Cards for Kids – Round 4! Lots of giveaways…

Hey, there.

(Before posting, I just wanted to let you know that we opened a few spots for our class this weekend. Click HERE for info. Will be fun.)

Been working on clearing out my studio. Have lots of prizes to give away to some random comment-leavers over the next few weeks.  :)

In the meantime, I am excited to announce Cards for Kids Round 4!

We had one child retire (Kennedy is in remission!) and added one more. You can find out all the info HERE. Of course, we have TONS of FABULOUS PRIZES (thanks to Kristina's hard work) and you can see them all HERE. Lots of new, great sponsors.

We got 1500 cards last round – you all rock. And, the due date for this round is November 30, so feel free to include holiday greetings. Remember to keep things cheery.

And, just so you can see how happy these cards make these kids, here is a note from Kylie's family and a photo of Kylie opening a box full of cards…

"Hi! These are a couple pics my sister took the night they opened the box of cards. Kylie was so excited! I dropped my camera off yesterday and my sister is going to take a couple snapshots that won't be as blurry as from the ones from her cell are.  Gina is going to save the cards, and when Kylie has overnights at the hospital she is going to bring a few to remind Kylie how loved she is, even by complete strangers. Thank you again so much for selecting Kylie."


Thanks for helping to collect so many great cards for the kids. They deserve them.


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  1. What a great cause and Congrats to Kennedy! Children provide such a great source of joy and for a scrapbooker – inspiration!

  2. Sue D

    Thanks for sharing a pic of Kylie opening the box.

  3. What a great picture ~ The smile tells it all!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Charlene

    A couple weeks ago I found your wonderful videos and now I check your website everyday! I’ve always been a crafter, but you’ve reignited my old flame! I think what you do and what you’re doing for Cards for Kids is wonderful! Thank you for giving me an excuse to craft! =D

  5. Oh my! Thank you so much for posting the photo of Kylie! Just gets me….
    Yeah to Kennedy!!!!!!

  6. Sharon D. from Canada

    Such a sweet photo of Kylie! That’s terrific news about Kennedy’s remission! TFS!
    And a HUGE thanks for keeping this going!

  7. What a WONDERFUL cause to work with … I will be happily participating and linking through The Shabby Tea Room challenge on 11/22/10! Thanks for all you do, Jennifer!

  8. What a wonderful cause and a sweet photo!

  9. What a heartwarming picture. Wonderful news about Kennedy. Thank you, Jennifer :o )

  10. Mary Kay

    Hey Jennifer! I’m out of town right now but will be back next week if you need any help sorting and mailing.

  11. Sheetal

    What a heart touching picture.. Her smile made my day. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Shereen

    Good news for Kennedy, so many prayers have been answered. Thanks for sharing the picture, it’s priceless!

  13. that is so awesome! I’m sure all those cards make all the difference in the world to those families.

  14. Rhonda Miller

    Thanks for sharing the picture. I’ll have to get started on some cards.

  15. Pat Castillo

    I have a few ready to go for this next round–such a great way to show people you care!

  16. Sheila H

    Sweet picture! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Dana D.

    Kylie’s smile makes it all worth while. Wonderful news about Kennedy. Looking forward to round 4. I enjoy making these cards for this cause.

  18. Sam F

    This is such a great idea! Who doesn’t love to receive cards and especially ones of encouragement for kids truly in need of a little extra love!

  19. GinaE

    Great share and photo of such a deserving little girl! She deserves all the love she can get.

  20. Tona

    Great photo. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful cause…

  21. I am always thrilled to hear a child is in remission. Jennifer you and Jana do so many wonderful things collecting gifts, cards, and keep it all straight.
    THANK YOU for all you do.

  22. Wow, what a great picture. So rewarding…..

  23. pcm

    Yay round 4! love that you give little updates on the kids too. COngrats to kennedy!

  24. Brenda

    Thanks for organizing this and the picture was precious!

  25. rhonda nickol

    What a wonderful thing it is that you are doing for these kids! Please keep my daughter in your prayers, she goes for testing tomorrrow at Cinn. Childrens Lukemia and Blood Cancer Center. Her blood is not clotting properly.

  26. Paula I

    Glad to hear Kennedy is doing well and in remission. Your card drives are awesome, just thinking about all the lives you touch and the smiles on their faces…you can’t help but get a smile on your face!

    Really enjoying the latest videos. I heard of painting using the distress inks but haven’t seen it done before. You demo was very helpful and I can’t wait to try it!
    Thanks Jennifer

  27. fran heupel

    Glad to hear that Kennedy is doing well!!
    So glad to see the lovely smile on Kylie’s face.
    Thanks for all that you do Jennifer for all these wonderful kids and their families. Love all you how to videos.
    Thanks for always sharing and inspiring us.

    Fran Heupel

  28. Tracey

    THANK-YOU so much Jennifer for doing this again!!

  29. Rebecca

    Wish I lived near you and could go to the classes. You are truly inspiring!

  30. Jennifer, thanks for organizing such a great drive ! I sent three out cards in Sep and wonder if the are suitable. Any feedback is appreciated and I’m continuing with another 3 in Nov.

  31. cher

    aww…what a sweet note! If I didn’t make so many cards for troops the last 3 years I would dive into this for sure. I started some then got sidetracked,but it is on my 2-do list for 2011! I still wish you could come to MI to teach..u can stay at my house! just love the way your head thinks and your great work. cher

  32. Jennifer, Thanks so much for sharing the note and pic of Kylie. Absolutely precious.

  33. SuZeQ

    You have a heart of gold to do this for such wonderful children. God be with you!

  34. linda g

    What a sweetie! It’s great of you to share the picture1

    Have any good advice on clearing out the studio? I need some good advice to get me started…maybe a good kick in the behind!

  35. This is so wonderful what you all do. The look on her face is priceless.

  36. This is such a wonderful thing to do!

  37. Karen Knegten

    Jennifer- What a wonderful cause! Thank you for sharing the photo.

  38. Kay G.

    What a sweet picture. Thanks for sharing.

  39. It’s so nice to know we are making a difference:)

  40. Brenda Urbanik

    Great news about Kennedy! Thanks for continuing with this drive Jennifer, you are helping to touch many lives! I will be more than happy to contribute to this wonderful initiative, just to see another smiley child!

  41. I admire what you do. Thanks for being so inspiring as always. =)

  42. Shawn Wenrich

    This is such a great effort. I truly am proud of you and my fellow cardmakers for all they do. AWESOME!!!

  43. Angel Estes

    Every time you start a new round, I say I’m going to send some in. I think this time I’ll get it done!!

  44. thanks for the reminder and for doing this card drive, Jennifer!

  45. Renee

    YAY for the next round…I’ll get started on cards this weekend! Thanks for doing this…I know it means a great deal to the kids and their families :)


    I admire the parents who deal with their childrens special needs every day. It puts my problems in perspective and makes me appreciate my blessings even more.

  47. Yvette

    What a wonderful cause and such a sweet photo!

  48. Nancy C

    Great picture and great cause! You really are making a difference!

  49. Pamela DiFilippo

    You’re the best! Heart of gold!

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