Sometimes you heart skips a beat…

…when you stumble upon an old scrapbook page filled with favorite photos from years ago…


Boy. What a great feeling that is.

(And yes, I have always loved buttons.)

(And yes, this makes me want another baby.)

Happy day.

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  1. Sweet Colin is totally beautiful and cute in these photos and gets even more so as we watch him grow…totally love it!

  2. It’s adorable with all these buttons ! so cute !

  3. Jenifer Ann

    I felt the same pull at my heart strings as I read your post and thinking about my little man (3 years old). Your layout is beautiful…precious moments to keep & cherish :)

  4. Charmaine

    Oh my…those eyes…so adorable.


  5. Mari

    So cute, thanks for sharing!! GO for it have another one, babies are such blessings! I just had my second she is only 7 weeks old. I am loving every minute, can’t wait to have the time to start scrapbooking again.

  6. He is so cute! I just want to pinch his cheeks. Adults used to do it to me all the time when I was a kid…I understand now.

  7. Too cute Jennifer. I can’t say much about babies, my baby is in first year university now…. just waiting for the time I can be a Grandma!! I hope not for a few years yet though!!

  8. Such a sweet page and a little cutie in the photos too :)

  9. Jana

    Oh I remember that page. And that sweet face back then. Tug….

  10. Brianna B from AZ


  11. Such a sweet layout of your sweet boy!

  12. Sweet, sweet, sweet! what more can I say, well maybe adorable too!

  13. What a sweetie. Great pictures and love your buttons, too. Hugs.

  14. Jo

    Your little guy is ADORABLE now and back than…and I think you should consider having another baby also!!!! Colin would be a GREAT Big Brother and help to you also.. I’m sure of it :)

  15. Victoria in OHio

    My girls and I all follow your blog and my 11 yr old saw this and said – is that the boy you saw in Costco? i said YEP but he is much older now – what a cutie then and now!
    i actually remember this LO because i am a button lover too so it caught my eye!
    I think you should go for it – have lots more! you have lots of love to give :-)


    I did a terrible job of taking pictures when my kids were growing up. Now I regret it. I am giving my pregnant daughter a good but simple camera for Christmas.


    I have to laugh thinking a bout what Colin will say when he is in his teens and sees his “baby” pictures in your books, etc. Eye Roll with a MOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

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