Card Drive, Link Shares + Winners

Hello everyone!

I am fighting a major headache so I am just popping in quickly to share a few things.

First, many of you have asked if I am doing a card drive this year. Because my life is a bit nuts right now, I won’t be. However, I know of another card drive that is a good one – I hope you can help out! There are also some great prizes. The card drive is for a 6-year-old cutie named Addison who is fighting Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Please head HERE to learn more. Thank you!

Also, how about some fun cards worth checking out?

  • Alice’s fun card HERE.
  • Pearl’s awesome card HERE.
  • Mariana’s colorful card HERE.
  • Laura’s sweet card HERE.
  • Lisa’s pretty card HERE.
  • Joy’s class card HERE.
  • JJ’s clever card HERE.

Finally, it’s winner time! The winner of the personalized stamp is Andrea Smith and the winner of the A Muse goodies is Lisa (The Purple Place).

See you soon!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Such fun cards all around! Hope your headache goes away!

  2. Jennifer, thanks for the shout out! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hank's Mom

    Jennifer! Get better! Thank you for popping in!!! Cheers!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out, Jennifer! Will be sending cards to Addison, too! Thanks for the links!

  5. Maryann

    Sorry to hear, you´re sufferring from such a bad headache, and I hope, it´ll all soon be gone, so you can enjoy life again.
    Thanks so much for the links to these great ideas here.

  6. Lisa (ThePurplePlace

    Thanks so much! I was so excited to hear that I won!

    Hope you feel better soon, headaches are brutal, take care!


  7. Thanks for the mention Jennifer! Hope you’re feeling better today!

  8. Candy

    Feel better soon!

  9. Roz

    I hope your headache is better.
    Thanks for the card check list. I’m a sucker for snowmen, I loved it.
    Addison is in my prayers.

  10. Poor Thing!! I really HATE when I get Mig. Headaches!! Hope you’ll feel better soon!! THANKS for sharing and CONGRATS to the LUCKY WINNERS!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  11. Madeline Rains

    Hope the headache is gone. I hate headaches. Your links to cards inspired me to get a stamp set from Mama Elephant. Beautiful cards. I’d been looking for the merry and bright sentiment so got that set but loved all their stamps.

  12. Pearl

    Hi Jennifer! I will participate in the drive for Addison — a really great cause. Thanks for the mention and hope you feel better soon!

  13. Petra

    I will sent some cards from the Netherlands. With love Petra

  14. janet Wilson

    Wonderful array of cards :) Hope y our headache has much improved :)

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