New Card Drive! Cards That Care

Hello! I am so very excited to announce a new card drive: Cards That Care.

For this card drive, we are collecting cards for the elderly in nursing homes… just in time for the holidays.

I have teamed up with the sweet Vera Yates. (Thank you, Vera, for getting this going!) And Jana will be back to help along the way, too. (Kristina will be sitting this card drive out as she focuses her efforts on Caylin’s Cure.)

So here is the story…

You know what they say… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” But for the elderly living in nursing homes, the holidays can sometimes cause loneliness as they are away from family. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we can bring a smile to their face & brighten their holiday season simply by sharing our love of card making? A simple gesture to let them know that they are not forgotten…

We hope that many of you will help and join us in our effort to spread joy & cheer.

A few important details:

  • We will need to receive your cards by November 30, 2011.
  • Please make the cards for Christmas or Holiday Wishes. Anyone can send a card, your children, church group, scout troops, etc.
  • All cards need to have a message in it.  Please also sign your name and where you are from.  No need to put anything on the front of the envelope. Also, please don’t seal the envelope.
  • All size cards are ok. Just please send them in an envelope.
  • Please stick to just cards.
  • And please don’t use any pins (safety reason).
  • You can mail the cards  to either one of us:

Jennifer McGuire
P.O. Box 428612
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Vera Yates
P.O Box 17596
Sugar Land, TX 77496

  • In each package, PLEASE include a piece of paper with your name, address, email address and how many cards you sent.  This helps us in keeping track for prizes! For each card you send, you will get a chance at a prize.  So the more cards you send, the better your chances.
  • A few months ago, I had asked for volunteers to take cards to nursing homes. If you were one who contacted me to let me know your nursing home gave you the “OK” to do this, please email me again. I don’t want to miss anyone!

To thank you for your generosity in supporting this drive, we have PRIZES ready for several winners. Remember… the more cards you send the better your chances. Vera will be updating the prize list as more prizes come in – you can see the prize list HERE. And big thank you to all the fabulous companies who are supporting our card drive by donating awesome prizes! So far we have prizes from:

If you have questions, please let me know. And remember, you have until November 31 to send your holiday cards. Thank you!

(By the way, the winner of the Studio Calico kit is Kelli W.)

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  1. janet Wilson

    Wonderful drive – I remember Vera’s Drive for this, last year. I will definitely get some done and sent in :o )

  2. I’ll be glad to make a few extra cards to send in to help brighten their holidays, I think I may even have a few already made up from seasons past.

  3. Wonderful idea! I especially like it since I’ll most likely be heading to a care center within the next 10-15 years. Jennifer – you are such a caring person to always be thinking of others. God bless you for all you do.

  4. Sent you an email- This is such a wonderful project to do. I can’t tell you how excited residents are when you hand them a card.
    I hope you get droves and droves of cards

  5. Julia Carmichael

    Great idea, I’ll try to get some in to you guys. However, I’ll send mine by November 30th, because there is no November 31 :o )
    Thanks for doing this!

  6. conil

    What a good way to start the season. Very sweet and caring. Thanks for thinking of it.

  7. Ruth

    I usually send photo greetings for Christmas, so I have a need to send out hand-crafted Christmas cards! What a great opportunity for me to channel my creative urges for the enjoyment of someone who needs a little pick me up!

  8. Just sent you an email…This is a great idea! :)

  9. Jodi A

    I love this idea! I’m glad you have a collection going again. I haven’t heard anything in awhile and miss seeing and reading about the people that receive these cards. Thanks for organizing such a great event!!

  10. Julie H in MN

    I too, will contribute. I no longer have any parents or grandparents so I would love to brighten an elderly person’s day!

  11. I am working on it… Great cause..
    I also posted it on my blog to spread the word..

  12. NanaBeth W

    I’ve been waiting to see this for months.Most seniors in nursing homes are forgotten by the world at large.I love working with them doing crafts-they so love it.So I am really looking forward to participating in this drive.Blessings to you,Vera, and Jana for doing this.You’re the best.

  13. It would be an honor to create some cards for this GREAT cause. What an AWESOME thing to do…please count me in.

  14. What a wonderful idea! I’m sure this will brighten the holidays for a lot of people.

  15. I love that you’re both doing this for nursing home residents! I’ll get some in the mail to you soon, and thanks for thinking of others!

  16. Katz

    I think it is a great idea 2!

    But do the cards have to be in different designs?

  17. Such a great cause…..I’ll try and get some cards out to you soon!! Hugs!

  18. KimMJ

    What a wonderful thing to do Will pass this along to other ppl I know who are paper crafters. TFS

  19. What a wonderful idea. I would love to send some cards. How nice of both of you!

  20. Niki M.

    What a wnderful idea! I will be sending some cards your way !

  21. Love this! I can’t wait to participate!

  22. I thought it was wonderful how you ministred to those kids who were sick and it felt great to do my small part. Thanks for offering this new card drive and hope to play along as well.

  23. This is a wonderful thing you girls are doing. I will do my best to get you as many cards as I can. Thank you for thinking of this. I know the recipients will certainly be very happy to get some cards.

  24. What an wonderful idea! I so excited to get started to continue making more holiday cards. Just mailed off my package to OWH, so this will keep me in the creating mood & ability to share with others. Thank you!

  25. Margaret Gilmer

    Can we use any size card?

  26. Robyne Baker

    A couple of questions –
    1) Does the final size have to be 4-1/4 x 5-1/2?
    2) Can the cards be chunky with flowers, gems, ribbon bows, etc.?

    Thanks! This is a great idea!

  27. coco

    Such a wonderful thing to do! I’m delighted to make some cards.

  28. Dee

    I’m so very happy to find this card drive. I’ve sent my OWH cards and have finished mine for Christmas. This will give me a chance to make more of the cards I love to do. Thank you so much for doing this.

  29. I’m working on my package today and they will be shipping out tomorrow!!

    Thank YOU!!!!

  30. Jersey Girl Anne

    I started making cards last night for this project. My mother is in a nursing home and I see so many people who never have anyone come visit them so this is a great cause!

  31. Heidi

    Great idea.

  32. Bev

    Hi Jennifer…this is such a great idea and I plan to participate but I have a question; what kind of message should be on the inside…can it be a stamped or computer generated one??? Thanks so much for any help you can give me…

  33. Hi Jennifer…I was wondering kind of the same thing as Bev. What kind of message inside? Just a simple holiday wish? Or if I found a poem or song lyrics? I think this is a wonderful idea, and I’m going to try my hand at card making since I bought a lot of supplies and they are just sitting there waiting to me used =)

  34. Michele Ferguson

    Hi Jennifer and Vera!

    I love your thoughtful idea… my mom died in a nursing home and it was very sad to see all those wonderful people who seemed so lost and alone. I have made many cards this year for Operation Christmas Card. One in particular would be perfect for any veterans in nursing homes. Are there any veterans homes on your list? Please let me know. Thanks for your kindness. Michele

  35. Debs

    All of you are generous and fabulous…in creating this drive to bring cheer to members of our society who are lonely and often forgotten…thank you for reminding all of us to keep the spirit of the holidays real…I’ll start working on cards today.

  36. NE Brenda

    Sounds like too much fun not to participate and has all the perfect reasons to join in. Great idea to help bring the blessings of the season to some special people.

  37. Hi, I am wondering if you are still in need of more cards for Cards that Care.I would love to know more about this, and to be a part of making and sending cards.

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