New Fiskars Trimmer + BIG Giveaway!

There is one tool all crafters need more than anything else: A really good paper trimmer.

Today, I have a video sharing my favorites – including the new big momma Fiskars ProCision Trimmer….

Here are the products I feature…

The ProCision trimmer really is amazing. It is heavy duty, but does not sacrifice precision and fine cutting…

That blade? That blade cuts like butter. Even through many layers.

I have the Procision Trimmer sitting on my side desk and use it on every card. But I still have my ol’ favorite SureCut Trimmer right in the thick of things on my workspace. It is smaller and good for quick cuts while I am in crafting action…

I still love that wire guide. It is perfect for cutting out strips of already-stamped greetings. I know people have said the wire has frayed on them, but I have several of these trimmers and use them daily and it has never happened to me. (Fiskars has great customer service, btw!)

I know many people like guillotine-style trimmers. However, with kids around (and the fact that I am clumsy), I don’t feel comfortable with them.

So there you have it – the tale of two great trimmers.

* I was not asked to do this post by Fiskars. I did it because I finally found trimmers I love and wanted to share my discoveries. I get asked about trimmers quite often. *

And since I like to share, how about giving one of the big bad momma paper trimmers to a lucky winner? Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEST for your chance to win a Fiskars ProCision Paper Trimmer! Good luck.

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  1. I love my SureCut Trimmer too…It works great! I highly recommend it too! Thanks for the chance to win! God bless!

  2. reba

    thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Katie Hardin

    Just saw your video on Youtube! What a great trimmer. I would love to win one! Thanks for the chance.

  4. Bonnie Melody

    Thanks for the comparison. I’ve been cutting paper with a quilting ruler and a box cutter because I can’t get a straight cut with my paper trimmer. Sometimes the ruler slips. Harrumph. Thanks for the chance to win a solution!

  5. Marie-Claude

    Now that is quite the paper cutter !! Love it !

  6. Barbara Dyrda

    Thanks for the demo on the cutters. I have a Purple Cow guillotine cutter, but I really like the look and the portability of the Fiskars.

  7. I am onto my second Fiskars Paper Trimmer (the first had a little accident). I love the sound of a blade that never needs sharpening, and that goes through several pieces of card at once! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Whoa!! That ProCision trimmer is amazing!! I have the SureCut Trimmer and do like it, too. Wouldn’t give it up for anything, but that BIG one would sure be nice. :D Thanks for the video to explain the features of them all. xo

  9. Sarah Rosler

    I have been looming for a new trimmer! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  10. Ooooh, what a great prize. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome trimmer.

  11. This looks like a great trimmer. Thanks for the demonstration.

  12. OH I so need that ProCision trimmer. My back kills me when I use my other rotary trimmer and I can’t cut the amount of papers I need to when the craft fairs roll around. They are never straight enough either. That looks like it would solve all my issues. Thank so much for sharing it. :)

  13. Christi Labrenz

    Thanks for the chance to win – haven’t seen this trimmer. I’m still on the lookout for a great trimmer!


  14. Ann Meyer

    Thanks for sharing this review! So glad I follow you on Twitter so I could see it right away. I have been on the hunt for a better quality trimmer. Would love to win!

  15. Jamie Greene

    This looks awesome! I have a fiskars trimmer and love it!

  16. Althea

    I need this trimmer; I have a hard time cutting straight. Thanks for showing this new item; I am ready to put it to use.

  17. Holly

    the papercutter is soooo important to paper crafters! and a review by someone who really uses one alot is very valuable!!! I so appreciate this recommendation- and a chance to win one is awesome!!
    thank you!

  18. Wendy T

    What a great giveaway!!! Thank you do much! I need a new trimmer in the worst way! Fingers crossed!

  19. Sheryl262

    Love all of your tips and recommendations. Just purchased the Fiskars Sure-Cut on your recommend, and I do love the wire guide for cutting narrow strips. This ProCision looks amazing for cutting several sheets at once!

  20. Clara Palacios

    I am a school teacher and the guillotine trimmers are dangerous in class. This one could be stashed away in the cabinet or drawer.

  21. Linda gerig

    Looks like a good trimmer. So many any more to choose from. Linda gerig

  22. Wendy G

    Talk about the mama of all giveaways! Holy moly, this paper trimmer takes the cake!

  23. thank you for the chance to win this trimmer… it would be such a blessing for our family for crafting and home schooling!

  24. Jennifer

    Thanks for the chance to win!! I have been really needing a better trimmer :)

  25. Tricia Barber

    WoW!! what a cool giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Sara N.

    I like my Fiskars Sure-Cut but now I am wondering about the ProCision trimmer. Sometimes I’d love a bigger trimmer able to handle more paper.

    Thanks for all your recommendations. They have been really helpful.


  27. Tina

    I need a new trimmer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Kristen foreman

    Oh I definitely need to get me one of these!!! :) looks awesome!

  29. I was just looking at this trimmer this weekend and was kind of drooling over it! Would be so awesome to win one since I couldn’t afford to buy it! lol Thanks for offering it as a giveaway!


  30. Love my Fiskars products and this trimmer looks amazing. TFS

  31. Amy

    I love my Fiskars SureCut, but would sure love a heftier for those times when I need to cut multiple papers. This is definitely on my to-buy list. :)

  32. Lisa L

    My fiskars trimmer is my go to trimmer…but it is OLD and not precise. Thanks for the opportunity to win a shiny new one!

  33. Fiskars has a way of being a GREAT leader in the industry… would love the opportunity to own one!

  34. I am on the hunt for a new trimmer. I’ve this one.

  35. Wow – the trimmer looks awesome!

  36. Wow, what an awesome giveaway. I struggle with finding a good cutter. Thanks for the chance!

  37. Julie Learned

    I am used to using my guillotine-style paper trimmer but would LOVE the chance to try this out. Looks like a great trimmer! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Julie L.

  38. Amber B

    holy big mama come to this mama!! lol

  39. Suzanne Q

    The ProCision Trimmer looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the video with us.

  40. cher

    well based on your recommendation, I have the mid size Fiskar trimmer…and u are so right! It is PERFECT every time. I don’t care much for the gullotine type either…scares me to death! and I only have so many fingers. When kids are here I would be a wreck too. But sure would love to try this new trimmer…wondering if Joanns carries it yet or if it is too new? But on my bucket list now..thans for another helpful video.

  41. Deena Hopkins

    I’m in the market for a new trimmer! I’d love to give this one a try….You can’t go wrong with Fiskars!

  42. I’ve always loved Fiskars trimmers, but The ProCision trimmer sounds FABulous! TFS and for a chance to win!

  43. I actually did a test run on this paper cutter – and I cut chipboard in my test run – and it cut it great – I would love one of these – I just started using the little one – I love it also.

    Barb Housner

  44. Pam Larson

    Again, thank you for being such a good person

  45. I have the smaller Fiskar’s trimmers and love them. My wire frayed but I still replaced it with another Fiskars trimmer. Then I heard about contacting Fiskars customer service and they were great then sent me a replacement arm for my trimmer without any hassle. Love them!

  46. oh yeah, i could totally go for a new trimmer! thanks!!

  47. I sure Love Fiskars trimmers.. had to contact them once for a faulty blade and they sent me like 5 of them for free! Thanks so much for the giveaway, I want the BIG MOMMA!!!!!!!!

  48. Mary-Jane Downey

    Glad to see fiskars has come out with a big trimmer – would love to win one!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Thanks for the chance to win…mine has not been cutting straight lines lately and I’m ready to chuck it!

  50. Cherie G.

    What a fantastic product! Would love one :

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