Happy Lovey Dovey Day


Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Lovey Dovey Day to everyone. This baby in my belly is giving me a run for my money tonight… need to go lay down.

Here are the Valentines Colin gave out this year. Super fast and easy. (And please excuse the terrible iPhone photo.) It was inspired by the many lollipop Valentines out there, but I used a cake pop (made by my friend Christy) instead.

Happy day. Big hugs.

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  1. carol barol

    Oh my gosh! That is so darling and stinkin’ cute!!!! I love this idea!!

  2. That’s so adorable! I love it … what a great idea! Have a good evening.

  3. Kari D

    Just trying to catch up after being under a pile of work….LOVE this card from Colin. How perfect that his hnd is positioned just so to hold the cake pop! AND I see that congratulations are in order! So excited for you!

  4. That is so adorable! Love it :)

  5. These are adorable and so clever.

  6. These Valentine’s are so fun, Jennifer! What a darling photo of Colin! I hope you were able to get some rest last night – and that you had a lovely Valentine’s Day! Hugs! :)

  7. Gayle

    WOW this is really so cute. Great idea!! Hope you are feeling better and got soe rest. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.

  8. Roz Rhorer

    Hope you got some rest.

  9. WOW! I’ll bet his classmates were SUPER thrilled to get one of his Valentine’s!! :) What a nice Mommy!!

  10. PS: I hope you feel better soon….

  11. SOOOO CLEVER! I love how he is holding the lollipop :) Happy Lovey Dovey day to you too!


  12. conil

    Cute,Cute,Cute. He’s one handsome boy and this project is adorable. Lie down and take a rest.

  13. Tona

    LOVE that Valentine!

  14. Julie Haedtke

    Cute idea….I saw it on pinterest and my friend, who is a photographer, did a similar one for his daughter. He said they were the hit of the 3rd grade!!!

  15. Mary jane tharpe

    Your son looks so much like mine that I am scared! Even he said, “is that me?” when he saw the pic. Cute card.

  16. Nina W

    That is just too cute!!! So creative Jennifer.

  17. What a cutie! Those Valentine’s are super fun. Hope you get some rest.

  18. Kathy Harrison

    Really cute! Hope you’re feeling better!

  19. JosieK

    How do I say this? Ummmm….okay, These Valentines are BITCHEN!!!!

  20. JosieK

    ps: Get some rest..kick up those cute feet of yours and have sweet dreams Babe! xo

  21. Mary Ann Huntington

    I love his smile. I bet his Valentines were a big hit.

  22. Mendi Yoshikawa

    Classic! Cute idea and that lollipop looks super yummy! That big, adorable smile on Colin’s face cracks me up–He’s getting so big! :)

  23. carrie

    Oh so sweet! Cute boy, cute idea!

  24. too cute! super fun idea. love it!

  25. terri

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing…contests on your new blessing!

  26. Angel

    The picture is perfect, fun and creative. I am sure everyone who received one of Colin’s special valentines was thrilled!

  27. terri

    Sorry Jennifer my kindle doesn’t like some words I write and changes them…instead of contests it should have read congrats!

  28. NancyS

    This card (and Colin) just couldn’t get any cuter! Thanks for sharing your cleverness. Happy baby.

  29. Nelmarie

    Super cute!!! Collin is a cute boy……time flies!

  30. This is just Adorable…LOVE this Jennifer!!!

  31. Melinda Wilson

    This is such an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

  32. charlene

    Yummy valentines– and great pic of your son!

  33. LinhC

    What a fun treat!

  34. Kim Armstrong

    Colin’s Valentines Day cards are perfect – I’ll bet his classmates loved them. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing ideas – your cards are always beautiful. I especially like your “enabling” posts – it’s great to hear about the new products out there.

  35. Isn’t he the cutest thing!? Love those personalized Valentines!

  36. what a good idea ! I love it :-)

  37. Denise Bryant

    Darling Valentines! I want to make some cake pops…. they look fun!

  38. Kari Downing

    How cool…I saw this on Pinterest….it is neat to see someone actually using the idea!! :)

  39. Haha! So Cute. Great simple idea!!! love it.

  40. esther aka craftyvox

    This is awesome!

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