Crafting with Kids

Sometimes I find things so absolutely awesome that I just have to share. And this is a really good one. Worth reading about. Promise.

Growing up, I had a friend named Sandra. I still remember the first day I met her – I can picture it – I believe it was first grade. We remained friends all through school. Sandra was that gal who was the best at everything she did. She was top of the class. Creative. Gorgeous. Kind. Friendly. Likable. Brilliant. Think along the lines of Steve Jobs’ brilliance. (Only she was incredibly kind to people around her. Ha.) Anyway, she went on to do some big things and recently started a company called Kiwi Crate.

Kiwi Crates delivers ready-to-create craft kits for kids… right to your home. You can sign up for a monthly subscription (which I do) or buy them individually. I am telling you – these are awesome. Colin looks forward to these each month and learns a lot from them. (They aren’t just craft projects thrown together, but rather educational, etc.)

I thought I would share a peek into a kit from Kiwi Crate. Now this one is NOT the normal monthly kit. (Those have themes such as color, dinosaurs, growing plants, etc.) This one is a special holiday kit called Crafty Christmas that you can get separately. And it is fabulous.

First, the package comes from Kiwi Crate addressed to your child. (That right there is cool enough for my son to love.) Open it up and you will find a perfectly presented treasure…

Come on – how cute is this??

And one of my favorite things? It tells on the bottom how involved/messy it is. So I can prepare accordingly…

The instruction booklets are so well done, with pictures, easy-to-read text and additional ideas or learning moments…

And talk about neat and tidy. Everything comes so nicely packaged…

So we have only done one of the projects in this Crafty Christmas kit – the colorful ornaments. THIS WAS SO FUN. Everything was provided and we had a ball doing them. Squirt in the paint…

… and spin around…

… resulting in the coolest ornaments ever and lots of talk of primary colors, etc…

Ours are now drying, but they provide everything to finish it off into the cutest ornament. Love love love. Look at that awesome color…

And? We haven’t even touched the other project yet. This is a glimpse at everything that you can make/get with this kit…

Fabulous, I tell ya. Fabulous. This would be an excellent Christmas gift for any child aged 3-7. You could give a subscription or just one or two kits. They have lots of options.

And, if you go HERE, you can get $10 off.  Woot!

By the way, here I am with Sandra at CHA last year – was fun bumping into her. (And, no, she didn’t ask me to post this. I am a huge fan all on my own doing. I just think the product is even better knowing that good people are behind it.)

(Love ya, Sandra. Congrats on the success!)

Have a good week, everyone!

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  1. Ursula

    These look fab and Colin is adorable with a fab smile -doesn’t he look like his mum!

  2. These look beautiful!!! What a great idea. I’ve forwarded the link to my mother since she’s asking for gift ideas. A 3 month subscription would be a hit!! (I suspect I will fill in the rest of the year just because I want to play with these too.) Thanks for the tip!!

  3. That kit looks fabulous and I can tell from the pictures your son is loving it, too!

  4. Julie Haedtke

    I used to get some sort of craft kits for my kids when they were little….what an awesome way to spend some quality time doing what you love with your child!

  5. Lin

    Thank you, Jennifer! I’ve bookmarked this site for next year’s birthday ideas for some special kids I know!

  6. Sue D

    Thanks for this info–looks fun!

  7. Looking forward to our first box! :-)

  8. PjP

    Great looking kits! Too bad she doesn’t ship to Canada. I hope that changes soon.

  9. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Yes, it is fabulous!

  10. These look FABULOUS! Wish I had a small child to gift one too. Will keep in mind for the day I have grandchildren! :)

  11. Betty Sue

    Thanks Jennifer…I just ordered one kit as a Christmas gift! You made my shopping easier!!

  12. diane m

    I wish I had a 3-7 year old to give this too! Very adorable kits. Maybe next year when my niece turns 3.

  13. Paula M.

    I used to get monthly kits in the mail when I was a kid. They were always something to look forward to. This looks wonderful!

  14. These look really cute, love the ornaments! When I follow the link to get the $10 off, it only wants me to put in friend’s emails, doesn’t say how I get the 10 off from you. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  15. jengd

    Very cool that you grew up with her! I’ve been getting Boy Kiwi Crates now for several months and he’s constantly asking when the next one will come. They’re brilliant!

  16. Bev

    these are absolutely wonderful kits for kids! I have 2 grandkids that always want to craft with me when they come over. I got a 3 month gift subscription to my house. Now when they come over I have a kit to open and use. We’ve done 2 of them so far. When I run out, I will subscribe for another round and then stack them up for when the kids are here. I love that you can add on for a sibling so there is enough for both to do the kit!

  17. Mariz

    These kits look so fun and wonderful for children!

    P.S. You two look adorable in the picture from last year…. and you both look like you’re only 15! Haha! :)

  18. How cool that you know her from school? Small awesome world. :)

    Love those Kiwi Crates!

  19. Thank you for this lovely and generous post! I was so thrilled when our team mentioned that you wrote about us. (They noted that a photo was included. I was curious to see if it was from 1st grade. :) ha) Thanks again and hugs!

  20. Maryann

    These kits looks awesome, and it really is a wonderful thing to make special kits for kids too, they just love that. I have 8 grandkids comming here to play very often, and they´ve got their own cabinet and each their own drawer too, where they have their own private products, they can use as they wish, and it´s absolutely awesome, what they´ve been creating since we made that. It really means a lot to kids, that they feel, it´s their own private projects and not just some of ours. These looks really cool and I know all mine would love these, so a shame it´s so far from here.

  21. that looks like a fun craft to do with kids. mmm.. have to bookmark this for possible holiday gift! thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  22. Trexxann

    How very cool! This is a fabulous idea!!

  23. THAT is the Kewlest thing…..Do you think it is to advanced for a two year old with parents help? This would be so FUN for my three Grand Babies……just LOVE this!

  24. Barb Ghigliotty

    Thank you so much for sharing this info with us! I’m always looking for something unique for my granddaughter (age 6), and this is PERFECT!!! Off to check out her site :-)

  25. What wonderful kits! I wish great success for Sandra and Kiwi Crate. My children are all grown now but would have loved this. One day I will have grandchildren and when I do I know these would be fun for us!

  26. I think this kit is so cute. As soon as I saw it on another blog, I bought it right away. It was so much fun and my 4 year old really enjoyed it. We are hoping Grandma and Papa will be getting her a subscription for Christmas. Crossing our fingers.

  27. Chris

    Thanks so much for sharing this, they are cute. I can now complete my Christmas shopping for my friends’ kids with gift subscriptions!

  28. Wow, what a great gift idea, my girls would have loved them when they were little! C x

  29. Val P (Jillisgram)

    My kids are all grown — where were these way back then? Val from IL.

  30. Great gift idea!!!

  31. Omg these kits are so cute! Although I don’t have kids I think this would be a great gift for my nieces & nephews! Thanks for sharing!

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