A Blog Named Hero + Paying It Forward

Hello, stampy folks.

I am excited to help celebrate the launch of a new website – A Blog Named Hero. This blog honors all things Hero Arts and will have fun challenges, prizes and card shares. This makes me so happy as I feel Hero Arts is one of the best companies in the industry – without a doubt. So this blog? Awesome idea. (BTW… the blog isn’t part of Hero Arts but rather was created by two sweet ladies – Mary Dawn and Linda – who are just fans of the company. Hero Arts is supporting them with prizes and such, though.)

They are kicking off the blog with a celebration week starting today. I am one of the featured folks, and here is a peek at my card…

To see the card in all it’s Distress-Inked-glory, head HERE. And please do head there today because two other ladies created STUNNING cards that are worth checking out. Wow. Oh, and I may or may not have hooked them up with some stamps to giveaway. Hint hint. :)

Be sure to add A Blog Named Hero to your Google Reader or subscribe. They have lots of fun things planned and great prizes.


I recently found out about a fellow crafter who lost her home in a fire. Her friend, Kelly, is collecting cards and craft goodies to replenish her supplies and bring a smile to her face. If you are interested in helping out, please head HERE. I have my box of stamps ready to ship – I can’t imagine losing so much.

Thanks… see you tomorrow. :)

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  1. Great idea! I love Hero Arts; they make up the bulk of my stamping products!!
    Off to check out the new blog.

  2. Virginia L.

    I absolutely love your gorgeous card over the new blog!! Thank you for all the wonderful things you do!! You rock!

  3. Jan

    Couldn’t leave a comment at the new Hero Arts blog as I don’t have a google account.

    • Hey Jan, you shouldn’t need a google account to leave a comment on the blog :) We’ve set it up so anyone can do so. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch.
      thanks for visitng us though! we hope you’ll come back

      Linda & Mary Dawn (A Blog Named Hero)

  4. Emily

    Thanks for introducing me to this new blog. I am headed over right now. :)

  5. Just came from A Blog Named Hero and your card is amazing! So much inky goodness! And thank you for helping out Kelly’s friend – so nice of you!

  6. looks like a fun challenge board! I pinned that card from the previous post. LOVE the chevron on there!

  7. barbara lassiter

    I love Hero Arts and was excited to find the new blog featuring their products. All the cards were fabulous, including your card and I can’t wait to see more from them!!!!

  8. How completely fabulous! I’m anxious to see all the fun challenges.
    What a sad event for Kelly’s friend. I can’t imagine the trama and devestation. Checking out the blog now…..

  9. Off to check out the new blog! If you recommend it I know I’ll love it!

  10. Pai

    i’m heading over now! I am also sending out a box to kelly’s friend :)

  11. Mai

    Cute card.. love that opaque bling!

  12. Brenda

    Thanks for the link to the new blog – it’s great. Loved your card so vibrant and pretty.

  13. Kelly Latevola

    Thank you so much for sharing this and for donating to Angie :) Also super excited about the new blog!

  14. Your card is gorgeous! Thank you for posting the link to Kelly’s blog. I have extra card stock and paper to share. I love how crafters find ways to help others :)

  15. Aundria B.

    Your card is gorgeous – that shade of blue is a-ma-zing! And your friends’ blog is too much fun – I’ve subscribed and look forward to more wonderful inspiration!

  16. I added it to my Reader. Looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Love your card . . . and the paying it forward!

  18. Maryann

    WOUW yours and the other girls cards are really gorgeous jennifer and I love, what you´ve all done.

  19. Pam

    Love your card in all it’s distress inked glory! Great new blog by these ladies. Easy to see why the Queen of HA is the first featured artisit.

  20. Sheila H

    I visited the blog yesterday – it’s a winner in my view! Your card is great and so are the others. I’m looking forward to more!

  21. Ruth G

    Love your card! Thanks for the heads up about the Hero blog and the crafty fire victim!

  22. SuZeQ

    I’m going visiting to the places you suggested in just a minute. How awful to lose a home to a fire – or to anything, actually.

  23. Very cool idea…thanks for the link! So sad about the fire…I’ll definitely try to send her something…

  24. Julie Haedtke

    WOW – Another blog to follow, there will never be too many! Your card, as always, is amazing! I will send some of my crafting supplies too….very sad, glad everyone is ok.

  25. Laura Jane

    Love all the GOODNESS shared here!

  26. Thanks for sharing that blog! Love all three beautiful cards!

  27. Thanks for the info! I’m off to check it out!

  28. Thanks so much for your kindness and caring ways !! I packed up a box of goodies and shipped it off yesterday to Kelly for Angie! I also can NOT imagine losing everything I own in a fire. I’m so thankful that she and her boys were safe from harm.

    I’m very happy to see that the crafting community is coming together to help support a friend! It’s a main reason, WHY I loving this whole craft world so much, the people are awesome!

    PS: I am also a member of the new Hero Group and think it’ll be a great site, your card was wonderful !! :)

  29. Dana D.

    I did check it out and love it. Thanks for telling us about them

  30. Rachel K

    This new blog is such a good idea! I’m heading over there to check it out now. Thanks for the info! :)

  31. Gorgeous card Jennifer at the new blog. Loved it.

  32. Lisa Geraty

    So cool, love the new blog! I can’t believe someone didn’t come up with this before, like me! I love HA stamps & am loving the card you did for them. TFS :)
    And thanks for posting about Angie who lost everything, I know I have lots of stuff that i would feel good about sending her. What a tragedy.

  33. Sue D

    Thanks for telling us about this new blog–off to check it out.

  34. DorothyCC

    I love the subtle clear embossing effect. Thanks for so many good ideas.

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