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I am here today to tell you about a great product… and a great cause.

For years, I have been using Scentsy wickless candles. (More about them in a moment.) And for years, I have supported juvenile diabetes research. (My brother is insulin-dependent.) So when I found out that one of my friends, Shannon Tidwell, now sells Scentsy… and that she said her commissions could go to help another one of my friends, Kristina Proffitt, raise money for diabetes research, I was thrilled. Please consider looking into this – such a great cause and a great product. Would be perfect for teacher gifts!

About Scentsy…

Scentsy sells wickless candles, ceramic warmers, and a variety of fragrance products. A wickless candle, called a Scentsy Bar or a Scentsy Brick, is a highly fragrant wax bar that is warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. And, because there is no flame, there is no smoke, soot, or lead. Scentsy wickless candles are a safer alternative to traditional candles. (This is the product I use and love. My favorite is THIS one with Cinnamon Vanilla and Baked Apple Pie. Just get a warmer and some bricks and you are good to go! Love love love.)

About the charity…

Kristina started Caylin’s Cure shortly after her daughter, Caylin, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She hopes to raise awareness about type 1 diabetes and raise money for diabetes research. All donations to Caylin’s Cure goes directly to Dr. Denise Faustman of The Faustman Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital to support her & her team in their diabetes research. You can find out more about Caylin’s Cure HERE –  and you can see more about Dr. Faustman and her work HERE. As someone who has a love one with diabetes, I can’t tell you enough how important this research is.

Shannon will be to donating her full 25% commission on ALL sales from this fundraiser party to this charity! This ends on November 30th, so please order soon. This can result in a great amount of money. Love it.

How to order…

To order and contribute to this great cause, simply go HERE and click ‘Buy From Party’ next to Jennifer McGuire’s Fundraiser. (See below.) If you have questions, please contact sweet Shannon at shannontidwell at

And a giveaway…

For doing this “party” for Shannon, I get a few hostess rewards. But I will be giving these all away – including a few Scentsy Buddies that will go to charity and another for a giveaway here! So leave a comment here by Sunday night for your chance to win my favorite Scentsy warmer and my favorite Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Brick.

Thanks for considering purchasing some of these goodies to support diabetes research. Remember – to order and contribute to this great cause, simply go HERE and click ‘Buy From Party’ next to Jennifer McGuire’s Fundraiser.

Thank you!!!

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  1. Jayne K

    Hi, Jennifer, I’m already a fan of scentsy. I just placed an order a couple of weeks ago for some bricks. You’re such a sweetie to give back out of what you’ve been given. Thanks for your generous spirit.

  2. Gail A

    I am definitely going to look at this. Several of the teachers I work with have children with diabetes and we usually have a couple of “Jeans Days” (if you donate at least $5, you canwear jeans that day) at school in support of diabetes research. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Christine W

    I have never heard of Scentsy, I have warmers that I use and love them. Thanks for the chance, you have such a good heart.

  4. Susan Ruffalo

    My sister, Tina, had diabetes as a child so it is very near to my heart. She sadly died of a brain tumor at the age of 14. Thank you so much for drawing attention to diabetes, Jennifer!!

  5. Denise Adams

    Love the product! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Pam

    Great cause and sounds like a great product.

  7. Ashley Diehl

    I’ve been wanting to try Scentsy, I hear they’re amazing.

  8. Tracey R

    You are so generous…and that warmer is beautiful! I’ve never tried Scentsy, but I’d love to! And i love the baking scents as you do…cinnamon, apple pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla cinnamon…yum!

  9. Carol ann Ater

    How delightful, Jennifer. A great gift and for a greater cause – can there be nothing finer. Know lots of friends who love candles but fear the flame….ME!!

  10. Looks amazing! I am always burning things when I light candles so this seems like the way to go. I actually lit a candle in a metal holder on top of a TV and you guessed it. I forgot about it, the candle melted down to the bottom of the holder and it melted right through the top of our TV. I was scared (and felt stupid) and hubby was furious! In case you are wondering, I know you are… The TV still worked! I got the plastic off the vintage baby cup I was using as a holder too. Phew!

  11. joy

    This is such a sweet thing for you to do, Jennifer! Diabetes research is a wonderful cause. Thanks for the chance to win some Scentsy products.

  12. Alecia

    I too am a huge Scentsy fan!
    What a great cause!

  13. Terre Munk

    Oh, Jennifer, you are so generous. Thank you for supporting this cause and allowing us to participate.

  14. Madelaine

    You are heaven sent!! You do so much for others! I love reading your blog :)
    God Bless


  15. What a great thing you are doing! So nice of you.

  16. Jen Barkdull

    I was telling Kristina I tried hosting a party a couple of weeks ago and no one ordered. But I think it was meant to be. I’m glad I can help out. Thank you to you and Shannon for being so generous!

  17. Kathy

    Love Scentsy products and also love that your raising money for such a great cause.

  18. That is so sweet of you!

  19. Deb Pereira

    I have also supported kristina profitt as my 33 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes and the age of 18 months. As I’m sure you know, it is a horrible disease. Thanks for sharing this post.

  20. Emily

    I have seen these before, but not ones that are holiday. :)

  21. I am a big fan of Scentsy! What a thing for charity! Thanks for the chance!

  22. Patty Del Rosa

    Thank you for sharing about such a worthy cause.

  23. claudine

    Cet objet est très joli, et il permet d’aider une grande cause.
    On a tous dans notre entourage, quelqu’un atteint de diabète…

  24. Rachelle L.

    This product looks great! Thanks so much for the chance to win:)

  25. Katherine

    I have always wanted to try Scentsy! Thanks for sharing with us and thanks or sharing this cause with us.

  26. Catherine B

    This is a great time of year to do a fundraiser with Scentsy, they make great gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Connie Fussell

    Great Christmas gift and for a very good cause.

  28. Beury

    what a wonderful fundraiser! thx so much for offering a giveaway as well, I’m off to the fundraiser webpage! You are so incredibly generous:)

  29. Laura Barrio

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Kris Engler

    What a great cause and a great product! Working in an elementary school opens your eyes to many childhood issues. Diabetes is one of those we see daily. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this disease could be a thing of the past!?

  31. lea ann bishop

    Love Scentsy. Have been using it for years.

  32. hannah

    awesome, these look great! You are you so kind and generous ;-)

  33. Haley G.

    LOVE scentsy…my mom has one and i would love to have one as well!
    hgrossman at cableone dot net

  34. kellie

    Love all the charity work you do!! You are a special individual <3.. I have ALWAYS wanted to try Scentsy, it would make my day to win!!!

  35. JUDY RAY

    kUDOS TO YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR CHARITY. Would love to win but everyone wins by supporting this great cause.

  36. Kelly Wentling

    Thanks so much Jennifer for a chance to win. I’ve only smelled a few scents that my sis purchased. Your favorites sound delightful! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  37. Filiz

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing this great cause and telling us about Scentsy, which sounds awesome! I’m going to check it out because I love filling my home with wonderful smells!

  38. sheila gill

    i had never heard of them and placed an order… this is very exciting and generaous of you!

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