Video: Hero Arts Soft and Mid-Tone Shadow Inks + Giveaway!


Today I have a video I put together for the sweet Simon Says Stamp folks. In it, I show Hero Arts Shadow Inks - including the original Soft Shadow Inks and the new 2012 Mid-Tone Shadow Inks. These inks are very unique and incredibly awesome… perfect for getting a smooth, solid stamped image. Here’s why:

Basically, this ink is unique because it slowly smooths out and dries into the perfect stamped image. It is the best ink for images with lots of solid space, such as the hearts I used here.

I threw together this very quick sample of colors for you to compare each. A few of my original Soft Shadow Inks are older than the hills (in packaging from three designs ago!) and therefore a bit light… but it should give you an idea. All of the colors starting with “Soft” are the original Soft Shadow Inks. All the others are the more vibrant Mid-Tone Shadow Inks.

And here is a look at just the new Mid-Tone Shadow Inks

These inks are lovely, I tell you. And they go nicely with my other favorite ink, Distress Ink, too.

Now I know folks are going to ask me which my favorite colors of the new inks are. Ha ha ha… well… just get them all. :) In fact, you can get all the new Mid-Tone inks in a bundle HERE. But Wet Cement and Cup ‘O Joe are must-have in their lovely grey and brown colors. And the others? They are all great – just depends on what colors you use the most.

And big cheers to Shari Carroll who was the mastermind behind the new colors. Nice work! And she put a video about them together HERE that shows how the inks go together with the whole Hero Hues color line.

Hope this helps explain the inks! Be sure to head over to Simon Says Stamp’s blog for more info.

And the sweet folks at Simon Says Stamp said I could give away a set of the new Mid-Tons Inks! Just leave a comment here by Saturday 11:59pmESTS for your chance to win. Good luck!

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  1. Christin Dukes

    wow I would love to win those gorgeous inks!!

  2. Oh my gosh… I am loving those new colors!!!

  3. Wow. I just bought Soft Sand to try shadow inks. How awesome are all these inks. I would love to win them! Thanks for the chance.

  4. Sue in Grapevine

    Those are some lovely shades, I particularly like the greens.

  5. Maranda

    Such gorgeous colors! I’ve never tried the Hero Arts inks, but I’m gonna have to get some! :)

  6. Melissa S.

    I just love the new colors! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  7. Debra B.

    I have a few HA inks and LOVE them! Great color saturation and awesome colors! I’d love to have them all!

  8. Debra B.

    I have a few HA inks and LOVE them! Great color saturation and awesome colors! I’d love to have them all!

  9. Buffe

    Thank you… this info was very helpful. I’d be thrilled to win such a generous prize.

  10. Ramona B.

    I would love to win these, I don’t have ANY chalk inks. The colors are beeeaauutiful.

    Ramona B.

  11. Viki Sabart

    Such great inks! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Felicia McBride

    Wow these new inks are lovely, I can’t choose a favorite shade, lol. Thanks so much for a chance to win

  13. Donna S.

    Such beautiful colors. They are the perfect companions to the soft inks. Love how they dry so smoothly. Of course, winning them would be great!

  14. Judy Tutuska

    They are beautiful! Wet cement is my favorite, but I’d love to win the whole set!

  15. Jessica Reid

    So pretty! It’s amazing how nice they dry. Can’t wait to try. Thanks for the comparison chart as well : )

  16. Alexes

    That is sooo cool! I loved watching the ink smooth our right after she stamped. awesome.. I would love to have these!

  17. ellen

    wow…i would love to win these! i’m already thinking of card ideas using the fun grey and teal colors!

  18. Bonnie

    Wow these new colors are so pretty!! I have a few of the original colors and I love the coverage they give!! Thanks for a chance to win.

  19. cathy fong

    I have a couple of soft shadow inks,and this mid tone shadow inks are fabulous!! I love these colors. I love that cup a joe, wet cement, and stoned wash colors!!! Yummy! Thanks for a chance to win.

  20. Goat Girl

    OMGosh what beautiful colors! Thanks SSS and Jennifer for the giveaway!

  21. Ooh! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win the inks!

  22. karin

    Wow, what a great set of colours!!
    Would be an awesome birthday present for me, as it‘s my birthday in a few days (and i‘m not getting presents)


  23. Just when I thought I had everything I needed…these come along. I’m loving them, and keeping my fingers crossed real tight.

  24. Great video! Love the new colors! Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  25. rozalia hughes

    Fabulous soft colours. Would love to try them – will you post them to me in England!!!!

  26. That are fantastic colours. Love all of them.



  27. These are beautiful soft colours, very usable so I will just have to take your advice and get them all!!

  28. My favourite colour is Bubble Gum..I love pink in any shades!

  29. Kyrsten

    LOVE these colors, they are beautiful! :) I would love a set!

  30. Sara

    I have loved the softness of the shadow inks, but the colours of these mid-tone inks are incredible!

  31. Oh my goodness…feeling an order coming on quickly for these colors!

  32. Thanks, Jennifer! LOVE the new inks – so yummy! Way to go, Shari! :)

  33. Maureen Chandler

    Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  34. Debby M.

    The new colors are great. Would love to win a set.

  35. These are gorgeous! Would love to win some. Thanks!

  36. Jennifer Rohkohl

    Those inks are awesome! I would love a chance to win them : )


  37. Loydene

    What a nice gift from Simon Says. I have a number of the soft Hero Arts stamp pads, but these new mid-ranges would be a great addition! Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Sheryl Sharp

    What a great video! Must order these new inks – wow!

  39. Dana D.

    Thanks Jennifer and Simon Says Stamp. These colors are awesome. Got my fingers crossed.

  40. I love the video, thanks for the comparison and review. I am always struggling with solid image stamps and these sound like the perfect solution, I would love to win a set. Thank you and Simon Says Stamp for the chance!

  41. Oooh, they’re beautiful! I have a hard time picking a favorite too. I would say Pool since I’m in love with Soft Pool!!

  42. OH these would look lovely in my collection. I am becoming such a Hero Arts Hoarder.

  43. KimMJ

    Gorgeous! I have to get wet cement and cup o joe to start! Love them all

  44. Stacie Alison

    Really love them all!!!
    Pool is fabulous.

  45. Jeanie

    What a great collection of inks to win. Would love it. Thanks for the chance.

  46. Oh wow, stunners. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Would love to get my hands on these new wonderful inks by HA.

  47. Shirley

    I have a lot of the Hero Arts inks and love them all. The new Mid-tones are very appealing. Looks like they will go on my wish list, too. Your sample sheet is great and really gives me an idea about all the new colors. Shari Carroll did a super job designing them. Love your Simple Card class, too. FYI-to get those small pieces out of Memory Box dies, use a clothing roller. Works great!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  48. Kristal

    These inks are GORGEOUS!!

  49. Karin Erickson

    They all look lovely. Would like to give them to a very dear friend. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. Jill Canaday

    Pretty Colors that I would love a set of !

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