I just got back in town so I have a bit of catching up to do. I will be back tomorrow with another post.

The lucky winner of Kristina and Crystal's class spot is Lorianna. We emailed you. Congrats and enjoy.

For the rest of ya, be sure to check out the class HERE – it looks incredible. They are having an Early Bird special today and tomorrow where you save $5 when you sign up. AND everyone who takes the class will get a one-time use 40% off coupon towards one of Crystal's digital kits!

Also, Kristina and Crystal mentioned: "We are also offering a class 'Add-on Kit' for those of you who just want our pre-made designs & don't care to design your own. Parts 1 & 3 show you how to navigate blogger & upload your images. So technically, you could take this class without ever touching Photoshop….just skip Part 2: Design Basics. The add-on kit is $20 and will include: 20 Backgrounds, 20 Generic-Themed Banners, 20 Post Dividers, & 20 Pieces of Happy Art."

Again, go HERE to sign up. Looks like fun, and thanks to Kristina and Crystal for the giveaway.

See you tomorrow. :)



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  1. So nice to see you are home again Jen, and am pleased that you had a great time teaching and seeing Kathy and Lucy, Hugs!

  2. Welcome back! The class looks great, thank you for the “lead”.

  3. {vicki}

    Welcome home

  4. WOW!!!
    Thanks so much!!!
    Can’t wait to do this!!!

    Welcome Home and Thank You so Much!!!!!


  5. Ruby

    Hi… I wanted to thank you for the two classses at Angela’s that you taught this weekend. I tried thanking you at the classroom but your fan club was surrounding you I never got the chance. The classes were at a fast pace,but you are such a great teacher that I was definitely exhausted when I got home! Success! I’ve tried to register for the class twice, but no success yet, will keep trying! Tks again!

  6. I remember you, Ruby! Was great to have you there.

  7. Congrats to the winner!!!!

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