Lots of Links (and Giveaways)


Just popping in quickly to link you to some fun things. Some great inspiration. Some giveaways. Some enabling. All good. :)

First, I have to tell you about what some of my wonderful friends did for me. After Lila was born, they got together and created some amazing cards for her. And each and every one is inspiring, special and sweet. To all of you ladies who played along, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I am still going through them all as time permits… and it is always the highlight of my day. (By the way, if you ever read about how this industry is cut-throat or negative – don’t believe it. This is proof of that this industry is filled with good, generous, thoughtful people who look out of each other. And that makes me happy.) You can find all the Welcome Lila Grace cards HERE.

And another crew of awesomely sweet ladies created even more cards for Lila. A Blog Named Hero is a newer blog with some amazing talent. Be sure to head HERE and see all the goodness. Thank you, also, gals. XOXO.


I have a bit of enabling. Check out the new Simon Says Stamp Card Kit. Oh my. THAT STAMP SET. It melts me. Absolute perfection…


Next? Giveaways!

So several folks are giving away spots in the new Stretch Your Stamps class. (You can find info on the class HERE.) Be sure to head to these blogs for some chances to win:


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  1. Jennifer thanks for taking the time to give us all the links and the giveaways. You have the biggest heart in this industry so three cheers for you!! Hugs,Kathy

  2. jengd

    Thanks for the great links and heads up on the giveaways!!

  3. Jasmine

    Thanks for all the links, and the awesome giveaway!

  4. Would love to do this class – thanks for the chance.

  5. Maryann

    Wouw thanks so much for all the links here, that sure proof you right in the kindness and generousity of this industri, and I can sure say too, that I have NEVER met more wonderful people in the world than crafters all over the world, they sure are a very special group of people, that´s for sure, and you´re one of the biggest, and maybe why you got sooo much responce for your beautiful little babygirl??
    I´m so looking forward to get the cardkit from SSS too, it looks absolutely awesome this time again.

  6. Many congratulations on the arrival of Lila! :)
    Would LOVE to take this class! Tks for the chance to win a spot!

  7. JeanD

    I am really looking forward to doing this class and thanks for the chance to win.

  8. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Thanks for taking the time out of your very busy life (and probably somewhat sleep-deprived life!) to share this great info with us. I have already signed up for the class, and I am so excited! Kiss the wee sweet lassie for me! I just love her name!

  9. RedGem

    It is wonderful to have such wonderful friends surrounding you and give you and Lila Grace the love you deserve. You give us so much of your time… looking forward to the class !

  10. You are such a kind and generous gal and I’m so lucky to know you and to be one of your students.

    I am also so happy for you and your family and adore your sweet little Lila. You were blessed to have two adorable children, not to mention your wonderful older daughters!!

    Hugs to you and thanks again for you kindness!!


  11. I saw that stamp set in that kit and I’m dying to get it!

  12. This class surely looks like something I NEED! Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you and Lila are doing ok. Smooches…

  13. conniemelancon

    Congratulations on baby Lila! I really could use this class. thanks for a chance to win.

  14. Wow! What beautiful and awesome friends to make such lovely cards! I do believe I’ve seen the good and the bad side to this industry but the good totally outweighs the bad! Thank you for sharing your card shower with us!

  15. By the way, I signed up for the class and am anxiously waiting for it to start!!

  16. Congrats!!!
    and the class sounds awesome!

  17. Catherine A

    Dear Lila Grace. You have the most wonderful family. You are one lucky young lady. I’m sure your mom and dad would say they are the lucky ones. =0)

  18. Kristin

    cc Enjoy your new little one.

  19. Kristin

    Oops! I hit the wrong button and it sent my comment. Sorry. Here is what I meant to say: Looking forward to this class! Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. Leslie B.

    Yay! Another card class, I’d love to take part in it!

  21. Yes, LOVE that stamp set!

  22. thanks for all the links and hope you are doing well. and awwww…. i am doomed. must. get. the. card. kit.!!! =)

  23. Mary H

    Thanks for all the links!!! Love that new kit I must have it :) Sounds like another great class Jen!!!

  24. Rosemary Tate

    I love your online card classes! Informative and fun with such excellent contributors.
    It would be great to win a spot.

  25. Jill B

    thanks for the enabling, I just ordered the new card kit from Simon Says. Have a great day!!

  26. Jayell

    Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous daughter and I’m sure you’ll both enjoy looking through those beautiful cards together when she’s a little older. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize – those Online Cards Classes are fantastic!

  27. Beth R

    I couldn’t take the chance that I would NOT win, so I just signed up ! Yay, so excited.
    I need to use my stamps, most have never seen ink ! Yet, I still love them.

  28. Terre

    Would love, love, love to win a spot at this class. So excited to see so many online classes (for those of us who don’t have local stamp stores)!

  29. Bethany Becker

    Thanks for the links and the chance to win!

  30. Can’t wait for the new class, Jennifer – I enjoy them so much, even if I don’t always get to the homework :)

    So glad the cards for Lila have been brightening your days!

  31. Carmen S

    Thanks for a fantastic opportunity to be in such a fun class.

  32. Marieda Sawyer Conle

    What a great stamp set!

  33. Susan Ruffalo

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  34. Would love to win a spot in the class. Thanks for the chance

  35. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and for sharing all of the different blogs to win on!! Its ALWAYS worth the chance!! I look forward to another AWESOME class!! =) THANKS again and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  36. Well I didn’t win this class so I signed up tonight to take it. I do love your classes.

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