Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 5

Well, it’s the last day of Blog Week by Kay :’(

I have had so much fun doing this blog, getting to share all my cards with you guys and laughing so much while writing these posts. I'm in my room right now listening to show tunes and singing along (loudly and badly, I am sure), while typing this.

This next card is almost a monochromatic brown card. And, yes, brown is my second nemesis (remember orange?)… we have battled for years. Shall we behold the results?…

Kay 4
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps; Memento Markers; Perfect Pearls + water in mini mister

Lovely, isn't it? :)

To stamp the house, I colored directly on the rubber with various Memento markers. Before stamping, I misted it with my Mum's famous pearlized water. After assembling the card, I added the house. And voila! Brilliance.

See? Very easy. So easy, a teenage girl could do it ;)

Sadly, I must depart, as I have yet to finish training my scorpion.

And, since it is my last day, I have two Kay’s Daily Words Of Wisdom:

First: Chocolate is a vegetable, because chocolate comes from cocoa beans. And beans are a vegetable.

Second: A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.


PS: Be sure to check out a giveaway from Kelly Purkey, HERE. I met her in NYC and can't wait to stay with her next time I visit!


Yep, it is Mum again…Kay will be back later tonight. :)

I have a giveaway!

My dear, wonderful friend Kelly Purkey said I could give away a spot in her new online class, Sketches 2. I know the first one was a hit, and here is a bit more about the second…

Sketchbook 2 is a four week class filled with fresh sketches, easy instructions, beautiful examples, and lots of fun.  From August 2nd to August 27th a PDF will be delivered to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so you can work at your own pace.  By the end of the class, you'll have a complete sketchbook of 12 original sketches, 36 layouts, and an additional 36 sketches based on those creative pages. All the examples are brand new layouts, exclusive to this class… you won't see them anywhere else! The best part is that you will be receiving an example layout from me for each of the sketches, along with two example layouts from a member of the incredible Studio Calico design team.  The class will also include a private message board for questions and sharing ideas, as well as two scheduled chats – all on the awesome Studio Calico website. 


If you are interested in winning, just leave me a comment letting me know your best source of inspiration by Monday night and I will pick a lucky winner! (If you win and have already paid/registered for the class, Kelly will refund your payment.) Good luck!

Also, I have some fabulous news. FABULOUS. Dear Kate McRae was the first ill child we ever collected cards for. And after LOTS of praying, Kate's PET scan came back with negative for cancerous activity. Please click HERE to read all about it. SO happy!

More from Kay soon!

It’s Mum, interrupting Kay’s week..


It's Jennifer here to interrupt Kay's week with a few updates. I know I am not nearly as fun as her – sorry in advance. :)

First, we have the two winners of Lori's fabulous prints… Susan Beauchaine and JosieK. I will email you.

Next up… be sure to go sign up for the Lawn Fawn and Cards for Kids drive. This is super easy to do. Just sign up HERE, post a kid's card on the blog hop day and have fun! 

So excited about this, thanks Kelly at Lawn Fawn!

OK… I am off to bed. Kay will be back tomorrow.


Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 4

I am back! You may cheer!

Now I’m sitting in my living room, which is made a lot more exciting by the multi-tasking challenge of writing this while talking to several different people. Anyways. :)

This next card is the result of a battle between me and the color orange. I’ve always had trouble making cards that are the color orange. Big trouble, big huge honking trouble. I can’t make things match, I can’t make it cute. Orange laughs as I fail at yet another card. This is the current score?

Kay – 0
Orange – 1794

But as I present this next card all I can say is… "who’s laughing now, Orange?"

Kay 2
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps, notecard; pop dots; Copics

I started by stamping the crab image and the greeting on the white circle, before adhering the white circle to the card. Then I used Copics markers to color in the crab. I then stamped the balloon image and colored it, before cutting it out and pop-dotting it slightly outside of the circle. Then I drew the string of the balloon coming from the crabs claw to the balloon.

Done :)

Kay’s Daily Words Of Wisdom: Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world.

And now, I return to my battle against Orange…

Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 3

Sitting in our kitchen. Like most people my age, there are a few other places I’d like to be. Like riding a roller coaster, attempting to train a scorpion to sit, etc… But it’s okay, because I’m writing this blog post, which makes the kitchen more exciting! It almost makes me feel poetic.

Ode To Kitchen:
The sound of a Wii game in the other room
Colin is playing, his racecar goes “ZOOM!”
I sit at my laptop, the blog post and I -
But as dinner is cooking, I will soon say “BYE!”

On another note, the latest card that I’ve created is not as cute as the others, but has rhinestones. So I’m sure that you’ll forgive me. Anyway, here it is!

Kay 3
Supplies: Scraps of Mum's papers; Green card; 12 green rhinestones from Hero Arts; Corner rounder; Hero Arts “Thinking Of You” stamp

See? It’s a good card. Decent, or as mum phrased it “a good card for a guy." It’s also pretty simple to make. (Aren’t they all?) I started with cutting my dark green paper into three 1 1/4” X 2 1/2” pieces and adhering them to the paper. Then I cut my brown strips so 5” X 1/4” and adhered them. Finally, I cut a piece of white paper, stamped it with my greeting, rounded the corners, and pop-dotted it to the card. This, my friends, is a fabulous way to use up yummy scraps of papers.

Oh, and just add rhinestones :)

Kay’s Daily Words of Wisdom: Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

Off to train my scorpion,


(PS from Mum: There is no scorpion. :)

Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 2 + GIVEAWAY!

Guess who? If you guess Kay, you guessed right! I’m writing a blog post! AND have a giveaway! This is so exciting :)

Still having a good week. I think it’s all those crazy theater people that I’m spending four hours a day with, or maybe the awesome people I get to see after… but it’s just another good week from a GREAT summer. Another bonus of the day is that I’m writing this from the back porch, where it’s peaceful and serene like the… um…

Okay! I was digressing. This card has an adorable fish on it. Love THOSE fish. They’re just so cute…

Kay 1
Supplies: Hero Arts fish stamp; Neenah paper; Copics; Hero Arts stripe background; Soft Pool Ink; Tim Holtz die cut.

If you don’t think this is one of the cutest card ever, please raise your hand.

I see no hands raised… excellent. This is another simple card to make. I started by cutting the back off of the light blue card, and stamping the stripes stamp in the soft pool ink onto it. Then, I die-cut the paper and stamped three of the-most-adorable-fish-ever stamp. I carefully colored these with Copic markers. (Except for the last one – I kind of rushed him.) Then I cut a piece of paper thin enough to slip behind the die-cut paper. It is folded in half, with the back attached to the card and the die cut to the front, allowing it to flip open to reveal the world's-smallest-place-to-write-a-message. But it sure is fun! My mum even said she is going to use the idea in a class. (I will now pat myself on my back.)

Cute and simple. Kind of like me. ;)

So, Mum noticed I love Tim Holtz's dies as much as she does and said I could give one away. (She said the die was one the fab folks at Simon Says Stamps gave her. Thanks to them… and Mum!) So just leave a comment here by Friday night and I will personally pick a random winner of this fun die…


And! Kay’s Daily Words Of Wisdom: “Normal” is a setting on a dryer.

Something smells good.

Until tomorrow,