Distress spinner racks

I have been promising to show my Ink Blending Tool Spinner Rack.  I am in love…

Spinners 1 

Sorry for the bad photos…

Spinners 2
You can get a spinner rack HERE (they aren't easy to find) and the inking tools HERE.  I have four of them on top of each other and adore it – they just piece together with no trouble.  Even Tim says this is kinda nutso, but I love having one inking tool per ink.  I created my own labels for them, but you can download a pdf HERE to print.

Just a quick post for tonight.  Although today was PERFECT as far as temperature and weather, my allergies are getting the best of me.  So, good night! :)

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  1. Cindy d

    Wow. How many blending tools does Tim recommend?

  2. Kelly

    One can never have too many scrappy tools, shoes, purses, and pony tail holders!!

  3. ava

    so well organized, reminds me of my banking days…………

  4. Wow! What a wonderful idea!

  5. rachel


  6. Linda

    holy scrap batman!! lol that looks fantastic–I look forward to the day when I can HAve that baby in my scraproom…not just a teeny desk:)

    Youre such an inspiration Jennifer, Im trying to finish my latest project so I can try all the tips Ive learnt from watching your vids!

    PS Is there any chance you and/or Tim will do a how to/demo video on how to achieve the beautiful looks you created when you worked together at that expo?? Im in Australia and we’re sorely lacking in genius like you guys!! (and even more so in events like that one)

  7. Melissa McGee

    So happy to be in such good nutsy company!!! I only did three tiers, however I see a fourth one in my future now!!! ROFL

  8. karin

    Too bad that you have to buy the whole spinningrack set while you only want the spinning section (without the holder)… because that would be a lot cheaper, and also for shipping… :(

    I have 1 now, but wanted to add another “row”, but couldn’t get that row without the foot… :(

  9. bluemoon

    Wow! I just got my 1st and not too good at the blending thing lol.

  10. Great idea thanks for sharing. I love being organized it sure makes it a lot easier and thanks for your idea.

  11. :) always so organized~

  12. OMG, I just started using distressed inks a few months ago (thanks to your very informative videos) so right now I only have one blending tool. Is this going to be me in a few months?….LOL!

  13. awww…. i want one of those, too!!!! one day, i hope… thanks for sharing, jennifer. you RACK! =)

  14. Sheila

    Happy Easter!
    What can I say, I like it! (“,)
    like that it looks organized and tidy (not to mention that it’s pratical too)

  15. laura j

    There’s just no way I could keep all of them organized!!!!lol One for each color family is enough for me!

  16. lisette a madsen

    I didn’t know you could connect them, so now I have to have more ;O)

  17. You are organized….not like me….. disorganized. I can relate to alergies because I’m going through the same here. stamping sue

  18. you are crazy! but on monday when you mentioned they stacked…i never knew that! haven’t stopped thinking about it! can’t wait to do it too….what does that mean….im just as crazy! thanks for an amazing class last monday….can’t wait for you to post the video of colin.

  19. naneruth

    Wow that is awesome!

  20. whahahaha i love it, how cool is this LOL

    greetings from holland
    and a happy easter
    XOXO petra

  21. Pat Castillo

    That spinning rack looks cool! I have mine by ink color, too–just not on the rack…Have a great Easter Sunday!

  22. Rhonda Miller

    Wow, what a great organization tool.

  23. Regina

    Fabulous idea!! .. I’m so jealous :) Have a great Easter!!

  24. Charmaine

    Nutso…I think not :) I wish I could have that many blending tools just so I could get the spinners and stack them! What a dream it would be to have one for each color!


  25. Donna C.

    And I thought I was organized. You win Jennifer. Guess I’m just jealous, really this is way cool.

    Donna C.

  26. Susan McRae

    Love this idea!

  27. I love your racks but I can’t even find the foam pads here to play with! Got a good link?

  28. thx for sharing where to get the rack… you’re right, they are so not easy to find! i’m giggling a little at your obsession, though! lol

  29. Kristy

    I agree….I like one for each ink–I don’t have enough handles–but I do have snack bags labeled with a pad in each one……

  30. dana h

    Happy Easter! It would be awesome to have a setup like that!

  31. Jane Rakonczay

    So, can you share with us the colors and stamps you used for your canvas? It is amazing and I would love to make a similar one. Thanks

  32. Whoa, very cool!

  33. Star

    Wow I think that just about sums
    it up.
    Hope you get some relief soon, allergies suck!!!!!!

  34. Deb

    I found a old stamp holder at a thrift store in Colorado while visiting my best friend. Now I have the perfect use for it!

  35. Lillian Child

    I love the spinners !!!!

  36. candy

    A girl afater my own heart. I have a tendancy to keep everything organized. I feel it makes it easier to just sit down and start working on something instead of looking everywhere or diggin to the bottom of something. Thanks for the links. I already knew about the label site at Holtz/Ranger…….I also use the list for my tote and have the items I already have checked off……this keeps me from buying duplicates. I like the new feature of the squares to put the colors….at a glance. I put a sheet of each into a binder….then I can thumb through and pick colors quickly when away from my crafty space. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!

  37. allison

    Nutso? I don’t thinkso! I think it’s greatly organized and accessible. I’d do the same thing if I could afford it and if I could justify the purpose (if I used them as much as you do)! But all I do now is write the color on the back of the foam w/ a Sharpie (yes, it’s hard to read) and keep them in a container. I only have 2 of the inking tools – by mistake! When I bought them, I didn’t know that the blending tool and the tool for alcohol inks are essential the same!

  38. Julie in Edmonds


  39. absolulty love it! I have been trying to think of a way to have my blending tools organized… thanks for the inspiration!!!

  40. Denise Bryant

    Wow! You are so organized!
    I have one of these racks somewhere. Now I must find it!

  41. You are so spoiled!!! Yay you :)

  42. I love those stands!! I just wish I had some space where they’d fit, stacked like that. I love the organization of it all.

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