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The adorable Amy Tangerine asked me if I would participate in a blog hop in celebration of her newest product lines with American Crafts. I was happier to do so and even happier when I got to see the product shot I get to share. Love it.

Her newest collection is called Sketchbook

(Side note: Dude. I want that dress. Love.)

“Vibrant colors drip off the page in the latest Amy Tangerine collection, Sketchbook. Featuring hand-drawn details and a bold watercolor effect, Sketchbook bursts with eclectic goodness for your everyday projects. Splash some color on life.”

And check out this great product shot. Yum…

Nice, huh? So, here’s a chance to win some goodies – the entire Sketchbook collection! Head on over next to loveable Kelly Purkey’s blog. Follow the hop along until you reach the American Crafts blog and you can leave a comment about what products you liked best. Good luck!

Oh, and we have some winners to announce:

Happy day.

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  1. Amanda J

    That dress is super cute, just like this collection looks like its going to be! Can’ t wait to see the full reveal!

  2. KimMJ

    THS! Looks too cute.

    Congrats to the winners! :)

  3. BARB T

    I would be happy to be in the right climate to wear that dress now. Love this happy collection.

  4. looks absolutely wonderful!!

  5. conniemelancon

    looks like another great collection!

  6. Latrice

    What great colors. Amy is such a cutie.

  7. Linda Paravella

    Can’t wait to see the whole collection!

  8. NinaN

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it all!

  9. I can’t wait for this line! So cute!

  10. Very excited about Amy Tangerine’s blog hop. She has the cutest products! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Tenny Kusuma

    Pretty flowers. Thanks for a great sneak peak.

  12. I’m liking the bright colors (reminiscent of the first line, just different color values) and “doodly” nature of it. Very on trend!

  13. Cute pin wheels, can’t go wrong with them, I’m liking it all.

    ** Kate **

  14. nitasha

    lovin’ these sneak peeks! Pretty sure I need the entire collection!

  15. Johnna Moore

    Love this new collection, fresh and inspiring, can’t wait until I can get my hands on it.

  16. These are so pretty! Love the pops of colour!

  17. Wow, love those flowers. I can’t wait for the whole line to be available.

  18. Dana D.

    I’m with you Jennifer about her dress. Too cute! Can’t wait to see her new collection.

  19. Gorgeous flowers Jennifer! Love this line!

  20. These paper are so pretty, loving the colors. Great rosettes!

  21. Loving all the happy colors & just everything going on right now w/the peeks I’m seeing Ms. Amy has knocked it out the park once again!

  22. LOL – I was wondering if anyone wanted the dress as much as the collection! ;) … ME too!

  23. bethann d

    the dress makes me wish to be young and thin again. guess i’ll have to settle for happy paper

  24. Cassie D

    Cute dress! Heading over to the big hop…

  25. loving the colours of this collection!

  26. Totally gorgeous!

  27. Those little rosettes are adorable!

  28. Velvet

    I am loving the paper colors in the rosettes shot!

  29. Molly

    So pretty!!! xoxo

  30. Carol Perry

    Lovely rosettes. What else does she have for us to share.

  31. LSmith

    love the patterns, thanks for the chance

  32. Marla H.

    what a super fun collection!!

  33. These rosettes are too cute!!

  34. Miriam Prantner

    Such pretty rosettes! I am just LOVING all these sneaks….they definitely have me wanting more!

  35. Lisa C.

    Wow – what a beautiful and fun collection!

  36. Love the sneak peeks so far :)

  37. Keshet Starr

    I love the flowers!

  38. oooh gorgeousness! thanks for the chance to win! Ger x.

  39. Christi

    loving all those bold colors

  40. Lovin’ everything in AT’s line!!! So excited! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Love the water color effect on the patterned papers!

  42. Anna

    So far I have loved every peek at this line! So fun!

  43. Michelle Easters

    So cute love them :)

  44. Janet Lebeau

    Those are so cute!!!! I can not wait to see this whole collection!

  45. Brenda

    Love the rosettes! Off to see the rest of the collection.

  46. Kate Vickers

    I love these rosettes!

  47. So pretty! And congrats to the winners!

  48. Sandra

    Yummy colours.

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