Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 5

Hello! Welcome to the last day of posts from my 17-year-old-step-daugther, Kay. (You can find out more about this HERE.) Enjoy – I will be back soon…

Hello, recovering Purple People Eaters. I hope that you have been well in my absence and remembering the Seven Step Process to recovery. (But it’s not like we judge you.) :)

Today is a bittersweet day in Blog Week History. You see, this is the last day of Kay’s Blog Takeover Week. I know, I know – I’m just as sad as you are. I’m going to miss making these cards, writing these posts, and talking to you guys every day.

Here is my last card. I used the cutest card set again today (THIS one) – one that’s based on teenagers. It has everything from a cell phone, to lockers, to cute phrases like “I <3 U”…

I thought the lockers were exceptionally cute, in a sort of simple type of way. Here is my masterpiece…

I will now tell you how to make it. I hope that you enjoy it :)

Step 1: Stamp 11 lockers onto white cardstock with Memento Black Ink and color them in with Copics markers, making every locker a different color. Cut them out.
Step 2: Decide what order you want to put the lockers onto the card and attach them to the card, making every other locker stand out with foam adhesive.
Step 3: Embellish every other locker (except for the one in the middle) with glossy accents, and embellish the middle one with Stickles.
Step 4: Stamp the “friend” greeting onto white card stock. Stazon ink is fine. Then, punch the greeting out and attach it to the notecard with pop dots.

And you’re done! It’s simple and easy.

Well, I’m going to miss you guys. Until next blog week…

- Kay

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  1. SUPAH cute!! Love your card and all its fun colors. Whoever the lucky friend that gets it will cherish it, I’m sure.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and cards. Hope you have a fabby summer. :)

  2. Awesome card Kay! Love the vibrant lockers and the fun sentiment. Cool set for young people. I enjoyed your takeover…Look forward to the next time….

  3. Pai

    It’s been a great week! Hope to see another takeover soon!

  4. Great job, Kay. Jennifer has some competition there. Thanks for guest hosting. :)

  5. Cynthia b.

    Thanks for another cute card, and awesome job all week!

  6. Maryann

    Really great card here for a teen-ager KAy, you´ve done a wonderful job this week, and I can see, that Jenniffer needs to watch out now, cause you´ll begin to be a heavy competitor to her ha ha ha ha. I have so enjoyed to watch your cards here and read your funny entries, and look forward to meet you here another time, and maybe you´ll even be making your own blog inhere soon, so we can see more frequently??
    Great job hun, well done, and I hope, we´ll see you soon again.

  7. katie

    Great card(s) Kay. Love your sense of humor! Love your point of view. Hope you are enjoying your summer w/ Jennifer and your Dad and Colin and Baby Lila.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and to Jennifer for letting you take over her craft room for awhile.

  8. Debbie

    Thanks, Kay, for sharing with us this week. I have enjoyed your humorous take on card-making and hope to see you back again soon.

  9. very “teen” and VERY CUTE! Love that one is glittered!

  10. JosieK

    Love, love, love this card..what a cute and clever idea. Now I’m wishing I was back in high school..I’d make one of these cards for all of my friends and slip them into their lockers for find sometime during the day! Excellent job!! xo

  11. Cheryl W.

    Great idea, love the colors and glam!!!

  12. This is such a fun card! As much as we love your Mom, I say we petition for more Kay Takeover Weeks! :)

  13. conil

    We’re going to miss you too and your quirky sense of humor. Just plain charming. You’ve really taught me to tap my whimsical craftiness. Thanks. And this card is fantastic. Very clever.

  14. bzyPTmom

    Thanks for sharing with us Kay–hope your school year goes well, like your cute locker card, great ideas and love the bling from stickles!

  15. kathy/NorthCarolina

    I love your eye for color! If only *real* schools had such fun lockers, huh?

    It’s been great having you be our fearless leader this week. Hope the rest of your summer is fun-filled! You are one talented gal!

  16. Roz Rhorer

    Looking forward to another blog week. This card is so colorful, and fun – and easy. Great idea.!

  17. Dawn W.

    Kay, I have enjoyed ALL of your posts and projects. And I was so inspired by your card today, that I just ordered the stamp set! I guess all of you McGuire’s are good enablers!!! Thanks so much for all of you inspiration (and humor!)

  18. This is adorable! I will miss your posts:-(

  19. Maggie

    Cute card and perfect for a teen. Another great blog, Ms. Kay!
    Thanks for sharing your upbeat, funny blogs with us. :)

  20. Tona

    What a fun card! Those lockers are too cute.

  21. Andrene Smith

    Loved your cards and reading your posts. You did an awesome job filling in for mom and I look forward to your next fill-in host week :)

  22. {vicki}

    I love your card
    and the stamp set too—I had not seen this one—need to get it for my son’s school pages
    Kay—you’ve done a great job this week! Keep it up!!!!!

  23. That’s adorable!!! You did a great job on the blog takeover, it was nice getting to know you and view your work Kay! Hope your stepmomma has you back sometime!!!!

  24. Lynda

    We minions will miss you too.

  25. janet Wilson

    Brilliant “locker room”, Kay! What a fabulous week of posts – Thank you :D

  26. My fav card this week! Love it! I enjoyed your takeover week, have a good time on your trip :)

  27. Such a cool card! Love the glittery orange locker! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us, Kay! You are an inspiration! Hope to see you taking over Jennifer’s blog soon! =)

  28. Rosanne

    I enjoyed your week, great cards, very fresh. I love this locker card. Hope you come back and keep us company another time!

  29. Carol

    Such a cute card. You should take over your step mom’s blog more often. You do such a great job and make it so fun to read with your vibrant descriptions. Enjoyed the week. :)

  30. Christine Sudmann

    I´ve thoroughly enjoyed your takeover and hope, we will get to read and enjoy some more from you in the future. Have a great time,

  31. Great job on the blog this week — love your quick wit! Another fun card too. I like how you set the one locker apart with the stickles. Haven’t seen this stamp set before. I’m betting my nieces would love <3 it. =)

  32. ADORABLE card, Kay! It has been a pleasure having you with us this last week! I am sure Jennifer was happy for the break, too!
    Thanks for sharing

  33. Terri B.

    Love your cards Kay, and great job on the blog posts! Please do this again soon!

  34. Beth W

    A great teen card-going to make a very similar one for my grandsons.I’ve really enjoyed your blogs-please come back and visit soon!

  35. Katrina H

    Cute card once again! I will miss your posts!

  36. Sue D

    I like the colorful row of lockers and the special sparkly one.

  37. Jan

    So cute. Love your idea with the lockers. Well done Kay!! :) )

  38. Linda W.

    Just love your imagination, Kay – this locker card looks amazing, especially with the glittery friend locker. Enjoyed your takeover week so much – have a great rest of the summer!

  39. Diane M

    It was a pleasure reading all your posts and seeing your creations. Very nice of you to give your super step-mom and mom of your new baby sister a blog break. You seem like an amazing young lady, go forth and do well!

  40. Caanan

    Kay, I really like this card. I’ve really enjoyed your takeover. So much, actually, that I went back and read the past takeovers. Thank you!

  41. Love this locker card Kay! Fabulous and fun..great colors. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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