Links + 3 Giveaways!

Hello there.

Just have some fun (and totally random) links for you…

  • Remember THIS card? That great stamp set is now available outside of the card kit HERE. Love this set.
  • Looking for a baby name? (Ha – I AM!) I love THIS site. Type in a name and it shows it’s popularity over the years. Pretty cool.
  • Are you a Hero Arts fan? They just announced a new My Monthly Hero program HERE. I love THIS new birthday set from it. Fun.
  • If you are on Facebook, I would love to have your vote for a belly photo contest. Each vote they get gives a dollar to the March of Dimes – awesome. If you are interested, click HERE.
  • One of my new favorite cardmakers, Danielle Walls, has a new video series called “Shhh… Mommy’s Hiding.” So cute. Check it out HERE.
  • Wanna see one of the best design teams ever? Truly. This is a strong group of artists. Go HERE – it is the A Blog Name Hero design team. Wow.
  • I have gotten a few emails asking about our die cutting class, A Cut Above. The first half was traditional die cutting (Big Shot, Cuttlebug, etc.) and the second half is the Silhouette. Lots of fun techniques, a ton of videos and great prizes. You can still sign up HERE. Class is underway but you can catch up anytime as the content never goes away.
  • Are you a mom? Proud of your kids? Wanna have a good cry? Go watch THIS.

I think that was enough random for tonight. On to the giveaway…

I have a great giveaway! THREE lucky winners will get a spot in my friend Julie Ebersole‘s upcoming class, Fold It Pop It Flip It Zip It. (If you have taken any Online Card Classes, you will be familiar with her work. She also does classes with Ellen Hutson… and they are fab!) Here is more info and it looks like fun…

Ready to take your standard card to a whole new level?  Learn how to incorporate specialty folds, shadow boxes, pop-ups and other fun interactive elements into your greetings!  Join long-time instructor Julie Ebersole for Fold It, Pop It, Flip It, Zip It! and learn more than a dozen different ways to add an extra element of fun and surprise to your card designs!

The two week course features video tutorials, complete step-by-step instructions, diagrams & patterns, along with project photos in downloadable PDF format.  Also included in the class are: A gallery, private forum, additional projects contributed by special guest designers, exclusive shopping discounts and prize drawings!

Come and go to the classroom on your own schedule, and, as always, enjoy lifetime access to all class materials! Class begins May 7-18! For more information, head HERE.

So here is your chance to win one of three spots. Just leave a comment here by Friday at 11:59pmEST. Oh, and if you have any baby name ideas, I would love to hear them. :) Good luck!

See you soon.


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  1. Helene

    Would love to win Julie’s class, I love her style and its sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Lynn Leow

    The class sounds amazing! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. Would love to win one of Julie’s classes. As for a name definately not an easy one always wanted to call ours Samuel or Rose but didn’t go with our surname, I am sure you will know when the time is right (good luck) have a lovely weekend, take careX:)

  4. karen Stephenson

    Would love to win this class. Names are so personal. I learn toward ‘real’ names rather than made up ones where you blend two names for example. The return to some of the more ‘vintage’ names seems to be the trend. My mom always says just be sure it is something you would be comfortable with if you ever need to holler it down the street or in a crowd. : )

  5. Julie is such a hoot…..would love to win a spot in her class! TFS!!

  6. Pam

    Sounds awesome!

  7. Diane

    Thanks for all the links and for this great giveaway. Would love to win a seat in this class.

  8. I would love to win a spot in this class! Thanks for the chance.

  9. Dawna Leitzke

    This class looks like a fun time and lots of cool ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. shari suzuki

    Hi Jennifer!
    I Love picking baby names! :) I think what you name your baby is super important!!! Research has been done correlating names to things like…academics, personality, leadership, book worm vs. athlete, student body president vs. lifetime membership to detention, bullying ≈ aggress-or vs. aggress-ee etc. very interesting!!!
    So Anyway, what type of child do you want? J/k! Lol!!! :)
    If you are thinking of “M” names, then I like Marissa, Madison & Mia for.. girls…and Matthew, Mason & Micah for boys. :) Otherwise I would add Alyssa, Lauren, Elle, Landon, Ryan, Bryce. :)

  11. Maureen Chandler

    Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class! My favorite girls name is Elizabeth (my middle name and also my Mom’s) and I like Michael, Mark, Jeremy, Justin for boys (and those are my four boys!). All the best with the new baby and your lovely family!

  12. As always, wonderful links and prezzies – now to babies names…
    My favourites have always been Emily and Bruce. Both such powerful sounding names (in my view :) )
    Good luck to you and the family with your choice!
    Helen — Firenze Cards
    Oh, and thanks for the chance of attending Julie Ebersole’s class!

  13. Mary Ann O.

    Oh I have taken all the online classes to date and they have all been wonderful as is A Cut Above which I’m currently doing. So I would love to take another class. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  14. Terri (blindstamper)

    This class looks like it will be so much fun!

  15. Scrapmate

    Names hmm are we going boy or girl or don’t know yet? I always wanted a daughter of mine to be called Freya (pronounced Freeah) but stopped after 2 boys so you can have that name from me. Julie’s online class sounds great.

