Mr. Holtz Owl

A few years ago, owls were all the rage. Remember that? Hero Arts had several adorable owls. I used them lots (and still do) and got a bit of teasing for it from Mr. Tim Holtz.

See, I tease him for always creating “dark cloud” projects and he teases me for creating “bags of Skittles” projects, often with cutesy things such as owls. It’s all in respect and fun.

So when he asked for a few years ago to create some projects for his Ideaology booth at CHA, I knew just what to create:

A colorful owl. :)

Yes, I was being a bit of a smart aleck, but it was so much fun to create…

So Mr. Holtz Owl was created from cut pieces of Grungeboard. And all the embellishments? They are all from Ideaology.

Paperclips for feathers. The number zero for eyes along with a few gears. The beak? That is a leaf. And the feet? Those are game spinners/clock hands.

All the coloring was done with Distress Inks. The only non-Holtz goodies are the branch (Prima) and the letter stamps (Papertrey).

So much fun to create. I did this a couple of years ago and don’t think I have shared it here yet – sorry if I did.

And there you have it: The Mr. Holtz Owl.

Have a good week.

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  1. barbara lassiter

    That is the cutest!!!! And I” bet Tim loved it too!

  2. Tina in Springboro

    After looking at this owl, over and over again, I think it resembles Mr. Holtz!!! Yep!!! A masterpiece in more than one way!!! hehehehe

  3. kinda cute, in a skittles sort of way…. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Oh Jen…was there ever a more creative person than you. I think not. This is too much for words.

  5. Roz Rhorer

    He looks like such a wise owl.
    So creative.

  6. Natasha

    This is great! I always love your “Bag of Skittles”, colourful approach to cards. And I think it’s great to see the ideology products being used in such a different and very fun way!

  7. How creative! Love his little gear eyes!

  8. linda g

    Love this! I love how you can take all Tim’s “dark cloud stuff” and turn it into something that reflects your style! Great job!!!! Thanks for sharing …

  9. Mary Jane

    I would love to see Tim’s reaction to your super creative owl!!

  10. Anita A

    This is stunning!

  11. JosieK

    I am so IN LOVE with this’s killing me. I can’t stop looking at it! Seriously…it rocks! Jennifer, you NEVER cease to amaze. What a blessing and a talent you are Sister! xo

  12. Ohhh my gosh Jennifer this is crazy talented!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love this and you NEVER cease to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!! xxo

  13. Joanna McDonald

    You are sooooooooooooo talented!! This is absolutely adorable, cute and,
    certainly unique! I love everything about “Mr. Tim Holts Owl.”
    Thanks for sharing—

  14. Ida

    This is such a very creative hommage to Tim.

  15. Jennifer, I love the owl, it is so cute and love how you used paper clips for the leaves:) Hope Tim liked it!

  16. Alyce

    I love your Mr. Holtz Owl. I collect owls and have all of those cutesy stamps you talked about. I’m sure Tim enjoyed your owl and got a big kick out of it.

  17. Always love how you take Tim’s products and make them so sunny. Mr. Holtz owl is a beautiful project with all that Ideology yumminess!

  18. Oh wow, this project is just amazing! What did you do with this? Did you keep it or did some lucky person get to keep it. :) Just amazing.

  19. DeeDee

    I love the owl! He is so stinkin cute! How fun is that! You always amaze me with your creations. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Abi B.

    That is so amazing…you are so talented and creative I can’t stand it!!! :-)

  21. This owl is simply awesome! And it’s so funny to see both of you teasing each other just like any brother and sister would ;)

  22. Kathy JH

    This is fabulous! I hope Tim gave you the proper reference you deserved for your cute owl!

  23. I’m an ole owl collector and this one is a hoot! Holtz had to love it. I know I do. Thanks for sharing. At one time I had over 100, but I gave a lot away and started other collections, just never lost my love for them.

  24. This little guy is seriously adorable! I am just loving all of the cool supplies that were used.

  25. hee hee… your Mr. Tim Holtz Owl is so handsome! he makes me smile. love how you constructed him. so clever. fabulous project as always!

  26. bethann

    what fun! cute owl.

  27. Debbi

    wow! love owls! so cute and creative! I’m sure Tim loves it!

  28. Julie H

    I love the clear card idea….you always amaze me!

  29. Mary Ann Huntington

    I bet he got the biggest bang out of it. I think it’s so darn cute. So creative Jennifer.

  30. Cynthia B.

    This ROCKS! And I’m sure Mr. Holtz got a kick out of it too. :)

  31. WOW, this absolutely AMAZING, your imagination know no bounds!! I am thunderstruck!! I wish my brain would work like yours!!

  32. Incredible owl, Jennifer! I just love all the metallic details and the cute stamped sign!

  33. Sharon D from Canada

    Super cute owl! I love the fun paperclip feathers and the clock hands for feet! Really fun and creative! :)

  34. Sharon D from Canada

    Super cute owl! I love the fun paperclip feathers and the clock hands for feet! Really fun and creative! :)

  35. This totally rocks–love his chest!

  36. Hey Jennifer,

    I’m a big fan from Brazil (living in NYC). I just love your creations… really inspires me.



  37. Kylie

    Such a cute owl! Love this!

  38. i think its fabulous jen!!

  39. I love those beautiful Christmas cards and the owl is a hoot!

  40. Vicki Harper

    I LOVE this!!!!

  41. This is awesome!!! My grandma collected owls so they always bring a smile to my face.

  42. Wow I can’t believe that I missed this post. I think you gave Mr Holtz a run for his money. Wowzers! This is gorgeous and so clever to say the least. Hats off to you on using so many gadgets to make this art.

  43. missy K.

    I love it!!!!!

  44. perfection!!!!!!!!!

  45. That’s really funny Jennifer and I bet Tim loved it! What a fab owl!!

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