Last Minute Gift Idea + Giveaway!


Just popping in quickly to share a great last minute gift idea from my friend Erica Hernandez. I love this and plan to make it for teacher gifts and for the girls. I simply love it. Love it love it love it. (By the way, Erica didn’t ask me to post this – I asked her if I could. I like it that much. Thanks, Erica!)

Check out this fab personalized notepad!

It is so easy to do. First, head HERE to buy the personalized pdf for only $5. Then, print as many pages as you want. And here is the cool part – Erica shows HERE how to turn the printed pieces into a notepad with any white glue like Elmers!

Awesome gift idea.

You can find out more about all this HERE. Fabulous, eh?

How would you like to win a personalized pdf so you can make your own notepad? Just leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on Saturday for your chance!

Good luck.

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  1. c

    Excellent idea – and perfect for a couple of ‘extra gifts’ for my little niece. She loves loves loves having her name on things – and she can write ‘notes’ to her Aunty! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Heidi

    What a great idea.

  3. Jennifer

    Fab idea and I do believe I will be making one or two or three!

    Heck yeah I want one! Thank you for sharing and thank Erica for the idea!

  4. How cool is this and it’s a perfect stocking stuffer.

  5. Great gift idea and super cute colors! Anyone would love this.

  6. Bernice J

    What a fabulous idea…love it!

  7. Jennifer S.

    Very cool! I remember making note pads in elementary school with rubber cement. Hadn’t thought of doing that lately but what a very neat gift idea!

  8. Beth N

    What a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Connie Fisher

    These are so cool…I am definitely going to try these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. rkokes

    great idea, and super cute!!

  11. Carolyn K

    Very neat idea! Love it.

  12. mindy

    such a cute design!

  13. KimC

    Great gift idea, I love, love, love it too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Great idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Kelley

    The notepads would be so fun! Thanks for a chance to win a pdf.

  16. Maxine

    Thanx so much for sharing such great ideas!!

  17. Felicia Young

    Sounds like an awesome idea!

  18. Wow, thanks for the chance to win! I’m making notepads right now for my SILs, but they aren’t personalized – very cool!

  19. Stephanie

    That’s a cute idea! My daughter would love it!

  20. I Love it!! Thanks for another awesome share….you always come up with the BEST gifts…I’m sure everyone on your Christmas lists….loves their gifts! :)

  21. Pat

    That really IS a great gift idea! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  22. mamichelle

    Super cute!!

  23. Terry B.

    Thanks for the chance to win! So cute!

  24. Tona

    This is a great gift idea!

  25. Judy

    I love this gift idea; thanks for sharing and the giveaway!!

  26. Great idea! Thanks to you Erica :D

  27. Roz

    This is cool. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Debbie B

    that is a good idea! Go Erica!

  29. Ruth G

    Fantastic idea!!! Very cost effective, too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  30. so cool! :) Thanks for the chance!

  31. Amy H.

    I love things like this that allow me to make homemade gifts that don’t really look homemade. Amy

  32. Julia Dvorak

    What a GREAT idea! I had no idea you could use regular glue to make a paper pad. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Oh wow! I love this personalized notepad. Would love to have one my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Tanja S.

    Gorgeous gift idea! thanks for a chance to win.

  35. Marilyn C. Lojek

    What a clever idea. Great for gifts year round. Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing.

  36. Wow, I never knew that Elmer’s Glue could help make something so cute! I ought to make some personalized notepads for my family and friends.

  37. ruth tacoma

    So super cute!!!


  39. tape

    What an awesome idea! Thanks for the chance.

  40. Gill

    Thank you for passing on this great gift idea.

  41. bzyPTmom

    This is a very cool idea–and be able to print as many as you like also very cool. Thanks for chance to win!

  42. Flo

    What a great idea, now you can gift a note pad for that differently spelled name or not popular at this time. Thanks.

  43. Now, why didn’t I think of that? What fun! Great idea – thanks Jennifer and Erica for sharing :) and for the chance to win!

  44. karen k

    This is one of the best ideas ever! Thanks for sharing!

  45. KatieP

    Jennifer, you have the most talented friends. And the sweetest–just like you.
    Merry Christmas.

  46. Kim Warne

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Terri (blindstamper)

    What a cute idea!

  48. Pam

    This is fabulous! I would love this. Great gifts.

  49. Very cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  50. Carole M

    What a great stocking stuffer!

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