Crafting Goodies For Sale


Awhile back I sold boxes of crafting goodies. And now that I am moving into my new craft space, I am uncovering more goodness that needs a new, loving home.

Since I will be putting boxes of goodies together here and there over the new few weeks, I can’t put them for sale all at once. So I think the best way is this…

If you are interested in purchasing a box of crafting goodies, please leave a comment on this post saying so. In the comment, please let me know which type of goodies you would be interested in buying (stamps, embellishments, punches, paper or all). When I have a box ready to sell, I will randomly pick a person interested in those goodies from the comments on this post. I’ll then contact them to offer the purchase, share more about what is for sale and state the price. (I feel this was better then having them sell quickly to only the people who were online when I sold them. I have sold both ways in the past and this way seems to work better.) If I contact you and you have changed your mind or are not interested, no worries – I can pick someone else.

The boxes will vary, but will all be stuffed very full. The prices will be a good value. I promise – all good stuff for a really good price. I just want these goodies to go to someone who can use them! (You can see examples of what I have sold in the past HERE.)

FYI about shipping – everything will ship in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box…

  • For those in the US, shipping is included/free in the price I state when I contact you.
  • For those in Canada or Mexico, shipping will be an additional $16.
  • For those anywhere out there, shipping will be an additional $33. (Sorry – going by USPS prices!)


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  1. TM Holley

    I would love to purchase one of your goodie boxes! Box of anything would wonderful.

  2. Anne Kilburg

    What a cool idea and awesome opportunity! Thanks for offering! If selected, I’m interested in tools; paper; inks; stamps; ribbon/twine; Epowders. Dont use embellishments so much as I used to — I make my own :)

  3. DeAnn Lopetrone

    I would love to have the opportunity to purchase a box from your stash!! :) Assortment would be great. Thanks for the chance…

  4. Nohemi Barraza

    I’m interested for sure love stamps paper and dies
    Hope they can make it to Mexico City!
    Kind regards Lila is such a cutie

  5. Paula

    a box of all, is my choice. Happy New Year!

  6. Tammi Mixon

    I would love the opportunity to purchase any of your leftovers! Thanks. Tammi

  7. Beth H.

    An assortment would be great.
    Thank you.

  8. Lauri

    I would love to purchase anything from your stash!!! Thanks for the chance to spend some Christmas money!

  9. Angie

    I would love stamps, paper, and/or embellishments!!!


  10. Hi Jennifer,
    I’d be interested on just about anything you want to sell ;)

  11. Terri G

    I would love the chance to purchase one of your boxes! I am a card maker so any stamps, punches or dies would be great. Actually any of it would be great! I am a huge fan! Thanks for inspiring me to try new things!

  12. Candy

    Oh thank you! I would love stamps!

  13. Would love some stamps or inks or paper, but would be interested in any/all!

  14. Joan

    I would love the chance to buy some stamps and punches. It would be fun to see what I could create from the inspiration you’ve given us.

  15. Candy Bryant

    Send one Kailua, Hawaii way!!! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! or Happy New Year!

  16. Kris Baginsky

    I love all the things you make and would be interested in any box that you are willing to part with. I run a scrapbook club at a middle school in NJ and can use any items at a good price. The kids love it all and I love sharing with them!!!

  17. Pam D. from MI

    I’m a card maker so any box relating to card making would be wonderful ! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of your boxes. Happy New Year!

  18. Carriep

    would love to purchase a surprise box. I mostly make cards so stamps, papers, or whatever craftiness

  19. Maryn

    I’d love to buy an assorted box – thanks!

  20. Carolyn

    I love a bargain!! I am interested punches and embellishments. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase some of your ‘sale’ items.

  21. Kerry Barnett

    I would love to be included in this. I love acrylic stamps and also could use several big background stamps, and I never have enough sentiment stampsl.

  22. Jessica

    I would love and cherish any products you have to offer for sale. Your work is amazing! God Bless!

