New Fiskars Trimmer + BIG Giveaway!

There is one tool all crafters need more than anything else: A really good paper trimmer.

Today, I have a video sharing my favorites – including the new big momma Fiskars ProCision Trimmer….

Here are the products I feature…

The ProCision trimmer really is amazing. It is heavy duty, but does not sacrifice precision and fine cutting…

That blade? That blade cuts like butter. Even through many layers.

I have the Procision Trimmer sitting on my side desk and use it on every card. But I still have my ol’ favorite SureCut Trimmer right in the thick of things on my workspace. It is smaller and good for quick cuts while I am in crafting action…

I still love that wire guide. It is perfect for cutting out strips of already-stamped greetings. I know people have said the wire has frayed on them, but I have several of these trimmers and use them daily and it has never happened to me. (Fiskars has great customer service, btw!)

I know many people like guillotine-style trimmers. However, with kids around (and the fact that I am clumsy), I don’t feel comfortable with them.

So there you have it – the tale of two great trimmers.

* I was not asked to do this post by Fiskars. I did it because I finally found trimmers I love and wanted to share my discoveries. I get asked about trimmers quite often. *

And since I like to share, how about giving one of the big bad momma paper trimmers to a lucky winner? Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEST for your chance to win a Fiskars ProCision Paper Trimmer! Good luck.

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  1. Nancy L.

    I would really love to win! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. KimMJ

    Thanx so much for this post! I heard a little bit about this trimmer and was curious to learn more…I have to get my hands on one to replace my old Purple cows cutter…Need something big that will also cut chipboard. This is it! Thanx so much for the chance to win!


  3. WOW this Trimmer looks absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win such a great trimmer! I can’t believe how well it works. :)

  5. Emily H

    Great video. The toes are awesome. I would love to win this trimmer!

  6. Tracy T.

    I sure could use this as my trimmer is old and you can’t really even measure accurately. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Maggieha

    This sounds like my dream trommer. Fingers crossed. : – )

  8. Anita J.

    What an awesome looking trimmer! Love my Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer … thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Marcia

    Thank you for the informative video and the chance to win a new trimmer! You are right, a good trimmer is worth every cent!

  10. Summer Braxton

    I have had terrible luck with trimmers not cutting perfectly straight. So frustrating. This video is helpful. I’ll certainly look into this trimmer some more.

  11. You are absolutely right about that smaller trimmer with the wire….I just bought one and I love it! My next big trimmer will definitely be the heavy duty big one. Thank you for giving us a chance to win!

  12. Thanks for showing, and the chance to win.
    I´ve been using Fiskars trimmers for many years, and at the moment it is my no. 5 now.
    I did buy one with the wire You shoved us, but in 6 months, the wire was a mess, and the store didn´t replace it. Maybe I can have a little luck in Your drawing :-) Have a nice day

  13. Lin Marie

    OH I just added a new trimmer to my wish list…fingers crossed for a winner! thanks for the great giveaway!! :)

  14. Ruth Allmart

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jennifer, this is exactly what I needed to know. I just launched a custom invitation store on Etsy and realized I need a trimmer that can cut multiple sheets of carstock at once. Now I know what to get :)

  15. Debbie F.

    What an awesome prize! It looks amazing!

  16. Pat Garay

    I am forever in a search for a good trimmer! Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Sharlene Piscitelli

    This product looks like it would be so helpful! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  18. Kim Jones

    I have been looking for a good, really good trimmer and soon as I heal from this broken foot, I will cjeck this one out. Thanks for the info…of course if I win, I do not have to wait to heal to go shopping!! Thanks for the chance. Happy scrapping…Kim

  19. Agno

    Loooooooooove fiskar
    Its a great trademark
    You are right dear jennifer….
    Well hope to see more from your tutorial soon
    Thanks for sharing

  20. Donette B

    Finally! I was hoping Fiskars would come out with a self sharpening trimmer like this, Yay!! Thanks Jennifer, love your blog.

