My love affair continues…

I am having a wonderful love affair.

With wafer thin dies. (Don’t tell my stamps. They may get jealous.)

Come on – with a background of tiny star holes like that… what is there not to love?!?

One big die cut all the stars and a tree die cut the window. I then glued die cut tree pieces in the inside – a fun little window card. I handcut the snowbank and used the new Kelly Purkey Joy greeting. Oh – and the background is stamped with the Impression Obsession Textural Dots stamp. Perfect for snow.

I used Hero Arts Metallic Decor gemstones for this. They are flat and shiny – the perfect compromise for blingy holiday cards that need to get through the mail in one piece.

I tell ya, I will be using THIS background star die for lots of things, including birthday, masculine and holiday cards. It is perfectly sized for a card…

By the way, sorry for the short blog break. Needed to catch ahold of life again. Not sure if I was successful, but I tried and that is what counts, right? Oh, and I have a winner of the Distress Markers – Melissa (with “lutheran” in your address)! I emailed you.

See you soon! I have lots to share this week.


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  1. Helen

    Ooh, that was the die I was so curious about!! It looks so great on your card and I love the idea of the Christmas tree window. I can’t wait to see what else you do with it. This one is going on my wish list for sure! Thanks for the inspiration (and I’m glad you’re back from break!)

  2. Carol P

    I had this die in my cart at SSS but when it came to my total, I removed it. My wish list keeps getting longer and longer and wonder if I’ll clear them out of there. This die is awesome as so is your window tree card. Love the texture on that background.

  3. That die is gorgeous! And I love it combined with the IO gradient stamp! Your cards are always so “happy”, I love them!

  4. janet Wilson

    Welcome back :)

    Fantastic!! It is very unique!

  5. Tona

    Your card is wonderful! I LOVE that background die!!!

  6. Love that pretty die and your fun card! Glad you have lots to share – been missin’ ya! :)

  7. Maryann

    This just looks awesome, and I agree it will be cool for soo many things.

  8. Trexxann

    This is a great die, so different and fun! Gorgeous card Jennifer. :)

  9. Cheri Reed

    What a beautiful card! The star die is on my list. Very nice. Glad you’re back to blogging. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow, Jennifer; what a wonderful card!!! I love the tiny stars, but als the ‘glimpse’ on the christmas tree… ;-)

  11. Dee in NH

    Welcome back! Love the starry background! I think I need that die, hmmm…

  12. Tracey Kuzniak

    GORGEOUS!!! Stop with the enabling :) :) :)

  13. This is beautiful!

  14. Such a PERFECT card I just Adore this!! One more Die I must have….xo

  15. Lauren

    Love this card! That star die is wonderful!

  16. great to have you back!

  17. Cathy Homan

    Another card that looks like it would be really hard, but you make them so easy. Great card.

  18. Deb Lorence

    Beautiful card Jennifer! I can see why you love this die!

  19. Ann K

    Thanks to your creative genius, my “wish list” continues to grow . . . another die cut to “die” for! Love the “negative” use for the tree! WELL DONE

  20. Candy

    Really brilliant! Ha! I love this die too!

  21. Christine

    Love this card! I had to add that star die to my wish list!

  22. Lisa Bergen-Wilson

    Welcome back from your break! Everyone needs those and on a regular basis! I missed your posts though and am glad you’re back!

  23. Lisa

    Love the card. Yes, like is crazy, thanks for sharing part of yours with us.

  24. Deepa

    I am starting to love these dies when u use them. This is a very nice card. Thank you for your inspiration.

  25. LOVE the fun card!! THANKS for sharing!! So glad you took a break and even though I missed ya, I’m glad you took some time to take in life!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

    CONGRATS Melissa!! =)

  26. Kelley

    I enjoyed the Holiday Card Workshop, even if I didn’t get a single card made! I have started on my Christmas card Cheat Sheet, I’m waiting for the Falling Stars die to get here. It not being here is letting me have fun making different elements without the pressure of it having to be ‘right’ the first time. Who knew there was a positive to waiting! :)

  27. Pai

    glad you’re back! LOve this card. This die just shipped out to me and I can’t wait to get it!

  28. Joan Smith

    Luvvvvvvvvvvv the card. Fabulous, I am crazy in love with this die too, must have it!!!
    Thanks for sharing Jenn, I love your work, you are a genious!

  29. Sue D

    What a fun die to use!

  30. Angela R

    I love that star die, you are such an enabler, your killin me woman…
    Thank you for all the inspiration and great ideas.
    You are one amazing woman!

  31. Jan

    Wonderful card. I’m lovin everything I see here! hmmm…Dear Santa… wink!

  32. JosieK

    Love it…and got that funny feeling in my stomach when I saw know the one..omg…run, don’t walk and get one! ;) I love your enabling style…xoxo

  33. you must stop enabling me, Jennifer!!! =) that star background is fabulous. love love this and thanks for the inspiration!

  34. Soooo adorable. Love your sky with the stamping and die cut stars.

  35. Ooooohhh’s and ahhhhhhh’s on this one!! LOVE that star die, tfs :)

  36. Welcome back….!! Love this card and I’m saving up for the die!!! A must have…

  37. Queen Mary

    Oh my gosh, will all the General Petreaus stuff out there…. Talk about a tragic flaw! Oh well…. Your love affair is much more reasonable – and totally understandable – I was previously unaware of this die and I don’t know how I could have been! Beautiful card!

  38. Julie Haedtke

    OK – just like everyone else….I too want that die! You should be in direct sales, hmm, on second thought, no, that would take you away from us! Your card is perfect!

  39. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Wow…spectacular! I love the feeling of depth that the die cutting gives to this card. Welcome back!

  40. Rhonda H

    I have seriously looked for a die like that forever. How cute would that be with a soft yellow moon for a baby card? NOW, if they would only make one that looks like falling confetti. Think: Birthday, graduation, promotion, retirement, 4th of July, Happy New Year.

  41. Wonderful! Those falling stars just make me happy…

  42. Cindy C.

    Wonderful, this die makes a fabulous bg!

  43. I think that die is pretty amazing. I can imagine so many creative uses. Love your gorgeous card.

  44. I think that die is pretty amazing. I can imagine so many creative uses. Love your gorgeous card.

  45. O wow, that die is so cool!! Love your card.

  46. isabelle Messier

    Yess ! this die is awesome and so dreaming!!

  47. Hey Jennifer, happy to welcome you back!
    Love the starry background die on this oh-so-fun card.

  48. Kelly Booth

    I need to stop looking at your blog this month!!! Every time I do I go shopping LOL!!! Love this card….. Xo

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