Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 2

Hello! Today is the second post from my 17-year-old-step-daugther, Kay. (You can find out more about this HERE.) Enjoy…

Hi again, my pretties! It’s Day 2 of Kay’s Blog Week and I’m back with another round of fabulousness.

Today’s card was inspired by a beautiful Paper Smooches stamp set that I found depicting domestic cleaning supplies in a quirky, cute way to say “I love you.” Luckily, this is pretty much the cutest stamp set ever and I am more than proud to explain to you guys how I made my adorably cheesy card. :)

First, I stamped the washing machine, detergent, spray bottle, iron, vacuum, and broom (whew!) onto white cardstock with Black Memento Ink. I then colored them all in with Copic Markers. Next, I applied Glossy Accents to create texture on many parts of the images. Stickles also made a great add-on texture to the spray bottle and vacuum – nice for a change in pace. I added gemstones to the washing machine to create a more three dimensional look and define the colors on the knobs. I stamped “I Was Swept Off My Feet” onto white cardstock with black ink and punched it out with the word bubble punch. (Bummer – it is discontinued.) Finally, I added it all to the card with adhesive.

And voila, I have a cute, quirky card to send to someone I love! And, you can claim to others that you spent the day with a vacuum, iron and washing machine. Bonus!

Oh, and THIS is that cute stamp set I used…

I hope that you liked this card from today and I will be back soon for Day 3 of Kay’s Fabulous Blog Week!

Until then – don’t be afraid to get lost in thought… it is unfamiliar territory to most of us. :)



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  1. Super cute Kay! Love it to pieces :)

  2. Kay, you really brought that stamp set to life! I love the way you colored the each item. Cute card:)

  3. So excited to see day 2. I hadn’t seen this set and you made it look SO cute! Love

  4. Stephanie Pezolet

    You are one talented and funny girl :) Love your card!

  5. Penny Reed

    You are a delight, Kay! What a great sense of humor. You definitely have a bright future ahead of you. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  6. Sue D

    Very cute!

  7. Mary

    Wow Kay!
    Like the card and I love your writing style- you have a great sense of humor!

  8. Haha, what a great card! Love it!

  9. Awesome! I’m going to print this and hang in my office! So fun and happy :) . Thank you!

  10. Heidi

    Cute card.

  11. Kay,
    This is super adorable! I love how you used those images….

  12. Dolly/scrapthat

    Totally cute girl! Love it!! :D Great attention to details!

  13. Tiffany O'Grady

    Thanks for sharing this super adorable card! It brightened my day :) . I love the subtle use of stickles, glossy accents and gems to add dimension. And so fun!

  14. Laura Wonsik

    Kay, you are a talented lady!! You made me want to go buy that stamp set now!! :) Good job!!!

  15. conil

    Can you say darling! Such a fun card, although I never thought cleaning was fun. Love the quirkiness of it. Kudos.

  16. Janie T

    AAAWWWW. Cute card.

  17. Super cute card, Kay!

  18. adorable. love all the little accents like the gloss, pearls, etc.

  19. Love it! Do you think my husband would be cool with me getting a glitter vacuum? :)

  20. Barb Chmura

    Love your point of view, Kay, and the neat color palette. Great job!

  21. Laura Jane

    Makes HOUSEWORK that much HAPPIER!
    Great card:)

  22. Tona

    Cute card! That looks like a fun stamp set to play with.

  23. So cute Kay! Love the scene you have created and the little touch of sparkle is perfect!

  24. kathy/NorthCarolina

    I love the way you added interest to the cut out images. Super, super cute! And, you can write, too!

  25. Pai

    such a cute set and such a cute card! great job!

  26. Dee in NH

    LOL! How cute!!!

  27. Beth W

    This card is too freaking cute.I have just the opposite problem-sometimes I get so lost in thought I can’t find my way back!

  28. Cynthia B.

    Kay, this card is adorable! Love the glitter and gems you used to accent your card.
    I hadn’t seen this stamp set yet – such a clever set! Thanks for sharing. :)

  29. This is really cute!!!! What a great stamp set, can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before, tfs!

  30. Denise Bryant

    Darling card! I love the fun Paper Smooches images!

  31. Andrene Smith

    Adorable card!! And such an eloquent blogger :) Cant wait for Day 3.

  32. Such a fun card! Love your coloring and use of the glossy accents and pearls. Such a great set..I had not seen it before…I am cracking up over the sentiments… And I will get lost in thought! You crack me up….

  33. Genevieve Milot

    You are deliciously funny I think ou are made to blog . Really enjoying your talent

  34. Super cute card Kay. Love the cut out images and the pretty blings.

  35. Your card is adorable!!!! You are doing a fab job!!!

  36. Kathy H

    Awesome card Kay!

  37. Love the simple design of your card, Kay! And the details are super fun. Fabulous card!

  38. Holly Saveur

    LOVE it such a sweet fun card!

  39. Mavis

    nice & cute….make me wants to buy the stamps :D

  40. janet Wilson

    Brilliant, Kay – love the added sparkle too :)

  41. Susan

    Such a cute card and a great post!

  42. I think if our cleaning equipment were in fact this awesomsauce, we’d all be more inclined to clean! Fabulousness indeed! Off to ponder…or get more coffee, whatev.

  43. Carmen S

    Hi Kay,

    Congratulation on your second post. You have a great teacher at home!!!

  44. Very cute love this stamp set may need it as I am a housekeeper and it would make some cute cards for the people I clean for.


  45. Ruth G

    I love the pun and how you embellished the appliances, etc! So much fun! You did a fantastic job explaining the “how-to’s”, too! TFS!

  46. Mary H

    So cute Kay!! Love the card and the stamp set is adorable!

  47. Kay this is SUPER SWEET! The pink background and pink heart really caught my eye!!!

  48. Kelley

    Ah, I need to get this set so I can also say I spent the day with the washer, iron and vacuum! Thanks for the tip. ;) Your card is adorable and that’s hard to do with those nasty appliances.

  49. Latrice

    Love this card on the pink! What adorable images too. Love to addition of Glossy and glitter.

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