them.

So there you have it – the tale of two great trimmers.

* I was not asked to do this post by Fiskars. I did it because I finally found trimmers I love and wanted to share my discoveries. I get asked about trimmers quite often. *

And since I like to share, how about giving one of the big bad momma paper trimmers to a lucky winner? Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEST for your chance to win a Fiskars ProCision Paper Trimmer! Good luck.

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  1. Brenda D Thomas

    I really would love to have one of these paper trimmers, unfortunately I never win giveaways but I still enter them. Maybe one of these days I’ll be the lucky person to win a giveaway, but I still enjoyed your introduction to this new product, I’m still using the old fiskars grey plastic paper trimmers from way back.

  2. Darlenemcg

    Thanks for the video. This trimmer looks like must have!

  3. Adam

    Thanks for the great giveaway. My wife loves you blog so much, I check it out for gift ideas for her. Thanks for the help.

  4. Caanan

    That paper cutter sounds great. I don’t know that I’ve gotten a perfectly straight cut on mine in quite a while.

  5. Annie Kong

    I heard so much of fiskar paper trimmer, i would love to have one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Trina

    Hope this in time to enter the giveaway – love the way you explained how wonderful this trimmer works. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. .:|Angela|:.

    Looks like a really solid trimmer, and I’d love to have one. Thanks for the chance.

  8. Cathy

    These look fantastic – would be very cool to make the cut!! Thanks Jennifer for the give away

  9. WOW…awesome trimmer. I took your advice a few years ago and bought the Fiskars Sure Cut Paper Trimmer, which I love…but not having to replace the cutting wheel has me sold!

  10. WOW!
    I don’t have a trimmer yet… it will be perfect if i win! :)
    Thanks for the chance!

  11. Kelli Thomas

    You so rock for doing this! I would LOOOVE this trimmer!

  12. MuffinTop

    Wonderful chance! Thank you.

  13. karen q

    We all search for the perfect trimmer and have been disappointed many times, glad to hear that Fiskars has come out with one.

  14. Jodi Alsteen

    Great cutters! This new one is amazing!!! Haven’t heard of it but love how great it is. Thanks for the video and the chance to win one! What a wonderful after Christmas surprise!

  15. Dorothy C.

    I have only used Fiskars paper trimmers and have never been disappointed. My wire looks the same as when I bought it several years ago. The Precision Trimmer looks like a great addition to the line.

  16. Great opportunity to get my first trimmer!! love Fiskars products! thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  17. OMG….that cutter looks AMAZING!!!!

  18. What a great video. Had wondered about the titanium replacement blades. TFS. Agree Fiskars have fantastic customer service. Love the look of the big momma, love the idea of no more replacement blades – Thanks for the chance to win what looks like a great tool.

  19. MuffinTop

    What a great giveaway!

  20. Cindy Lubbe

    Love the Fiskars trimmers. Have been using mine for about a year and love it. Thanks for the chance to win a great tool.

  21. Mrs. Hill

    Wow, that is a big momma! I currently have a Making Memories cutter and as much as I love it, it’s not aged well. I have had issues with Fiskars cutters in the past but it looks like they’ve got the right stuff now! Great giveaway and sweet of you to do so! Thanks for the video!

  22. Melanie H

    Ooh! Just went to my local Js yesterday to buy, but could not get myself to spend the $. Would love to win this!!

  23. great giveaway!!!!

  24. Karey

    Always interested in a great trimmer.

  25. ooohh!!! Fiskars is by far my favourite trimmer, and the new ProCision looks fantastic!!! Thank you for the video… Your helper’s toes are so cute! ;)

  26. This monster is awesome!!!

  27. Of all the people who commented and will still be – I need that trimmer MOST! Thanks for a small tiny chance to win..

  28. Meche

    I love love this trimmers!! but I don’t have any … so I cross my fingers! thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  29. Dawn T

    what an incredible trimmer Jennifer. thanks for the chance to win one. I do like the smaller one too..

  30. clippergirl

    I so want this trimmer and am stalking my LSS and local crafts stores without any luck, I would love a chance to win this, thank you, thank you!

  31. Mindy Vance-Ladner

    I have been on the hunt for the perfect trimmer for a long time. Thanks so much for posting!

  32. joy

    I’d love to win this awesome paper trimmer! Thanks for the chance!

  33. becky smith

    Thanks for a chance to win one of these trimmers. I liked your video of all the trimmers.

  34. Candy

    Very impressive! And really, who knew? thanks so much!

  35. Julie K

    Would love one of these. Thanks for a chance to win!

  36. Kathy

    This looks like an incredible cutter I am going to have to do more research!!!!!

  37. Vicky M

    I, too, am a Fiskars fan. I have a smaller Wescott Titanium, but my Fiskars Surecut is my go to machine – partly because it handles the 12 x 12 paper. I haven’t had much luck with the gillotine cutter – can’t seem to get a straight cut. Winning a new Fiskars would be awesome – thanks for the opportunity.

  38. I love my Fiskars, both scissors and cutter, but my cutter is worn out after many crafty years!

  39. Jennifer Hutcherson

    Darn you and your enabling. :) I love my guillotine trimmer, but now that I have a baby in the house, I think its going to be put away for a while. This one looks like my replacement.

  40. Jill Tool

    Thanks for doing this video. I’ve been looking for a new trimmer and I think this would be a must have for me. I love the fact that it has the guard rail on it. Would love to have this one. Thanks for the video and share.

  41. Mamasue123

    Love this trimmer, always trying to find the perfect one.

  42. Fiskars has totally stepped up to the crafting market with some awesome tools. I have and love their new Fuse and would love a companion cutter to go with it! Thanks for the opporunity and the great informational product video!

  43. Alison

    I would LOVE to win a new paper trimmer. And I love your recommendations!

  44. Tita Matos Matos

    After buying so many replacements blades, it will be nice to have one that last forever….thank you for the opportunity!

  45. Robin Barwacz

    I saw that trimmer being demo’d at Archivers and fell in love! Thanks for the chance to win that gorgeous trimmer! Have a great week. Love your site…appreciate all you share with us. Robin

  46. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing!

  47. Kelli T

    My 50th birthday is Saturday and this would make a great gift to ME! LOL

  48. susan schultheis

    I am #1399 comment which has got to the be lucky number to win this fantabulastic prize! I’ve had the same trimmer forever and been looking for a new one lately…..and here it is! Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. Angela

    I love this big momma! :)

  50. Pam

    LOVE all your ideas & videos – especially like your ideas for variations. Thanks much!

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