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Just popping in to give you heads up about a cool contest.

One of my favorite things about our hobby is that it is something you can do with kids.  And in this scary world, having something good for our kids to do is SO important.  And crafting?  Such a happy hobby. 

Therefore, I was so happy to hear about Creating Keepsakes contest for teens.  I admire them so much for this – big cheers for them.

If you want info on entering, click HERE.  There are fabulous prizes.

More soon!

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  1. Heidi

    You are so right. The children are our future.
    Great contest.

  2. I’d love to enter but its only for citizens of US and Canada.. :(

  3. Elizabeth C

    What a great contest, I hope your daughter enters.

  4. {vicki}

    anything that is good for kids is a good thing indeed

  5. Rhonda Miller

    What a great idea. I know my kids love to craft with me. TFS.

  6. That’s a really great idea! Bravo to CK for doing this .. .

  7. mary pat

    great contest! is kay going to enter?

  8. Ann I.

    Fantastic!! Love that CK is looking at the future talents out there!

  9. Maggie

    So true about having a hobby to do with kids. My daughter and I started stamping together when she was three, and then when she was older we started scapping together. Now that she’s in college, when she comes home for lidays, we bond over scrapbooking and crafting. Can’t wait to see the teen contest entries; there are some really talented teens out there!

  10. SO good! it is a petty that is only for USA…
    thanks you so for the information (:

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