Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 3

Hello! Today is the third of five posts from my 17-year-old-step-daugther, Kay. (You can find out more about this HERE.) Enjoy…

Hello my lovely minions – er, that is, blog readers.

Today’s card is pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. It features a funny alien and the best greeting off all time, along with a rather awesome row of planets. I dedicate this card to those of you who have a male friend. Oh, wait. That is everyone!

And without further ado, let’s get started!

Today? Today I am going to shake things up and list the steps…

Step 1: Stamp the rocket, the alien, and the three planets (3 times each) onto Neenah white cardstock using Memento Black Ink.
Step 2: Using Copics Markers, color in all of the above, and meticulously cut all of them out. Set aside.
Step 3: Cut out a piece of the Amy Tangerine paper (the black and white chevron) to fit on half of the card, and – using adhesive – attach it to a green card.
Step 4: Attach the planets to the card using foam adhesive. To make it more interesting, use the foam adhesive to also put the planets on in varying levels. You can use Stickles here to embellish the planets. Then, attach the rocket to the Amy Tangerine chevron paper. Embellish with Stickles.
Step 5: Attach the little alien to the top of the planets using adhesive… on whatever planet you want. Embellish eyes with Stickles.
Step 6: Using a red Copics Marker, make the red lines that go behind the space ship, and cover with a line of stickles.
Step 7: Stamp the greeting – “Get Better in Warp Speed” directly on the car.

And voila, you’re done!
Before I go, here are some words of wisdom that I leave you with: Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Fly well, my minions.


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  1. Sarah Moerman

    Wow! Love, love, love this!!! Absolutely brilliant!

  2. Sheri Crowley

    That is so freakin’ cute!

  3. bzyPTmom

    Very cute card Kay–love it! Great instructions and great idea! Thanks!

  4. Dolly/scrapthat

    Very cute Kay! TFS!

  5. Cute card, hilarious comment on flying!! Right now I’m flying on the sofa.
    posted from Kathy, one of your “minions”:)

  6. HA! Love the quote and your funny post :) Adorable card!!! Really like the stickled/Copic rocket trail!

  7. Cute card, Kay! It is too hot here in Kansas to do any flying! I’ll stay in where it is cool.
    Thanks for sharing ~ the other cards, too!

  8. Great card and I love your humor! My daughter is 17 years old also. She is not a crafter but you definitely have similar humor.

  9. You are such a doll and I LOVE your card! Thanks for the great detailed list of how you created it and thanks mostly for making me SMILE!

    To me, that’s what cards are all about!! I loved you “Minions” farewell comment…that was so fun!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you create next! PS: Your color and cutting is fab!!

  10. Tiffany O'Grady

    Every time you post it totally makes me smile! Feel free to count me among your minions ;) . I love this more masculine card and the way you use Stickles to make the rocket’s path. Super cute! Have you ever considered your own blog?

  11. Jana


  12. Great card Kay! Love the images and the fun paper too. You are very funny, and I can see you are having fun with the posts as well..Great!

  13. jengd

    Stinkin’ fabulous! :) LOVE those planets! And the quote… priceless!

  14. Cynthia B.

    Super-cute! The stickles are the perfect finishing touch.

  15. Stephanie Pezolet

    More awesomeness from you today! Great card :) I love how you placed the alien on top of a planet. Also, the stickles make it cra-zy cute!
    Thanks for your funny posts! Jen must be so very proud of you!

  16. Piali

    AWESOME!!!! Love it!!! Great design!

  17. Kathy H

    Kay, you are so entertaining! and, I love your card!

  18. I adore those colorful planets! Super cool card, Kay! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

  19. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Wonderful card! I love the way you colored the planets…and the stickles, of course!

  20. Linda W.

    Super cute card today, Kay – just love your creativity and humor!

  21. Hi Kay! Love when you “takeover”! Your card is adorable! Love the bright, happy colors and fun sparkle! :)

  22. Dixie

    What a fun card! Thanks for the terrific directions for the minions!

  23. Tina M

    This is absolutely adorable! It fits right in with my need to make some generic cards!! off to buy the stamps :) !!
    great job Kay!

  24. WOW! I’m loving this one!

  25. Adorbs! Love the whimsy feel :)

  26. Tona

    This is a fun card. I really like the row of planets & the sentiment is great.

  27. conil

    Fabulous card. Such fun, as are your words of wisdom. I’ll have to try that.

  28. Carol Gib

    Love this fun card.

  29. Lynda

    Adorable. Great card Kay.

  30. Beth W

    I want to be a minion!This card is adorable and it speaks to my geek side.

  31. Christine Sudmann

    Kay, thanks for sharing – not only your very creative ideas, but also your witty wisdom – you do that in a really refreshing way! Good job :O)

    Greetings, Christine

  32. Debbie B

    Great card! My nephew would love it. You have a great teacher.

  33. Janie T

    That definately is one cute card. You do awesome work.

  34. SUPER cute card, Kay! Love it! And yes… best.sentiment.ever. Just say’n.

  35. Inks4fun

    That is just too cute! Love your cards and ideas!

  36. Pai

    Great card Kay! You can definitely count me in as one of your minions :)

  37. Denise Bryant

    Fun card Kay! I love the bold colors!

  38. super awesome. Love the words of wisdom and the cute card. Great job Kay!

  39. Roz Rhorer

    Fun – Fun card. Great wisdom too. :-)

  40. Shawn Wenrich

    I’m truly enjoying your takeover week, adore the card, you are talented with craftiness and humor, go girl!p

  41. Sooo FUN and bright! LOVE how you placed all the planets in a row!

  42. Diane M

    Very cute and male friendly.

  43. Katrina H

    Very cute card!! Your posts make me laugh! I love them!

  44. Latrice

    This one is my favortie so far! Love all the little planets and glitter!! Nice work Kay

  45. Kelley

    Cute card, Kay. And you even used some orange! At least it looks orange on my computer. :)

  46. Sue D

    Fabulous –I like the layout with the row of planets.

  47. Teri

    So, so cute, Kay!

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