Heading out

I am heading out on a long, much-needed family vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

We will do a lot of relaxing…

… and playing on a beach where we are the only ones there…

… and introduce the girls to some new favorite spots…

… and wait for Ken to pick us up on a boat… (I am happiest when on a boat.)

… and wonder who could possibly afford those giant yachts in the distance…

…and thank God for putting places like this on our earth…

(We took these photos a couple years ago at Marina Cay, Virgin Gorda and Saba Rock. Ken, Colin, my brother and I went on that trip since the girls were with their mom. But this time they get to go – YAY! – and we are bringing Kay’s friend, too.)

And before you think we spent a ton of money going to an expensive all-inclusive resort… that is so not the case. We find quiet treasures on quiet islands and experience the local life as much as we can. I would much rather live in my old, out-dated house and show my kids the world then have a fancy home. We want to see as much as I can of this awesome world that God gave us. :)

I have scheduled posts to go up while I am gone. And for all you fans of our dog, Roxie… she is in good hands here at our house with my parents. She will be severely spoiled by the time we get home.

See you soon!

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  1. Sarah M

    Gorgeous pictures! Have a FABULOUS time. You deserve it. :)

  2. Amazing pictures … I feel relaxed just looking at them. Have a great vacation!! Enjoy!!

  3. Lisa

    Enjoy yourself, vacation with the family is always my favourite thing to do.

  4. Anna-Karin

    Enjoy your holiday Jennifer! It looks like such a wonderful place! I am sure the kids are coing to love it too.

  5. Heidi

    Have a great time.

  6. Have a great time! That place looks amazing! It needs to go on my “go to” list. When is you Kristina announcement.

  7. Brenda

    Have a fun and relaxing time! It looks gorgeous and definitely a place to visit. I agree, I’d rather see the world and have less at home, traveling especially with loved ones makes beautiful memories!!

  8. Have a GREAT trip! LOL My house is old and I am not much of a traveler! But I have a stamp collection that would blow your mind! :)

  9. Donna

    That is a vacation!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Have a wonderful time!!!
    Wish I were going……guess you don’t have any extra room in your suitcase…………..though I have to say, it reminds me of our family vacations to Barbados; another fabulous destination.

  11. Magical!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. That is exactly how we feel – we live in a modest home, but would rather travel and let the children see the world God created than live in a luxurious home and not be able to do anything but live pay check to pay check. Have fun and if you have any travel tips please share!!!

    • I am coming to the same conclusion… we are considering downsizing our home (only a little in size but more in style) so we have more time and money to really live rather than trying to live.

  13. Beautiful pics! Enjoy your family vacation!

  14. Anita

    Enjoy your vacation! I love your philosophy about showing the kids the world.

  15. janet Wilson

    Oh my gosh paradise on earth – have a wonderful time with your family :o )

  16. These pictures are wonderful! Have an awesome (and safe) trip!!

  17. Connie F.

    How beautiful! I would love more information on this trip and where you stayed….if you could let me know. My husband and I would love to do this. Hope you have a great, relaxing vacation!

  18. What a beautiful place! Im so jealous now, ha ha. Enjoy your holidays!!!

  19. jett

    Looks like a fabulous place. Any chance you might be willing to share where you’ve stayed? I’ve been trying to find new places for vacation and the ocean pics look perfect.

  20. A wonderful touch of “Heaven on Earth”. Hope you enjoy every moment!! It looks absolutely gorgeous and the kind of place I would LOVE to visit!!


  21. Susan

    Have fun! I am with you! My furniture is pretty beat and lots of updating to do here but we just had the best trip to London with our children and my mother!

  22. Debbie

    Have a wonderful time with hubby and the kids! it looks beautiful there…

  23. Have a great time!! I love “Virgen Gorda” one of my favorite Islands after my own Puerto Rico. Great pictures too!

  24. How awesome. Good for you. My husband and I will be going on at the end of July. We can’t wait. Our dog Roscoe will also be staying at home with my parents. Have to love your parents and be grateful they are still with us.
    Thanks for sharing. Have lots and lots of fun.

  25. Pai

    looks wonderful!

  26. Michelle

    Wow such great pictures!!!

  27. Mendi Yoshikawa

    So beautiful! I think I need to show my husband these photos so he can get over his love affair with Hawaii. Hope you guys have a wonderful time! :)

  28. A Owens

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your previous vacation! Everyone has to make decisions on what is the best way to spend their money. I love to travel especially to the beach or the coast of Maine in the summer. If I had enough money, I would live at the beach!


  29. Nona

    Beautiful photos! Enjoy your vacation :)

  30. ahhhh….. love those beautiful photo! have a fantastic time!! =)

  31. Carol Miller

    Wow, went there 4 years ago. Awesome place. Have a wonderful time. Can I go in your suitcase???

  32. Wow, I never thought of it that way (older house, more $ for adventure).. I’m kicking myself! Well, have a great time relaxing – the pics are heavenly!

  33. Tammy A.

    Looks like a slice of heaven! Any chance you can share where you stayed after your vacation? Enjoy you vacation.

  34. Maureen Chandler

    Have a wonderful vacation with your family – the memories are just so special!

  35. Love those pictures. It makes me want to vacation there.

  36. Wow, these photos are amazing!!! Enjoy your vacation!

  37. Jackie Anderson

    Awesome, have a great time. TFS :)

  38. Your such a tease you know that! Lol. I follow you on tweeter and it was so cool when you said folks could reach bye phone and it was at the phone booth by the sea. So beautiful. Have fun sweetie. Be safe and takes loads of pics. Hugs.

  39. Teri

    Wishing you much fun and happy, happy travels!

  40. susan schultheis

    Have fun! I have to ask what kind of camera did you use to take those beautiful pix? I dont think i have ever seen such clear, colorful, exact pix like yours. tks sue

  41. Have a most fabulous holiday with the family. That looks like an awesome awesome place to relax.

  42. i hope you are having an AMAZING time!!! this post just totally made my day. ;)

  43. Jenny Pedwell

    I recognized the snorkling pics! We went there in March and were absolutly amazed at the beauty and we can’t wait to go back! Enjoy!

  44. Oh my gosh, I would be SO BLESSED just sitting there looking at the beautiful water! Enjoy your time there….silly thing to say huh? Appreciate all you share with us on this blog.

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