Hello, everyone!

I am home from vacation. I miss being on a beach all by ourselves, something that is common in the British Virgin Islands. Here is one morning – no one there but our family. (This is on Virgin Gorda. And the dark spots in the water? That is gorgeous reef that looks just like Nemo’s world.)

And, boy, do I have a lot to catch up on this week! I am starting to go through emails now. I will be back soon with all the winners from recent giveaways. See you soon…

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  1. janine

    Your vacation sounds perfect. I would just love to have a beach like that with my family—all to ourselves. I’m usually not one for the touristy type vacation—it kind of takes away from the whole point of getting away to relax. Where you went for your vacation would be heaven!

  2. TamiB

    Welcome back. Hope your vacation was relaxing and yet re-energizing.
    Looks like an awesome place.

  3. Ugh, it must be hard to come home from that gorgeous island! Good luck catching up.

  4. What beauty! I’m glad you were able to just enjoy time alone with family doing what you love…so special. But I’m glad you’re back, Jennifer-have fun catching up:)

  5. Heidi

    Welcome home. Looks you had a great time.

  6. Jenifer Ann

    So glad you had such a wonderful and beautiful vacation Jennifer. I was there 30 years ago and after seeing these pictures I’m longing to go back….awww, how relaxing…

  7. Welcome back! So glad you guys had a fun and safe trip :) Can’t wait to see what you’ve made once you catch up.

  8. A vacation so beautiful cleanses away all negativities in life.

  9. Rhonda Miller

    Looks like fun. That picture is gorgeous. TFS.

  10. Michelle

    Welcome back! I must say every single photo you take is just perfect! I can’t wait to see who all the lucky winners are!

  11. Sarah M

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! Welcome back!

  12. Dee in N.H.

    That looks like such a wonderful place! Especially if you get to enjoys it all by yourselves!

  13. Tracey Kuzniak

    Looks AMAZING!!! Welcome home!

  14. OMG! Besides my Puerto Rico, Virgin Gorda and ST Marteen are my favorite islands in the Caribbean. I’m glad you’re back, looking ahead for monday when we start the card summer camp wohooo!!!!

  15. This pictures are gorgeous and your vacation sounds amazing.

  16. Welcome back! Hope your time spent with family was awesome! You deserve it!!!

  17. Sounds and looks like absolute paradise. Welcome home, Jennifer! :)

  18. Welcome home! That photo certainly look like a paradise to me! I can see why you’re going to miss it :) )) Hope you got a beautiful tan from your holidays!

  19. ava

    wow, you could get lost in that spot for about 6 months of each year.

  20. janet Wilson

    Welcome Home!! What a beautiful view :o )

  21. tricia

    What a lovely looking place to get away to relax! Welcome home, Jennifer.

  22. Linn Rivera

    awesome vaca pics :) glad your back

  23. Mendi Yoshikawa

    Welcome Home! What paradise! Makes me think if God was this creative creating this awesome place, I can’t wait to see what Heaven looks like! Very inspiring colors for a papercrafts project (or even bringing those colors into your home decor)! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  24. Julie in Edmonds

    That is amazing! I am living vicariously through your photos. What a wonderful vacation!

  25. Welcome home..that is so cool that you would have the beach to yourselves.

  26. So happy you all are home safe and sound!!!!!!! Sorry your vacation is over though. Looking forward to more photos. Miss you and big hugs, Kathy

  27. what an amazing scene! welcome home!

  28. Linda D

    Looks beautiful… like heaven on earth ! Welcome home !

  29. Carol Miller

    Just beautiful. Hard vacation to come home from. Went 4 years ago for my 50th birthday. Was a beautiful memory. Can’t wait to go back. Loved Virgin Gorda with all the rocks like animals. God has a sense of humor.

  30. Nancy G.

    When I saw that photo it brought back so many wonderful memories. I have been lucky enough to go there 3 times. Each time we rented a sailboat and toured the islands. The Baths have to be one of my favorite spots. Did you walk through the rocks to the hidden beach? The water is so beautiful and that you were able to have private time is AMAZING!

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