NEW Stamps Galore + Discount Code!

Hey, there!

The new Hero Arts stamps are now available! You can find them all HERE. Use the code "hero11" (that is an eleven) for 10% today only! (Saturday from 12am to 11:59pm EST.) And, as always, free shipping over $70. (International rates are VERY good, too.)

How about some of my faves? 

THIS one is great for smack dab on the front of a card – the perfect size.

THIS one is lovely. Can you say "inking techniques?"

For THIS one, can we say "Copics?"


A great mix of greetings in THIS one. Love the "thinking of you."

THIS set is a must-have. Has a cursive greeting for the outside and a longer additional/matching message for the inside…

You can create your own message with THIS set…

THIS lovely stamp is the bestest…

And you know how much I love definition backgrounds. THIS one is for happy…


And THIS one is for thanks…


THIS one is hands-down my favorite. Oh, the fun I will have with inking techniques and this bad boy…

Believe it our not, THIS background is AMAZING stamped tone-on-tone…


THIS one screams, "Color me with Copics!" :)

I do have many others I love, but these are the ones that really make my heart pitter patter. :)


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  1. Your killing me. I love them all. But I just can’t buy any new stuff right now. I have to wait until after Christmas and see what santa brings first. I may send santa alink to this post.

  2. Omgosh! There are some there that I have to have!

  3. Sarah M

    *Just* got my wish list empty earlier this week… Now it’s up to 20! *happy sigh* :)

  4. Heidi

    Oh i’m in love again:) I want them all.Gonna put them on my Christmas list.Have a great weekend everyone.

  5. sandra m.

    Enabler!!! :)

  6. Yes… I will have to send this link to Santa, too! LOL! :) Or maybe at least to Mr. Foster….

  7. Regina

    Very dangerous! LOL

  8. {vicki}

    love the background stamps

  9. Lisa

    Wow, just fantastic. TFS.

  10. Bonnie

    Wow, where to start?!!!

  11. Love them all, and many more too! The blog hop sure was fun yesterday! Hope you’re well and having a wonderful Saturday! :)

  12. JILL J

    I just love the definition background stamps. I’ve been wishing for the Friend definition stamp and now I have to wish for many more!!! I also love the fabric “brocade” looking stamp and well, lets face it, I love them all….thanks for sharing.

  13. Debbie Cornish

    Great showing of stamps….where does my wish list stop!!

  14. Pat Castillo

    I’m not sure which one I love the most–the definition stamps or the fabric-looking background stamp…LOVE them!!!

  15. Kay G.

    Thanks Jennifer for sharing. I am loving these new stamps.

  16. barbara lassiter

    All these stamps are wonderful. The new catalog must be amazing!!!!

  17. Tracey Kuzniak

    Thanks for the enabling AGAIN LOL!!!!

  18. You are definitely the top enabler….. Thanks

  19. Judy

    Great picks! My wish list keeps growing.

  20. Greta H

    I’m having trouble deciding what stamps to buy–first, that is–I put so many on my wishlist!!

  21. Shirley L.

    I purchased many of your suggested stamps today and can’t wait to get my hands on them. Don’t tell my husband as they are hiding in the trunk of my car. he he This catalog is one of the best ones Hero has done!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, Ca

  22. thanks for sharing! Wish they didn’t take so long to make it to my store here in Canada… :)

  23. Just fab, am loving them all.

  24. Some great choices but I think I can get it down to the background images for me. just love them! like you mentioned they are great for all types of inking techniques.
    Have a great Holiday! stamping sue

  25. Roz

    Love them all. Think I might send hubby to SYAO with my wish list for Christmas. Stamps will last longer than the bubble bath he normally gets me hehe

  26. beauties for sure

  27. I love that you posted your favs. I was wondering if you could tell me how you know what size they are. I don’t see dimensions in the stamp descriptions. Thank you!

  28. Karen

    I was able to see some of the stamps and just fell in love with the music collage – I will definitely be getting this one – it was already sold out on Sat. :(

  29. Janice

    thanks for passing along the discount code – I placed my first order(of many, I’m sure!) with Simon Says Stamp. Great selection!

  30. Julie in Edmonds

    Ohhhh…and the wish list grows…

  31. Sheila H

    Wow, these are all so spectacular! I wish …

  32. Jan in Tucson

    Yesterday I GOT me a BUNCH of new Hero Arts stamps. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! Thanks for all your inspiration this year and I’m looking forward to more of the same. Love your video’s. Yours ARE the best!!
    Merry, Merry Christmas to you and all your darling loved ones.

  33. darlene

    oh how i love the definition stamps! i’ll definitely have that & more added to my christmas list. dear Lord, make my wish come true.

    thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  34. Debbie Adams

    Oh, Jennifer, I so totally agree with you! I want them all. Oh, my poor wallet! LOL

  35. Larissa Heskett


  36. Everything is nice ! thanks to show us all this.

  37. Carol Carriveau

    Always great to have someone share their favorite stamps with us – great inspiration and I’m a big Hero Arts fan as well!

  38. So many wonderful stamps, now if I could just win the lottery!!!

  39. Katherine

    The flower and bird stamp that you think is the “bestest”, is my favorite too.
    The samples you made during the blog hop were absolutely amazing, I fell in love with it. It should be on everyone’s must have list.

  40. Karen

    Hi I just love the flower stamp the yellow and blue on the card go together so well its hard to choose from these new stamps the new message stamps i like them all Karen

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