Paper Crafts!

Hello from Utah!

I am here for editorial meeting with Paper Crafts. We all arrived, hit In and Out Burgers and are now in our jammies chatting. Here are the Go To Gals

So, I will be back soon with more to share and another giveaway. (Oh, and by the way, the winner of the Studio Calico goodies is Marcia D! I emailed you.)

See you soon!

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  1. Karen from Ontario

    Looks sooooo fun!! Love the go to girls…I think you will be a fab addition to that group….

  2. Sarah M

    Yay! How fun! :)

  3. Carol Perry

    I am so jealous. I love In N Out since growing up in CA. I can taste that delicious cheeseburger right about now. Have fun.

  4. Oh my gosh, you lucky girl! Looks like you’re going to have such a great time. . .have fun! :)

  5. You, Teri and Julie group hug for me!!!! Waving hi to all of you amazing cuties!!!!

  6. Donna

    In N Out! YUM! Fun and good food!

  7. Looks like such a great time! I hope that your visit & meeting is wonderful :)

  8. Oh can’t wait to hear about all the fun (well what you can share) that you get to have :) HUGS to you darling!

  9. Love these photos! I hope your having a blast!

  10. Jodi A

    Congrats Marcia!! Jennifer, looks like a fun group of gals!

  11. What fun! Great photos! :)

  12. Ohhhhh what fun, fun, fun!! I am so glad you can get your burgers too. Best of luck with your exciting new venture. I am so happy for you. Hugs,Kathy

  13. Nancy S

    My gosh, you sure know how to have fun! So glad you and the other ladies have a good time creating fun things for us to do.

  14. Yum … no In & Out Burgers in Connecticut, I haven’t had one in 11 years, the last time I was in California. Enjoy your time away Jen.

  15. Tami

    Oh i am envying all this fun with “the girls”!!!! Who am I kidding, I secretly envy all the fun that goes along with your awesome job! You are living the life girl! :) Congrats! Thanks for letting me live through you with this blog! It’s the next best thing! lol!

  16. Amber B

    yay for utah! now if only you were doing a class here….maybe next time!

  17. Sharon Gullikson

    What fun, you lucky duck!!

  18. Omg, In n out is the BEST!

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