If you live anywhere near Ohio…

… this would be worth going to.

Simply Scrapbooks is an amazing scrapbook and stamp store. They will be getting all the NEW Hero Arts goodies from the new catalog – lots of fabulous goodness.

And on the same day they release them, I will be teaching a 3.5 hour mega class. We will play with lots of new stamps – you will be the first to get to ink them. And for signing up, you will get a free 2011 catalog from Hero.

It will be fun! For more details, click HERE.

Off to get our Christmas tree!

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  1. Heidi

    Already a christmas tree, is’t that a bit to early.Goodluck with the classes.

  2. Ursula

    Any rooms for rent close to you??????
    How is the tree? We go the less than natural route, ever since the real tree leaked into the floor and wall – urgh!
    be well
    Ursula (Harryette…lol)

  3. Wow, if it wasn’t a 9.5 hour drive from me, I would LOVE to come. I could learn so much!! Any chance you’ll be in Syracuse, NY anytime in the future?

  4. Sure wish I lived closer! Have fun getting your tree today! Makes for wonderful memories!

  5. Kathy H

    Let’s see if I started out now I might make it!!! Too sad I don’t live in the area or anywhere close. Even a relative living close by would be good;then I could atleast send them in to get some stamps for me:)

  6. I wish I lived close by. But sadly there is this big ocean in between.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. {vicki}

    Too far for me

    I’m putting my tree up tomorrow

  8. Oh what fun..fun..fun…do I hear sleigh bells ringing in the background…or…could it be salvation army??? It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Enjoy the spirit of the season. Hugs,Kathy

  9. I’ll be there with four friends…can’t wait!!!!

  10. Sandra ltb

    wish I did live there, sounds like fun.

  11. I’m signed up for the class. Look forward to seeing you again! Hugs.

  12. GinaE

    I envy those lucky folks that live close enough to take your class and shop at what sounds like a great store. I put my tree up today also…love it! Have fun with getting your tree and the great family time that comes with it!

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