  23. cinda

    I would be interested in a box with paper and embellishments. Love all that you do… actually, I think I am interested in any box. I don’t stamp so much, but maybe I would be inspired by a box of your supplies! Thank you for this opportunity!

  24. Summer Braxton

    Count me in for any assortment of goodies you box up for sale. THANKS!

  25. Vicki Capro

    Oh yeah GOODIES are GOOD. I’m like stamps, embossing folders, punches, tools, ribbons, inks etc.

  26. Katrin

    A variety of products would be fantastic, but I think that I would be most interested in tools. That could be stamps, stamp pads, dies, embossing folders, punches, etc. But, lets face it, anything from your stash would be amazing!!!

  27. Beth Denny

    I am also interested in buying a box. I am open to an assortment of goodies. Thanks!

  28. Annette Kelly

    I would be interested in stamps and punches, but I’m interested in odd and end type items as well.

  29. Lisa G.

    I’d love some stamps and punches! Your room is looking fantastic on instagram!

  30. CraftinSus

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m a card maker. I would love any assortment of clear stamps, 6×6 pads, inks/paints/mixed medium you wonderfully use, cardstocks and dies. Thanks!!!

  31. Anita

    I am willing to take anything you would like to sell. I am a papercrafter and cardmaker so things will be lovingly used! Thank you!

  32. I would love the opportunity to purchase some crafting stuff. I would love to expand my stamp collection but any crafty thing would do. :)

    Happy New Year! :)

  33. I’d love a chance to get some stamps, embellishments, and/or paper.

    Thanks for doing this!

  34. Leslie Congrove

    This would be a real treat to buy a box of assorted supplies from your craft room! I am a cardmaker/papercrafter hoping to expand to scrapbooking this year and this would give me some inspiration. We live on a fixed income so I buy my supplies sparingly and use them frugally so they last as long as possible. My wonderful hubby bought me a BIGKick this year(on sale, he’s a smart shopper, lol)so I’m hoping to add to my die inventory. Really enjoyed your favorite crafty things videos and love your style. Thank you for the chance to buy one of your goodie boxes!

  35. Erika

    I would love to buy one of your goodies boxes! It’s always a surprise to get stuff you wouldn’t pick out yourself. I would love stamps and ink. Since I’m a beginning stamped it would be a great way to expand my stamp collection.

  36. Jodi V

    I would love a chance to get one of your boxes!! I would be interested in any of the items you mentioned, especially stamps!! Happy New Year!!

  37. Beth Kimbler

    I would love the chance to buy what you love to use. Really anything would be great, I need to move out of my rut and spice things up with embellishments etc.

  38. Jennifer

    I would love an assorted box. Thanks for the chance to purchase.

  39. Diane

    I am interested in an assortment of goodies. Thanks for the chance to purchase.

  40. fawn albright

    I am interested in stamps and punches. Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  41. michelle R

    I am interested in buying stamps, inks, and 6×6 pads, but any assortment it items would be fine!


  42. Johanna

    Please let me know when you have one for sale, I am interested for sure if picked!! thanks!!

  43. Diane V

    Very interested in purchasing a box from you if you still have any. Thank you

  44. karla

    do you have 254 boxes for sale?? man, you are loved, ain’tcha!! ;-)

  45. Debra Burke

    I would be interested in a goody box with a variety of supplies.

  46. Marianne

    I am interested in anything since I love your work!

  47. Denise Adams

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just love your style and appreciate you sharing w/ all of us! I am very interested in all your craft products, but I lean mostly to stamping/stamp sets/inks.
    Thanks again & God Bless you!!

  48. Janice Y.

    I would love to purchase one of your goodie boxes. Thanks!

  49. Bobbi Ann

    I would enjoy any of your craft stuff.
    Thank you for all of your hard F.U.N work:>
    Bobbi Ann

  50. Maggie Oglesby

    Love following your blog, Jennifer! I’d love the opportunity to buy whatever you’re offering!! God bless you and your family during this joyous holiday season!! -Maggie

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