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I have received many emails from folks asking about the Let Your Heart Shine Frame I did for the Ranger Perfect Pearls CHA Designer Challenge. (You can find more on this challenge HERE.) So, I thought I would share some info about it here.

People also have asked what I am going to do with it. There really is no where in my house that it works. And I decided against having it published and instead think I might auction it off or sell it to raise money for the card drives or something. Not sure yet – I just think the message is a good one and could really make someone smile.

022211 Heart Pearl Frame JenMcGuire

That frame was plain wood. Then white. Then red. Then black. I couldn't decide.

The background is made up of old book pages applied on a chipboard background with Multi Medium and then painted lightly over with Studio white paint.

022211 Heart Pearl Frame3 JenMcGuire
I die cut a bunch of cardstock hearts with a PaperTrey Ink die and laid them on a craft sheet. Colin then sprayed them heavily with Perfect Pearl Mist and even shook on some more Perfect Pearls. The puddles of shine dried leaving such a cool look on the hearts.

022211 Heart Pearl Frame 2 JenMcGuire

Colin then put a foam dot on the back of each and I placed them within a traced on the background. Team work.

And I loved every minute of creating it. Even if it took a lot of minutes. :)

Off to watch some TV and plan some of my upcoming classes. Take care!


Giant Heart Supplies:


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  1. Sharon D from Canada

    What a pretty project, Jennifer! Colin is an awesome helper! Since it doesn’t work in your home, it would be lovely to ‘find a good home’ for it – auction or sell!

  2. ahhh It’s adorable to think Colin’s little hands helped make it!

  3. Melanie

    I absolutely love this!!! If you auction it somewhere, please post the info!!!

  4. Oh my! This is amazing beyond amazing. OK. Going to make one this weekend. No wait. Busy cavorting with KP this weekend. Next weekend. But it will give me an excuse to go shopping for supplies tomorrow. And I just bought those heart dies too! Yeah!

  5. chantille

    Just beautiful Jennifer!

    The hearts look blue, the links to the mist and the perfect pearls are for the white (perfect pearl) colour and I’m guessing the cardstock hearts were white so did you add a blue somewhere? One of the new mists?

  6. Deb Lorence

    This is a awesome piece Jennifer! It’s wonderful to hear you talk about your crafting time with Colin. I think selling this beauty to raise money for a worthy cause is a great idea.

  7. Lisa crofts

    What a stunnng piece of art. This is the first time I have seen it. Please consider the people of queens land and Christchurch when you are thinking of worthy causes to donate to.

  8. That is one amazing piece of artwork. Bet you did have a ball making it. A simple idea that looks wonderful!

  9. melissa russo

    Beautiful and so sweet that Colin helped put it together. It would be a wonderful prize in the Cards for Kids (just my 2 cents worth) Thanks for sharing

  10. joy

    Beautiful heart, beautiful story, Jennifer! You and Colin are creating wonderful memories together – cherish each moment.

  11. Beth Meier

    Please let us know when & where you auction it! Think I will be bidding and hoping to win it to donate to the children’s ward t Luthern General Hospital in Park Ridge IL!

  12. It’s beautiful! Love that Colin assisted with the making of it, too! :)

  13. Tina in Springboro

    Please please please auction this off!!!!!!!! I so love it!!

  14. Kelly

    Wow, that is GORGEOUS!

  15. Diane Jaquay

    Oh my, this is SPECTACULAR!!!

  16. JosieK

    I could think of several places in my house to hang that gorgeous piece of art. I vote to auction it off if you’re ready to part with it!
    And as usual, Colin is a Rock Star!!!

  17. Mendi Yoshikawa

    Pure perfection in a frame–Most definitely a work of art. I am completely love the color scheme and concept! Makes me want to hurry up and get artsy too! :)

  18. Mira Davis

    I saw it in CHA and fell in love with it (wasn’t hard to recognize your art from all the other… LOL!). It’s a stunning one and very very pretty! love it :)

  19. Maureen Chandler

    This is so beautiful – I just love it! I have always collected hearts and I will have to make this one too! Thanks so much for sharing your talent – and Colin’s too!! Hugs!

  20. Sharon Lawrence

    I love this! I want to win it! Jennifer, you are such an inspiration!

  21. Yes, totally and completely fabulous!!! And how fantastic to create it with your little guy! What a great idea to auction it off!

  22. wonderful message and creation. love love this, Jennifer!

  23. linda g

    Loved your heart! I was amazed at how different each of the challenge pieces were…and that I could pick out so many artists just by their style…of course yours was one! It’s so great how you get Colin involved in what you love to do and you can share time together doing it!

  24. Charmaine

    I love this project…I’ve seen photos of it a few times and everytime I do, I have to stop and stare at it for a while…it’s so stunning with all the shimmer…I love it! I think I need to attempt to make one of my own…the colors you used would look great in my craft room.


  25. I absolutely love this!!! Very cool that Colin could help you with it.

  26. This is just beautiful! I love how often you mention Colin helping with a project. What great memories those will be for both of you.

  27. Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!

  28. Just adore this… stunning.

  29. Debi K

    I love this so much. Please auction it off. To me it respresents my late husbands heart inside mine.

  30. Mari

    Your amazing, so pretty. A piece of art thank you so very much for sharing with us!!

  31. Missy K.

    I love this. I can’t believe you can’t find a place in your house. I’m sure you’d get a lot of money if you auctioned it or raffled it off. Good luck.

  32. Amber B

    Love this! LOVE! Such a beautiful striking artwork! Would love this message in my home, must must try this! You rock girl & I love that you had your little man help! Makes it even sweeter!

  33. dani beckman

    This is so fun – especially when you shared with your family in the creation…. you are definitely an inspiration and I would love to know where you are auctioning it! This might be a project to recreate over again – the perfect gift!

  34. Lisa H

    Wow I totally LOVE this! I think this would be a really cute card too in a smaller version… seriously I’m so jealous of your creativity. I mostly just scraplift ;) Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and also love Colin’s work! He’s such a good helper.

  35. I saw this in a video from CHA and have been waiting (NOT patiently) for you to post some close up pictures!! It’s absolutely beautiful!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  36. Great invitations! I think they would work for my 10 year old, too! I am laughing at myself, though, because I was going to ask you where you had gotten those cool swirly wave stamps, and then I realized that that was where you had smeared out the details of the party! Hope the party is/was a blast for Colin!

  37. Thanks for sharing your how to’s and my goodness that would take a while to put together.

  38. Josie D

    I saw this fantastic project on Pintrest and was wondering if it was ok if I made a project similar to this? I’ve been looking for ways to encourage my mother and I think she’d like this. I won’t copy it exactly the way you made it but I would like to use the overall idea.

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