Feel Better

I needed to cheer someone up…

Think this will do the trick?

And this card happened to be a “reject” from a magazine submission. (I don’t submit often as I am not so good at it. Not my strength.) But I still think it will make someone smile.

Hope you are smiling today, too.



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  1. JeanD

    That would cheer me up no end so I think it will work.

  2. Mendi Yoshikawa

    I think this card is sooo cute! Love the rainbow, the darling sentiment stamp and the rhinestones for bling! I’m surprised it wasn’t picked up for publication–Makes me feel better about my rejected cards when someone like you experiences it too. ;)

  3. LOVE this card and YES it will brighten someones day!! =) THANKS for sharing!!

  4. Annie Kong

    I always love the card that you make, including this one, it definitely make me smile if i receive this card :)

  5. Monica Blitger

    Oh Jennifer …LOVE this card ! You always make such lovely cards. Simple yet impressive designs !! And the rainbow colors makes a lovely bright impression. It would make me smile for sure if I received a card like this. Thank you so much for keeping on sharing all the inspiration !!

  6. such a fun and cheerful card, Jennifer!! love the happy colors and it will definitely make your friend smile like it did me! =) thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Quite definitely! Love the happiness- any rainbow is good!! You’ve made me smile- and I really needed one- thanks :-)

  8. Holly Saveur

    Love your card!

  9. Pam

    Love this card! Surely it will cheer up the recipient. You’re the best!

  10. Renee

    Every magazine should be honored to print anything you make–your cards and layouts are wonderful!

  11. It is a great card! I love the way you used the jewels to suggest rain drops… so ingenious!

  12. Julie Haedtke

    A reject…no way!!! Love everyone of your cards and they all should make it into the magazines!

  13. Diana F

    Lovely card and I’m sure it will cheer someone up and make them feel very special. I love the background stamp that you used. You’ve used it before and I fell in love with it and had to get one of my own.

  14. This will certainly do the trick! It’s so cheery :)

  15. Ursula

    i can’t believe any card you make can be rejected. Each card I have seen is lovely and this cheery rsinbow would brighten anyone’s day x

  16. Ann K

    I love all your cards – so you ARE GOOD AT IT! Submit more often – you are awesome.

  17. it’s adorable! that would cheer me up for sure.

  18. inks4fun

    Cheerful indeed! Your friend will cheered instantly!

  19. Reject?! That’s whacked!!! It’s darling! And, I’ll bet it cheers your friend greatly! You are always so thoughtful to people. *hug*

  20. Roz

    Can’t believe you being regected. This is a cheery card, and should cheer up anyone. It made me smile. :-)

  21. I love the card…very cheery & I’m sure will brighten their day! Also, I appreciate you sharing when something doesn’t get picked up for publication, especially when it’s surprising that it doesn’t…at least it surprises me. =)

  22. it’s gorgeous, and would cheer anyone. :)

  23. Rainbows always make people smile and want everyone else to see! The card too will be one to show and tell.

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