  16. What a fun class! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Becky Brooks

    You have my vote, Jennifer. As for baby names, I always said that if I had a baby girl I would name her Lily. That never happened, so I give the name to you if you want to use it if you have a little girl. I think Lily McGuire rolls nicely off the tongue. I love cards that “do” something, so this class is very appealing.

  18. Loly Borda

    As I’m relatively new in the art of cardmaking, I’d love to learn new ways, and this class has lots of cool ideas, thanks for your generosity and the chance to win.

  19. Wow! That class sounds amazing and I would to participate. Thanks for the opportunity.

    As far as baby names…my family is Italian so I’m partial to that. My kids are Lucciano, Sofia, and Gianni. I’ve always loved Caitlin for a girl and Nathan for a boy. Congrats to you and I know whichever name you choose will be PERFECT!

  20. Marcia Scantlin

    Would love to win a place in this class. I’m not too good at picking baby names.

  21. missy k

    The class sounds awesome. I’d love to join.

  22. I cannot remember if I commented but I don’t think I duid. I have Graduation on t eh brain and am VERY distracted! I would lLOVE the class!
    Well, you have already used one of my favorite names, Colin, mine is 18 :( If he would have been a girl he would have been Abby. I like Isobel or Isabella, too! Boys ~ my middle is Brandon and I love that name, too! I have a Josh, another great name!
    Good luck

  23. awesome giveaway, i would love to take julie’s class — thanks for the chance!

  24. Buffe

    I love cards that move, pop, slide, turn, whatever! Thanks for the chance to win. Names… hmmm… Emily McGuire sounds good. Also like the sound of Brad McGuire. Not overly creative, though!

  25. Susan C.

    Looks like a fun class-and Julie’s videos have been swell!

    As far as baby names-look to the family tree-there might be a name that could be ‘recycled’ and honor the past.
    My best wishes to you and your family!

  26. Rachel K

    Would love to win a spot in this class! Thanks for the chance! We have a two month old boy, Graem. Our runner-up boy name was Reeve and Elyse for a girl…good luck, I think names are hard to choose! :)

  27. Maggie Haroldson

    I love Julie and I am sure her class will be lots of fun and very informative. Thanks for this chance.

  28. SuZeQ

    I would love to win these classes … indeed, I would!

    Baby names????????? I have always LOVED Oliver!

  29. Carolynn Wilson

    Congratulations and abundant joy as you welcome your new little one! Even though these big decisions are hard, I know s/he will get the perfect name…. and many sweet nicknames as well. :)

  30. This class looks to be amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  31. laura zitzer

    This looks FUUUNNNN!! Love on-line classes.

  32. Iris

    Julie’s class looks like a lot of fun, would love to win a spot! Thanks for the chance!

  33. Julie

    I would love to win the class. It looks really fun!

  34. Sounds like a really fun class.

  35. Heck yeah! Lots of fun for sure!

  36. Dawn Schumacher

    This sounds like an interesting class. Thanks for the chance at a spot. Blessings to you and the baby!

  37. Kelley

    I saw Julie was having a class. Being spoiled with the Online Card Classes and the lifetime access, I wanted to be sure this class also offered that! With your endorsement, I’m going for it.

    IF, and that’s a big if, I were having another baby I’d go with Hannah. I’d pray for her as Hannah prayed for Samuel. If that child were a boy, Jonathan for his loyality to David.

  38. Jennifer T

    Congratulations… I think it’s a girl and I always like the name, Sofia. Good luck to you.

  39. Lynn (toomanycrayons

    Would love to learn some interactive card tricks now that I have grandchildren. I love when families look back a few generations or more and repeat a family name.

  40. Holly Saveur

    Would love to win a spot in the class..always great to learn new things!

  41. Thanks for the info on Julie’s class. It looks like it will be great!

  42. Thanks for the chance at Julie’s class – looks very cool!
    I love babynamewizard! 2 friends had a baby name Aurora (Rory) which is very pretty. Caroline ? I forget if you are having a girl or boy!

  43. Sammie

    For names, I of course like Emmett, Connor and Carlee, since those are my kids’ names. But I also like Emily, Emma, Callie, Bennett, and Jackson.

  44. Agnieszka

    That class sounds amazing! I would love to take it.

  45. I would love to win a spot in this class! I love listening to Julie E’s voice! She seems so confident and down to earth. Thank you for the chance to win! I send you the best on your upcoming birth. Why don’t you look through your family’s history and choose something from a relative you admire? I always think it’s great when kids can tell stories about how they were named.

  46. Christine Sudmann

    This class sure sounds interessting – making cards with some flip and zip is always fun and learning some more about it would be even better!

    I won´t suggest names, because your child wwill not want to run around with a German name – people would probably wonder ;O) But there´ve been so many wonderful suggestions here – I´m sure you will decide on a good name, meaningful and pronounceable ;O)

    Good luck for you, your baby and your family,
    greetings, Christine

  47. Dena Cline

    I would love to take this class…it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing it with us…and for offering the

  48. Dena Cline

    I would love to take this class…it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing it with us…and for offering the

  49. Becky Johnson

    Would love to win a seat in the class. So informative. Baby name…I’m partial to Dana (my brother’s name). Can be used for either sex. It’s just a pretty/handsome name. Best of luck to you.
    Peace, Becky Johnson

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