  21. OMG !! What a great giveaway. There’s a long time I want this kind of trimmers so It would be great il I won. Thanks !!!

  22. Kirsten

    I own the smaller trimmer you recommend because of your previous recommendation, so I’m sure this big boy is fabulous too!

  23. Thanks for the opportunity. I have the very basic oldish small fiskars trimmer, so I would LOVE to win this!

  24. Nellie Schuurman

    Hi Jen, Thanks for the chance. I so need a new paper trimmer. This is just what I’m looking for. Hugs, Nellie.

  25. I have the trimmer with the wire and love love love it. Would love to try the bigger one too :)

  26. Robin Howe

    It is so hard to find a good trimmer. All mine just are not cutting it. I’d love to win but good luck to everyone else.

  27. Kerry

    I would love to have a new trimmer. My little guy glued mine shut! :)

  28. Rose

    Love the fiskars trimmers and would love the chance to win the big one!! Thank you for the this opportunity.

  29. I have yet to find a paper trimmer that will cut a straight line for me. Maybe this is the one!

  30. Monica F.

    This looks amazing…thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Tonya Peters

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on these trimmers!! I search high and low for a new trimmer and read lots of stuff and purchased one ($50 retail but got it on sale or coupon) And of course I don’t like the darn thing. Ugh!! So it’s be lovely if I could win a new one! :-)

  32. Daraya

    Thanks for the giveaway! My paper cutter is getting old and the blade is worn-out. My cards always seem a little crooked! :/

  33. Melissa Ann Smith

    Looks like an awesome trimmer . Would love to win , my guillotine is so bulky and have to lock door so grandkids cant come in. Thanks for the give away.

  34. That is a mondo awesome trimmer! I would LOVE to have a trimmer whose blade doesn’t “wiggle”! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win it!

  35. I sooooo need a new trimmer, Jennifer! I was going to try and look at your previous postings about them, so this timing is perfect! Thanks a ton!

  36. Valerie R.

    Enjoyed the video! I recently saw these new trimmers in the store and didn’t know anything about them… LOVE that ProCision trimmer!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. Valerie R.

    Enjoyed the video! I recently saw these new trimmers in the store and didn’t know anything about them… LOVE that ProCision trimmer!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  38. kim k

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on these trimmers. I’ve been looking for a new cutter/trimmer.

  39. Mary Ann Huntington

    I have had several sizes of Fiscars and loved them all. I’m currently using the 6.5″ inch one you just showed and like it a lot. I would be so excited to win the Big Momma one you demo’d Jennifer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  40. Charmaine

    Thanks for the chance to win this trimmer. I have been searching for a new one that will cut several sheets of paper at once…this may be it!

  41. Debra S

    I love Fiskars – I still have and use my 12 year old grey/orange trimmer…would love to upgrade to this one!

  42. Tracy Penney

    I love my Fiskars trimmer and would also love that larger trimmer. What a great giveaway. Thanks.

  43. Talk about generosity…thanks so much for the opportunity!

  44. Helen Schneiderman

    Your videos are always well done and so informative. What I liked, in particular, about this video were the toes! Too cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win that super duper trimmer.

  45. Helen Schneiderman

    Your videos are always well done and so informative. What I liked, in particular, about this video were the toes! Too cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win that super duper trimmer.

  46. Vicki M

    I just bought the Fiskars Sure Cut trimmer yesterday, partly on your previous recommendations. My older trimmers were getting worn out. I like the idea of the two rail system on the “big momma” trimmer. Thanks for the give away to your readers. You are awesome!


  47. Wendy

    ohhh wowww that is a wonderful trimmer. Would love to win one. Tanks

  48. Christi

    Looks like a very nice trimmer. I am about due for a new one.

  49. Cyndi

    It would be awesome to have a trimmer that cuts several layers accurately. Thanks for the chance to win and hte great info about trimmers.

  50. Dorothy

    You sold me on this paper trimmer from Fiskars!! I would be sooooo happy to win one !!!

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